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List of Acceptable Identification

Work Authorization Forms

Federal work study

For federal work study eligible students, this form identifies the student as an eligible participant in the Clark University Federal Work Study Program and should be brought to job interviews.

Non-federal work study

Students not eligible for federal work study should first find a non-work study position, then obtain a Non-Federal Work Study Authorization form online or from the Office of Financial Assistance. The employer who agrees to hire the student must complete the appropriate sections and obtain all necessary internal approvals. The student then brings the Work Authorization to the Office of Financial Assistance, along with his/her completed Massachusetts tax form, W-4, and I-9 forms. Work may not begin until all forms have been completed and returned to our office.

What to Bring

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service requires that all employees, both citizens and non-citizens, complete the I-9 form at the time of hire. Students should plan to bring identification with them that confirms their employment eligibility.

U.S. Citizen

Acceptable IDs for U.S. citizens include either one document from List A or two documents from List B.

List A


U.S. Passport Cert. of U.S. Citizenship


List B


One from this list and One from this list
Driver's License Social Security Card
Official Agency Picture ID Birth Certificate
U.S. Military ID U.S. Citizen ID
Military Dependent's ID Native American Tribal Document


Lawful Permanent Resident
Acceptable ID for a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. is Alien Registration Card.

Alien Authorized to work in the U.S.
Acceptable IDs for aliens authorized to work in the U.S. include two documents.


One from this list and One from this list
Driver's License IAP66
Foreign Passport I94