the hibbett lab

at Clark University


Lab group photos circa 2001-09

From left: Albee Ling, Alfredo Justo, Brian Seitzman, Kim Pivorunas, David Hibbett, Nathan Kallen, Mitchell Nuhn, Dimitris Floudas, Darcy Young, Manfred Binder, Anders Ohman, Dylan Glotzer. November 2009.

From left: Brian Seitzman, Anders Ohman, David Hibbett, Maria Luisa Sandoval, Alfredo Justo, Jacquiline Mitchell, Dimitrios Floudas
Ingo Morgenstern, and Manfred Binder. June 2009.

From left: Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval, Manfred Binder, Jason Slot, Brian Seitzman,
Brandon Matheny, Ingo Morgenstern, Andy Wilson, David Hibbett. March 2008.

Seated left to right: David Hibbett, Shlomit Klopman
and Kelly Hallstrom; standing from left, Andy Wilson,
Brandon Matheny, Ingo Morgenstern, Jason Slot,
Pete Stein and Manfred Binder. 2006.

Seated left to right: Manfred Binder, Ingo Morgenstern,
David Hibbett, Andy Wilson. Standing: Zheng Wang,
Brandon Matheny, Jason Slot. 2005.

Going-away party for Henrik Nilsson. Left to right,
back to front: Philomena Bodensteiner, Zheng Wang,
Margit Binder, Andy Wilson, an unidentified couple,
Sohini Ghoshroy (Robertson lab), Henrik Nilsson,
Manfred Binder, P. Brandon Matheny, Judson Curtis.

Lab poker. Clockwise from front: Zai-Wei Ge, Andy Wilson,
Manfred Binder, P. Brandon Matheny, Ingo Morgenstern,
Stefanie Matheny, Rich King (Foster lab). 2004.

Front, left to right: Zai-Wei Ge, Ingo Morgenstern,
P. Brandon Matheny, Andy Wilson. Back: Zheng Wang,
Philomena Bodensteiner, Manfred Binder, Jason Slot,
Danielle Stehlik, David Hibbett. 2003.

Field trip. From front, left: Philomena Bodensteiner,
Viola Hibbett, P. Brandon Matheny, Ingo Morgenstern,
Manfred Binder. 2003.

Left to right: Ingo Morgenstern, Greta Goranova,
David Hibbett, Zheng Wang, Manfred Binder, Andy Wilson.

Manfred Binder, Zheng Wang, Amanda Little. 2001.