Clark faculty members, known for their path-breaking research, follow their intellectual curiosity wherever it leads—to the Siberian Arctic to study climate change, the business community in China, or the Main South neighborhood where Clark resides. They take pride in serving as scholars, teachers and mentors. Find a faculty expert source at Clark.

Faculty Videos

Faculty in the Media

Gary Chaison (Graduate School of Management)
Republicans Sure Love to Hate Unions
New York Times 11/18/2014

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett (Psychology)
The Persistent Myth of the Narcissistic Millennial
The Atlantic 11/19/2014

Denise Hines (Psychology)
'Built-in skepticism'
Dallas Morning News 11/23/2014

Suicide and intimate partner violence
American Psychological Association 11/1/2014

Valerie Sperling (Political Science)
Sex, Politics, and Putin: Clark University Professor's New Book
Go Local Worcester 11/20/2014

Jonathan Way (George Perkins Marsh Institute)
Nature's shape shifter
Pittsburgh Quarterly 11/15/2014

J. Ron Eastman (Geography)
Scientists Spotlight Top Conservation Themes for Satellite Technology
Red Orbit 11/19/2014

Faculty Awards 2014

Outstanding Advisers
David Thurlow (Chemistry)

Outstanding Teacher
Betsy Huang (English)

Hodgkins Junior Faculty award
Phillip Bergmann (Biology)

Oliver and Dorothy Hayden Junior Faculty Fellowship award
Michael Butler (Political Science)

University Senior Faculty Fellowship award
Jaqueline Geoghegan (Economics)

Faculty Blogs

Worcester, MA., People of Color Photo Project
Janette Greenwood, professor of history, blogs about her work identifying approximately 200 people of color from early 20th century Worcester who are represented in a collection of photographs by itinerant photographer William Bullard.

AuntieQuarian Blog
Meredith Neuman, associate professor of English, blogs about the courses she teaches and her research.

Kiran Asher, associate professor of international development and social change, reflects on her work and travels.

The Biology of Fungi
David Hibbett, professor of biology, and his students blog about their research into the evolutionary biology and ecology of fungi.

Are You the Person I Married?
James Cordova, associate professor of psychology, blogs about marital health on the Psychology Today website.

Beyond Blood: Families of Our Making
Abbie Goldberg, associate professor of psychology, blogs about adoption, gay/lesbian parenting, and family diversity, gender on the Psychology Today website.

Wiatrowski Lab News
Heather Wiatrowski, Assistant Professor of Biology Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry ,blogs about her lab work in microbial stress resistance and survival in metal-contaminated environments.