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Teacher Licensure

Clark's Master of Arts in Teaching program qualifies students for "Initial" teacher licensure in Massachusetts at the elementary (1-6) level and at the middle and high school levels in biology, chemistry, English, foreign language (Spanish and French), general science, history, mathematics, physics, and visual art. Students must also pass the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure to qualify for this license. The Massachusetts Initial License is honored in most states as a result of an interstate agreement.

Typically, students interested in qualifying for the Initial Licensure are enrolled in or have already completed a liberal arts or sciences degree program.

There are currently three stages of teacher licensure (preliminary, initial, and professional) in Massachusetts and they apply to teachers at all levels.

Preliminary Licensure

Anyone with a Liberal Arts degree who passes the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) can apply directly to the State Department of Education for a Preliminary License. The state will evaluate your transcript and other materials and decide if you qualify. Preliminary Licensure makes you eligible for a public school teaching position; however, it is necessary to achieve both of the higher stages (Initial and Professional) in order to continue teaching. A Preliminary License is valid for five years.

Initial Licensure

Initial Licensure can be achieved by completing an education program that meets state standards and passing the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure as well. The Massachusetts Initial License is honored in most states as a result of an interstate agreement. The license is valid for five years.

At Clark, students interested in teaching at the elementary (1-6), middle (5-8) or secondary (8-12) level qualify for this license through the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program, an intensive full year (summer + academic year) program. The M.A.T. program is one of Clark's accelerated B.A./M.A. degree programs.

B.A./M.A. Accelerated degree option: Clark undergraduate students may qualify for the M.A.T. as part of Clark's accelerated degree (B.A./M.A.) program. In addition to meeting the University requirements for the accelerated degree, undergraduates qualify for the M.A.T. program by taking EDUC 152: Complexities of Urban Schooling before or during their senior year, and by taking two other courses pre-approved by the Education Department in their senior year. Students enter the fifth year M.A.T. program soon after graduation, taking summer courses, followed by academic year courses taken in conjunction with a yearlong teaching internship in one of the partner schools of the Hiatt Center for Urban Education. They must also pass the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure. Students aiming to participate in the accelerated degree program should, before their junior year, meet with Monique Austin, Program Administrator for the Education Department and Adam Institute, at 508-793-7685, or

M.A.T. General Admission: Clark undergraduates who do not qualify for the accelerated degree program may apply for admission to the M.A.T. program in their senior year. Others interested in teaching who have completed a bachelor's degree may also apply. Interested students should contact Monique Austin at 508-793-7685 or 7222, or

Professional Licensure

To achieve the professional license, graduates need three successful years of employment in the role of their initial license, and must complete an approved program of courses appropriate for their teaching field.

If you have any questions about the above information or our program in general, please contact Monique Austin at 508-793-7685, or email