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Ph.D. Recipients

Sunil Bhatia Ph.D. '98
Associate Professor of Human Development, Connecticut College

Bhatia's book American Karma: Race, Culture, and Identity and the Indian Diaspora, based on an extensive, two-year ethnography of the middle-class Indian diaspora in Southern Connecticut, was released this year by New York University Press. In 2006, Bhatia started Friends of Shelter Associates (FSA), a local chapter of the Indian nonprofit organization, Shelter Associates. The mission of FSA is to raise funds for the construction of community and individual toilets in one of the poorest slums settlements in Maharashtra and to raise awareness of global poverty and poor sanitation conditions in Indian slums. Bhatia received the 2006 Sigmund Koch Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology. The award is presented to a psychologist each year who is within 10 years of having earned a doctorate degree and has made promising contributions to theoretical or philosophical psychology. Information courtesy of Connecticut College.

Rainer Diriwachter, Ph.D. '05
Assistant Professor of Psychology, California Lutheran University

Diriwächter is a native of Switzerland and has a strong background in the history of German psychology. He has published several articles and book chapters that highlight the contributions of "Ganzheitspsychologie"— the German empirical holistic approach to psychology. His current research interests focus on emotional experiences and the phenomenon of microgenesis. At present, Dr. Diriwächter is working on two edited international volumes scheduled to be published towards the end of 2007. The first volume outlines holistic approaches to psychology; the second volume discusses microgenetic methodology. Dr. Diriwächter is also the editor of the newly founded Journal of Integrated Social Sciences ( and currently serves as editorial board member of the following peer-reviewed journals: Culture & Psychology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science (IPBS), and the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology (JSEC). At CLU, he is the faculty advisor to Psi Chi (the national honor society in psychology) and teaches the following classes: The History of Psychology, Understanding Emotions, Cultural Psychology, and General Psychology.

Rosemarie I. Sokol, Ph.D. '06
Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco

Sokol's main research interest is the role of whining speech in attachment relations. In the broader realm, she is interested in the evolution of attachment vocalizations, particularly whines, cries, and motherese. According to Sokol, these three vocalizations share similar acoustic structures, and are all well-suited for getting the attention of listeners. The similarities of attachment vocalizations implies a similar origin. Finally, Rose is interested in the relationship between language and non-verbal (prosodic) vocalizations.

Sarah L. Strout, Ph.D. '06
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southern New Hampshire University

Strout is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University where she teaches classes such as Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Advanced Research Methods and Statistics, Assessment and Testing, and Psychology of Personality. She has more than 12 undergraduate research assistants working with her in the SNHU Social Psychology Lab. Next year they will be investigating the effects of priming with attractive models on mating strategies, developing a mating strategies questionnaire, and looking at the effects of conformity on liking and resources allocation. She is the co-editor of the Journal of Social, Evolutionary & Cultural Psychology and Editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Idiographic Science. Dr. Strout has had several papers and book chapters published. Her research interests include the social, evolutionary, and cultural influences on human mating strategies.

Inna Zastavsky Khazan, Ph.D. '05
Khazan completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School. She opened a health psychology practice in downtown Boston. For more information please visit