Psychology Ph.D. Program

Recent Ph.D. Recipients

2013-2014 Academic Year

Juan Zhong (Developmental; Advisor: Jeffrey Arnett), Young Women's Migration in Modern China: From Rural Villages to Factories in Urban Cities

Melinda Ippolito Morrill (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Examining the Role of Couple Acceptance in Positive Parenting

Amy Cameron (Clinical; Advisor: Kathy Palm Reed), Addressing treatment motivation in borderline personality disorder: Results from a Phase 1 open trial of values-focused dialectical behavior therapy

CJ Fleming (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Do as I say, not as I do? An examination of the relationship between partner behaviors and help-seeking for alcohol-related issues

Jacquelyn Raftery-Helmer (Clinical; Advisor: Wendy Grolnick), Academic coping and engagement in urban youth: Testing a motivational model

Jessica Mckenzie (Developmental; Advisor: Lene Jensen), Morality, modernity, and globalization: A cross-generational student in rural and urban Thailand

Theresa Jackson (Developmental; Advisor: Rachel Falmagne), Class, practices, and the body: A societal investigation of menarche and the transition to womanhood

Kristine Marbell (Clinical; Advisor: Wendy Grolnick), Encouraging Autonomy in a Collectivist Culture: Examining Parental Autonomy Support in Ghana and the Moderating Effect on Children's Self-Construal

2012-2013 Academic Year

Craig Gruber (Social; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), The Construction of Courage: Personal Resiliency in Educational Settings

Ingrid Sarmiento (Clinical; Advisor: Esteban Cardemil), Perspectives on the Therapeutic Process: An Examination of Cultural Competence and the Working Alliance among College Students in Treatment

Matthew Syzdek (Clinical; Advisor: Michael Addis), Gender-Based Motivational Interviewing for Increasing Mental Health Service Use in College Men

Amanda Harp (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Partner Undermining Behaviors Scale-Weight Loss (PUBS-WL): Constructing a Measure of Partner Undermining During Weight Loss Attempts

Jordan Downing (Clinical; Advisor: Abbie Goldberg), Trans Identity Construction: Reconstituting the Body, Gender, and Sex

Martin Dege (Social; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), Subjectivity and Democracy in Action Research

Sandina Begic (Social; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), Nothing is Left of Yesterday and Tomorrow is Far Away: An Inquiry into the Experience of Homelessness in One's Culture

Christina Andriani (Social Psychology with a concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies; Advisors: Jaan Valsiner [Psychology] and Thomas Kühne [History]), Swords or Plowshares? Holocaust Collective Memories and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Hannah Richardson (Clinical; Advisor: Abbie Goldberg), The Perceived Impact of Marriage Equality: Experiences of Married and Unmarried Same-Sex Couples Living in Massachusetts

Jon Green (Clinical; Advisor: Michael Addis), Assessing the Perceived Normativeness and Functions of Direct and Indirect Self-Harm in Men

Katherine Lacasse (Social; Advisor: Joe de Rivera), Transforming Political Attitudes toward Climate Change with Simple Behavior Change

Nikita Kharlamov (Social; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), Modeling sense of place: Emergence of meaningful places in encountering environments

Rachel Zack Ishikawa (Clinical; Advisor: Esteban Cardemil), Uptake of Depression Treatment Recommendations among Latino Primary Care Patients

2011-2012 Academic Year

Juan Hu (Developmental; Advisor: Nancy Budwig), The Early Acquisition of Verb Constructions in Mandarin Chinese: An Examination of Experimental and Naturalistic Contexts

Gabe Twose (Social; Advisor: Joe de Rivera), Healing or Opening the Wounds of the Past? Perceptions of Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Ayfer Dost (Developmental; Advisor: Lene Jensen), Adolescent-Parent Discrepancies in Beliefs about Family Relationships in Turkish Families: Links to Conflict, Cohesion, Life Satisfaction, and Conflict Management

Zach Beckstead (Social; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), Human Lives in Movement: Cultures as a Tool for Adaptation

2010-2011 Academic Year

Alisha Pollastri (Clinical; Advisor: Esteban Cardemil), Emotional Expressivity and Social-Emotional Adjustment in Urban Adolescent Males

Amy Meade (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Depression in Couples: Examining Buffering Effects for Partners of Depressed Patients in a Partial Hospital

Doga Sonmez (Developmental; Advisor: Marianne Wiser), Supporting Kindergarten Students' Oral Language Skills: A Classroom Intervention for Literacy Development

Jonathan Blair (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Integrating Attachment and Self-Theory: A Model for Understanding Relationship Satisfaction and Student Well-Being

Tatiana Davidson (Clinical; Advisor: Esteban Cardemil), Depression and Urban Adolescents: Relationships among Emotion Suppression, Cultural values, and Gender Norms

Kaya Ono-Krieger (Developmental; Advisor: Jaan Valsiner), What is it to Feel Ureshi, Tanoshii, and Yorokobu?: An Investigation Into Meaning Construction

MySha Whorley (Clinical; Advisor: Michael Addis), Developing a Brief Writing Intervention to Increase Self-Disclosure of Distress in Unemployed Men

Rachel Friendly (Clinical; Advisor: Wendy Grolnick), Don't Worry, You'll Be Fine: Effects of Preparation Style on Children's Reactions to Disappointment

Stefanie Toise (Social; Advisor: Jim Laird), The Efficacy of Adapted Yoga in Managing Psychosocial Risk in Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Patients

2009-2010 Academic Year

Enila Cenko (Developmental; Advisor: Nancy Budwig), The Early Acquisition of Verb Constructions in Albanian: Evidence from Children’s Verb Use in Naturalistic and Experimental Contexts

Shelby Ortega (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Measuring Adult Attachment: An Exploratory Study Investigating the Relationships between Marital Satisfaction, Emotion Skills, and Self-Report and Observational Measures of Attachment

Valerie Bellas (Clinical; Advisor: Wendy Grolnick), Emotion in the classroom: A theory-based exploration of teachers' emotion socialization beliefs and behaviors

Vrinda Kalia (Developmental; Advisors: Elaine Reese and Marianne Wiser), English Oral Language, Narrative, and Literacy Development in Indian Bilingual Pre-School Children: Exploring the Role of Home Literacy Environment

Christine Sauck (Clinical; Advisor: Abbie Goldberg), Parenting and Acculturative Stress in Brazilian Immigrant Families Living in the United States: A Qualitative Exploratory Study

Jennifer Arner Welsh (Developmental; Advisor: Rachel Falmagne), Girls, Science, and Epistemology: A Societal Approach

Karen Wachs (Clinical; Advisor: James Córdova), Implicit Theories of Anger: Beliefs about Anger, Conflict Behavior, and Couples Outcome