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Undergraduate Honors Theses Completed in 2014

Kevin Carriere - “It just became one”: The emergence of souvenirs as a re-rupturing symbolic resource (co-advisors: Jaan Valsiner and James Córdova)

Esther Cohn - Moral considerations of Holocaust resistance fighters (advisor: Johanna Vollhardt)

Matthew Grossman - Assessing Mindfulness with Young Adults Battling Cancer (advisor: James Córdova)

Ceylan Oymak - Psychology of Collective Action: Narratives from the Gezi Protests (advisor: Johanna Vollhardt)

Ilana Weiss - Developing a Scale Cultural Worldliness among University Students (advisor: Nicola Curtin)

Academic Spree Day and Fall Fest

In the academic community, research and creative projects have been traditionally presented for inspiration and critique. Presentation can take the form of a paper published in a scholarly journal, an oral presentation given at a conference or seminar, an exhibit, a recital, a video, or a poster. Since 1991, Clark has sponsored its own presentation venue in the form of Academic Spree Day, held each April. November 2000, saw the first of a similar event for the fall semester, Fall Fest.

Recent Psychology Presentations at Academic Spree Day

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Acculturation as moderating the effect of life stress on depression among Latino Men. Jennifer Tejeda ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Butterfly Effect. Delight Gavor ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Child Gender Preferences Among Gay Couples. Tanner Bryan ’14 (in collaboration with April Moyer, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

Collective Construction of the "Party." Greg Minikes ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

Comparing Urban and Rural Thai Adolescents: Exploring Perspectives on Globalization. Natalie Spivak ’15 & Aksheya Sridhar ’14 (in collaboration with Jessica McKenzie, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

Do children trust for the wrong reasons? Lyle Cadorette ’14, James Herrmann ’14, Kira Foley ’14 & Lucia Pantuosco ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Igor Bascandziev)

Early literacy achievements in linguistically diverse kindergarten classrooms. Hayley Cunningham ’14, Sarah Schnur ’14, Rebecca Bernstein ’14 & Macy Lam ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)

Elicited vs. recalled narrative skills in kindergartners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Peter Murphy ’14, Keke Kaikhosroshvili ’16, Jasmine Galloway ’15 & Emily Koepke ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)

Examining Patient-Provider Agreement in Inpatient Mental Health Facilities. Matthew Thompson ’14 (in collaboration with Kristen Keefe, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Exploring Perceptions of Protests against the Government in Urban and Rural Settings in Thailand. Ceylan Oymak ’14 (in collaboration with Jessica McKenzie, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

How Can College Help Students Commit to a Purpose? Vladi Highland ’16, Tom Mlodozeniec ’15 & Yon Bassal ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

I Am Human Too: Exploring Emotionality in Single African American Mothers. Naysha Shahid ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Laura McKee)

Identifying the Contextual Elements that Foster Creativity. Curtis Meyer ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

Implications of College Peer Culture on Achievement Motivation. Zora Haque ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

Interdependence purpose development: The influence of collectivistic values. Kellee Kosiorek ’14, Rose Koerner ’14 & Erica Dupra ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

No Pain, No Gain. Amanda Farber ’16, Elizabeth Barker ’15 & Jonathan Shim ’14 (Sponsor: Seana Moran)

Perceptions of Globalization and Thai Values Among Adults in Rural and Urban Settings. Zora Haque ’14 & Amna Adamjee ’15 (in collaboration with Jessica McKenzie, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

PictureThis: Analyzing Happiness Correlates Through Positive Picture Taking. Samantha Bishop ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Laura McKee)

Studying Collective Action in the Gezi Movement Context. Ceylan Oymak ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

The Moral Considerations of Holocaust Resistance Fighters. Esther Cohn ’14 (in collaboration with Maggie Campbell, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

Understanding cultural worldliness: Utilizing university students' responses for scale construction. Ilana Weiss ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Nicola Curtin)

Why Is Peer Support Helpful in the Quest for Purpose? Lucia Pantuosco ’14, Jai Sung Lee ’14 & Jaclyn Murano ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

(PDF of full program)

(PDF of full program)

Program Archive

Recent Psychology Presentations at Fall Fest

(PDF of full program)

Oral Presentations

Cultivated Loneliness: The Two Sides of One Field. Kevin Carriere ’14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)


Identifying Schizophrenia Associated Gene Targets of the Transcription Factor c-Myb. Marco Carpenter ’14 (sponsor: Professor James Córdova; Psychology/biology)

Young Adult and Postsecondary Education at MDRC: A Social Policy Research Organization. Afra Danai ’14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Professor Nicola Curtin)

Attributions and Perception of the other in the 2013 Uprising in Turkey. Ceylan Oymak ’14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

Zeytoon Films in Bangalore, India. Laina Pauker ’14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Wendy Linden)

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Diversity. Jameesa Rucker ’14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Mounira Morris)

Creativity and Collaboration within the LEEP program. Mary Scully ’14 & Taylor Johnson ’15 (sponsor: Victoria Cox-Lanyon)

(PDF of full program)

(PDF of full program)

Program Archive