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If you receive an offer for an interview, you can be confident that you are a strong candidate and the interview will be an opportunity to "seal the deal." However, a poor interview will generally put you out of the running at that school for the current year. Accordingly, it is imperative that you understand what the interview process is all about and prepare thoroughly for it. Please refer to The Interview section for an in-depth write-up of the interview process and how to prepare for it. Another very useful resource is the booklet "Interviewing for Health Professions Schools," which can be ordered from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions.

It may also be useful for you to think about the "five Ps": 1) preparation, 2) professionalism, 3) peace of mind, 4) personality, and 5) perception.


Learn as much as you can about how interviews are conducted at individual schools. Websites may be informative, but an excellent way to learn about the process is to check with the Health Careers Advising Office. We keep files on each school, with comments by recent Clark students who have interviewed there, and we can consult the Premedical Advisor's Reference Manual. Generally, schools will offer an orientation session (gather your thoughts and relax), tour (learn as much as you can about the school; this may help you think of intelligent questions at the interview, and will help you decide where you ultimately want to go), and then the interview itself.

The format of the interview varies considerably (see The Interview). People conducting the interview may be faculty, students, or other volunteers. Treat them all with respect. Questions are sometimes predictable and other times seem to come from nowhere. The best way to begin preparing is to seriously evaluate the following aspects of yourself: 1) a thorough self-assessment as an individual and potential doctor, especially as portrayed in your application; 2) how your priorities mesh with those of the school at which you are interviewing; 3) your knowledge of current events, especially those related to medicine; and 4) where you stand on moral and ethical issues related to medicine.

You can explore sample interview questions and think about how you might answer them, but ultimately you should participate in videotaped mock interviews and critically review the videos. Repeat this process until you are comfortable with your ability to interview well. Our office will schedule videotaped mock interviews at your convenience. Pay special attention to listening carefully to the question and forming your response to answer the question clearly, concisely, and directly. You should also be aware that there are questions medical school interviews cannot legally ask (Impermissible Interview Questions). You should familiarize yourself with these questions and discuss with us how you might handle them if they arise.

Be prepared to convey 2-3 central messages about yourself and do so when the opportunities arise. If they don't arise during the interview, you may be given an opportunity at the end to add whatever you think was not covered. You may also be given a chance to ask questions about the school. Be prepared with 1-2 questions that could not be answered by a cursory inspection of the school's catalog.


Your physical appearance will provide a first impression that can ultimately be decisive, especially if your interview is otherwise marginal. Dress appropriately (suit or blazer and tie for men; conservative dress or suit for women). Appear neat and clean, as your mother would insist. Chances are, your interviewers will have dress and hygiene standards closer to those of your mother than to yours or those of your friends. Eye contact is also especially important (see The Interview). Be polite (but not obsequious), including to orientation leaders, tour guides, and office staff. Take care to listen carefully to your interviewers' names so that you can thank them later by name; if you do not catch their name during the introduction, ask them to please repeat it. After you return from the interview, write the school a thank-you note. It will be placed in your file and could be one of those little things that add up to make a difference.

Peace of mind

If you are being interviewed, you are a strong candidate. If you have prepared, you will have the opportunity to excel. You have every reason to feel confident and relaxed. If you keep your cool, even in the face of challenging questions or unanticipated events, you will impress the interviewer more than by any words that you say. This means that it is very important to arrive early, get a good night's sleep, and avoid stimulants or anything else that could cause unnecessary stress. Find relaxation techniques that work for you, practice them in advance, and use them before the interview.


If you are normally a bump on a log in social situations, work on developing at least a little charm during your mock interviews. If you are normally at ease in social situations, don't be afraid to flash an extra smile and demonstrate your interpersonal skills, but only when the situation arises (i.e., don't force it).


You know (or at least think you do) what kind of person you are. Be sure that your interviewers perceive the same person. The best way to do this is to be honest. Be yourself. Be honest in answering challenging ethical questions, and don't be afraid to admit that you do not know the answer to any specific question. However, after admitting your ignorance, don't be afraid to offer an informed opinion and give your line of reasoning. Do not try to anticipate what the interviewer wants to hear! These are things you can practice in your mock interviews and read more about in The Interview.

After your interview, please write a short summary of the format, questions, and your reaction to the interview and send it to the Health Careers Office. We can go over your reactions with you and talk about ways to improve your skills for any upcoming interviews. We will also keep your observations on file so that we can share them with Clark students who have interviews at this school in the future. Similar feedback is available at Medical School Interview Feedback on the Student Doctor Network (SDN).

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