Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

What Sets Clark Physics Apart?

There are many excellent physics departments in the United States, but Clark is unique among them. We are large enough to offer the Ph.D., but small enough to offer personal, individualized instruction. All of our classes after the introductory course typically have five to ten students. Enrollments range between twenty and thirty students in our first year physics courses for science majors. You will soon know everyone on a first-name basis. All of your classes are taught by full-time faculty.

Small Department, Personal Attention

At Clark you will be part of a small department that is working at the vanguard of physics. You will find yourself in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment, discussing stimulating ideas with faculty members, graduate students and other physics majors. From the faculty you will learn much about physics and other areas of mutual interest.

Research Groups and Colloquim

Our graduate students will show you what they are doing and offer an easy entry into our various research groups. You are invited to attend our weekly colloquium, usually held every Wednesday afternoon at 4:15 p.m., where visiting scientists from around the world discuss their latest research.

You will be encouraged to progress through your courses as far and as quickly as you can. It is likely that you will be taking graduate level courses during your senior year. You will be encouraged to become an active, contributing member of one of our research groups as soon as you are ready and interested. We want you to take advantage of our superb research facilities.

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