Math and Computer Science

Undergraduate Math Program

MATHEMATICS: "...the abstract deductive science of space, number, quantity, and arrangement...studied in its own right, or as applied to various branches of physics and other sciences..."

— Oxford English Dictionary

Mathematics Overview

In keepinig with liberal arts traditions, Clark's mathematics major provides a solid education in mathematical principles for students who wish to apply mathematics in other fields and students who wish to pursue mathematics in graduate school. Clark mathematics majors have gone on to graduate school in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science at such universities as Brown, Cornell, NYU (Courant Institute), and SUNY Stony Brook. Graduates are employed in the public and private sectors as statisticians, mathematical modelers and actuaries, as well as teachers from elementary to university level.

The creative work of mathematicians is everywhere around us.
Mathematicians are working hand in hand with computer scientists, engineers, scientists, and economists to improve and understand our world by:

  • designing new more efficient cars
  • faster planes
  • sending people into space
  • predicting the weather
  • developing new medication
  • preserving the environment
  • or understanding our economy and the financial markets

A Solid Education in Mathematical Principles

If you picture yourself going on to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or applying mathematics in other fields, Clark's mathematics program will provide you with a solid understanding of mathematical principles.

Hands-on Research with Experts

Math majors work directly with our faculty. Learn about our hands-on learning and research environment by visiting our First-Year Research Groups.

Combining Math with Other Interests at Clark

Become a math teacher
Clark offers a Master of Arts in Teaching through the Jacob Hiatt School for Urban Education. Eligible students have the option to continue their studies in the fifth-year tuition-free program toward our M.A.T. degree. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in the local schools.

Earn a master's degree in business or finance in one additional year
Fifth-year tuition-free M.B.A. and M.S.F. programs (for eligible students) add a competitive edge to your academic program and are very popular with our mathematics majors.