Math and Computer Science

Professor and Student in Computer Lab

COMPUTE: "...from the Latin [com+] putare: to prune, clean, settle an account, think over, reflect."

— American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots

Computer Science Overview

The Department views computer science as an academic discipline firmly rooted within Clark University's liberal arts tradition, with an emphasis on the science of designing software and hardware.

Courses emphasize concepts and principles; at the same time, the program as a whole closely follows Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) guidelines for university computer science.

Additional information on recommended courses for the major, minor and honors in computer science can be found at the Academic Catalog links at right. We also invite you to visit the First Year Research Group in Computer Science.

Clark's fifth-year tuition-free M.B.A. and M.S.F. programs (for eligible students) are especially popular with computer science majors.