George Perkins Marsh Institute

Abigail Mechtenberg, Research Scientist

The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
734.719.0432 phone
Curriculum Vitae

Current Research Interests

Mechtenberg's research is in sustainable energy systems with a focus on understanding that national security and environmental stability rely on optimization of energy production, storage and consumption based on cultural values as well as technological feasibility. Motivated by Gro Brundtant's quote, "We must be uncompromising in our determination to eradicate poverty," Mechtenberg proposes an interactive research methodology which both informs the developed world on how to prepare for an energy crisis as well as interacts with the underdeveloped world on how to manage energy crises. From remote microgrid optimization research for the US military (FOBs) and Ugandan hospital, Mechtenberg's portfolio includes imported high tech as well as locally co-designed solutions. This research paradigm is solidified by using a pedagogy for a physics, engineering, and business of energy course in developed countries as well as technical schools in developing countries (based off of her previous physics teaching experience). Together research and teaching combine to define, manage, and potentially mitigate energy crises: predicted in US and hidden in Uganda.

Selected Publications

Abigail Mechtenberg, Diane Peters, and Christopher Depick. Rapid Reactive Hybrid: Modes of Operation, Design, and Control Methodology. International Journal of Mechanical Design. [in review]

Abigail Mechtenberg, Moses Musaazi, John Vianney Makanda, and Emmanuel Miyingo. Human Power as a Viable Electricity Option for Emerging Microgrids in Africa. Energy for Sustainable Development. [in review]