IDCE Students Profiles

Barbara Horvatic (GISDE '2013)

Barbara Horvatic (Croatia) was born in Zagreb, where she finished elementary and high school. She graduated in January this year with a Masters degree in Geography from the Faculty ofScience and Mathematics at the University of Zagreb. She specialized in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). During the school she got particularly interested in geography of population, from what she had written in several papers using GIS technology in data processing. Through demographic terminology she noticed the importance of the concept of sustainable development. From this originated the idea and her desire to work and learn on projects that might increase the awareness for people about its importance. During her course of study she have participated in the editing of web page ( which was initiated by teaching and research assistants of Department of Geography. Also within the work practice, she did entry and verification of demographical data within the project Demographic-atlas of Croatia,georeferencing of topographical maps and digitalization of relief of Croatia.