IDCE Students Profiles

Naomi Sully (IDSC '2011)

Naomi Sully (USA) received her B.A. in international development and social change and a minor in holocaust and genocide studies from Clark in 2008. Before working on the Racial Healing Project in the U.S. with Search, Sully’s focus was on international conflict. She wrote her senior honors thesis on the effectiveness of the Gacaca Courts in Rwanda, inspired by observing a Gacaca trial on a trip. Her thesis was based on primary research conducted by Naomi in Rwanda and Burundi, which included interviews with survivors and suspected genocide perpetrators in two prisons. Also in Rwanda, she participated in a youth human rights delegation with Global Youth Connect that looks at human rights and reconciliation in post-conflict countries and worked as the special project assistant. Sully has also worked as a policy analyst with Teach Against Genocide (TAG), a campaign to pass legislation that would mandate genocide education throughout the U.S., and held a competitive internship at the Genocide Intervention Network with the Education division. As an undergraduate, Sully was involved in STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, serving as co-director and then director and co-founded an Activism Fund at Clark.