Department of International Development & Social Change

Compton Mentor Fellowships

The Compton Mentor Fellowship offers to graduating seniors a $35,000 one-year grant to work and research with a mentor in the field anywhere around the globe. The Compton Foundation provides funding to projects that address such issues as environmental and sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution, population and family planning. The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program supports creativity and commitment of graduating seniors for one year as they focus on "real world" applications and enriching their formal learning through action.

Clark is one of only six colleges and universities in the United States invited each year to nominate up to two students. Only five fellowships are awarded each year.

Giovannina “Janie” Crocco, IDSC/BA/M.A. (Italy) is a 2007 recipient of a Compton Mentor Fellowship.

In the past, Clark students have been awarded Compton Mentor Fellowships:

Sara Connarley IDSC/BA '04 /M.A.'06 for "HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Outreach Programs in the Informal Settlements in Katutura, Namibia"

Kasia Kedzia BA '03/IDSC/M.A. '05 for "The Role of Polish Women in a Society in Transition"

Robyn Long IDSC/BA '02/M.A.'06 for "Expansion of the Definition of 'Land Rights' Beyond the Notion of Territory, Israel-Palestine"

Rebecca Giordano BA '02 for "Environmental Justice Documentary Video Project"

It is critical to plan ahead in submitting a Compton Mentor Fellowship proposal and to identify and communicate with a potential mentor early (before submitting your application).

The focus of the proposals should be social activism and community service on subjects related to environmental degradation, rapid population growth, economic opportunity and justice, or fostering peace and human rights (or a combination of these subjects and related environmental issues).

Proposals are submitted to the Compton Foundation only through Clark's nominating committee.

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