International Development and Social Change

Assistant Professor Ickowitz  

Amy S. Ickowitz Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Jonas Clark Hall room 224
(508) 793-7281 phone
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Ickowitz received her Ph.D in Economics from the University of California, Riverside in 2004.

Current Research and Teaching

Dr. Ickowitz's major research fields are Development Economics and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Her research interests in the area of Development Economics include the causes of child mortality and the consequences of polygyny on women's welfare in West Africa. Her work in the field of Natural Resource Economics focuses on the relationship between shifting cultivation and deforestation in tropical Africa and the impact of corruption on illegal logging in the tropics.  She teaches Principles of Economics, Development Economics, and Population Economics.


Selected Publications

"Wealthiest Isn't Always Healthiest:  What Explains Differences in Child Mortality in West Africa?", forthcoming in Journal of African Economies.

"Trends, Drivers and Impacts of Changes in Swidden Cultivation in Tropical Forest-Agriculture Frontiers:  A Global Assessment," with Van Vliet, N., O. Mertz, A. Heinimann, T. Langanke, U. Pascual, B. Schmook, C. Adams, D. Schmidt-Vogt, P. Messerli, S. Liesz, J. Castella, L. Jorgensen, T. Birch-Thomsen, C. Hett, T. Bech-Brunn, K. Chi Vu, K. Yasuyuki, J. Fox, C. Padoch, W. Dressler, A. Ziegler.  forthcoming in  Global Environmental Change.

"Shifting Cultivation and Forest Pressure in  Cameroon," Agricultural Economics, March 2011, vol. 42(2).

"Agricultural Intensification and Changes in Cultivated Areas, 1970-2005," with T. K. Rudel, L. C. Schneider, M. Uriate, B. L. Turner II, R. DeFries, D. Lawrence, J. Geoghegan, S. Hecht, E. F. Lambin, T. Birkenholtz, S. Baptista, R. Grau, 2009.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106:20675-20680. 

"Shifting Cultivation and Deforestation in Tropical Africa:  Critical Reflections," Development and Change, vol. 37, no. 3 May 2006, pp. 1-28.

"In Defense of Neo-Classical Neo-Populism," with Aziz Khan and Keith Griffin, Journal of Agrarian Change 4(3): July 2004.

"Poverty and the Environment in Mongolia" in Poverty Reduction in Mongolia. ed. Keith Griffin, Asia Pacific Press, 2003.

"Confronting Human Development in Mexico," with Keith Griffin in Confronting Development in Mexico: Assessing Mexico's Economic and Social Policy Challenges. Stanford University Press, 2003.

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