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Undergraduate Program

The History Department offers a traditional major, a minor, and elective courses for non-majors. Undergraduate majors must choose one of three areas of geographic specialization—United States, European, or Global History. These specializations may be linked to course work in interdisciplinary concentrations such as Asian Studies, Holocaust Studies, or Women’s Studies. The Department also offers an Accelerated B.A./Master's Degree Program.

The major exposes students to different fields of knowledge, offering training in critical thinking; the accumulation, organization, and analysis of information; and in clear and concise writing. The major provides an excellent background for graduate school, teaching; careers in law, government, journalism, international affairs, museum, library, and archival work, and business. With courses on every major geographical area of the world, and with conceptual approaches ranging from political and diplomatic to social, intellectual, and cultural, the History Department offers a rich and diverse curriculum.

The Honors Program in History

The Honors Program provides outstanding majors with an opportunity to pursue independent research on a larger scale.  Honors can be immensely rewarding and enjoyable because of the excitement of original research and the chance to work closely with a professor on an individual basis. Completion of the Honors Program is also one of the requirements for admission to the department's accelerated degree program.

The History Honors Program requires the completion of an honors thesis during the senior year.  (Recent theses have been between 60 and 100 pages.  You and your advisor will discuss the appropriate length in light of your topic.)

Students interested in honors should discuss the matter with their advisor during the fall of their junior year, to ensure that they have the requisite skills, initiative, and experience to complete the program.  Students who apply are required to have successfully completed a history research seminar in preparation for the honors program.

For more detailed information about the Honors Program, please stop by the History Department to pick up a brochure describing the program.

Titles of recent honors theses