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Recently Awarded Ph.D.s in History

Diane M. Boucher, Ph.D. May 2014
"Networks and Empires in the Maritime Borderlands: East Florida, 1763-1811"

Steven K. Heise, Ph.D. May 2014
"'Whether it be Lawful': The Debate Over Slavery in the Atlantic World, 1550-1750"

Kameika Samantha Murphy, Ph.D. May 2014
"Currents of Liberty: Revolutionary Emigres to Jamaica and Their Contribution to Afro-Caribbean Civil Society, 1775-1838"

Stefan Cristian Ionescu, Ph.D. August 31, 2013
""Romanianization: Greed, Opportunism, Corruption, and Resistance in World War II Bucharest"

Raz Shmuel Segal, Ph.D. August 31, 2013
"Disintegration: Social Breakdown and Political Mass Violence in Subcarpathian Rus"

Alexander V. Marriott, Ph.D. May 2013
"It has Long Been a Grave Question: The Republican War Dilemma in American History, 1776-1860"

Adara Ruth R. Goldberg, Ph.D. May 2012
"We Were Called Greenies: Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Canada"

Ilana Fritz Offenberger, Ph.D. May 2010
"The Nazification of Vienna and the Response of the Viennese Jews"

Lotta M. Stone, Ph.D. May 2010
"Seeking Asylum: German Jewish Refugees in South Africa, 1933-1948"

Sarah M. Cushman, Ph.D. October 2010
"The Women of Birkenau"