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Journal of Economic Geography

Economic Geography

A professional, internationally peer-reviewed journal, Economic Geography is edited by Professor Yuko Aoyama. Founded at Clark University in 1925, Economic Geography is committed to publishing the best theoretically-based empirical articles that deepen the understanding of significant economic geography issues around the world. Economic Geography has been ranked third among geography journals in the 2009 ISI Social Sciences Citation Index (with an impact factor of 3.452).


Clark Labs

The Graduate School of Geography publishes the IDRISI and CartaLinx software systems. Both were developed by Professor Ron Eastman. IDRISI is one of the most widely distributed raster-based GIS and Image Processing systems in the world. With over 35,000 registered users, the system is supported by Clark Labs — a research center within the George Perkins Marsh Institute. Many students in Geography directly contribute to the development and support of the system. CartaLinx is a full topological spatial data editor with support for over 300 digitizing tablets and all Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware that supports NMEA standard output.

Clark Labs also publishes the Global Change Data Archive CD series and the UNITAR Explorations in GIS Technology series.

Geography News

The Graduate School of Geography's departmental newsletter contains information about current research, faculty grants, undergraduate happenings and upcoming events. Read the latest issue