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Doctoral Student News:
Recent Dissertation Titles

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Foo, Katherine E.*
PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENTS ARE NOT A JOKE: Environmental Governance in an Age of Post-Apocalyptic Climate Change (August 31, 2015)

Jarvis, Daniel S.*
Disturbance History and Fuel Consequences of Mountain Pine Beetle in Western Colorado (August 31, 2015)

*considered the class of 2016 at Commencement


Lauermann, John*
Event-Led Development: Sporting Mega-Events as Urban Policy Experiments (December 30, 2014)

Morrow, Oona*
Urban Homesteading: Diverse Economics and Ecologies of Provisioning in Greater Boston (December 30, 2014)

Si, Kangping*
Multiple-Objective Spatial Optimization with Application to Site Search Problems in a Raster Space (December 30, 2014)

Thatcher, James E.*
Mobile Navigation Applications: Hidden Ontologies, Epistemic Limits, and Technological Teleology (December 30, 2014)

Trusel, Luke David*
Quantifying Antarctic Ice Sheet Surface Melt: Recent Dynamics and Future Trajectories (December 30, 2014)

Vanderhoof, Melanie*
The Impact of Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks on Surface Energy and Water Fluxes, South Central Rocky Mountains (August, 31, 2014)

*considered the class of 2015 at Commencement


Johnston, Connie Lewis*
The Social, Spatial and Scientific Aspects of Farm Animal Welfare in the US and European Union. (August 31, 2013)

Kutz, William E.*
Financing Demand-Side Urbanism: Lessons from the 'Spatial-Fix' in Tangier, Morocco.
(August 31, 2013)

Stoddard, Elisabeth Anne
Livestock Vulnerability to Disasters in North Carolina's Hog Industry: Neoliberal Governance and Differential Risk in an Industry Too Big to Fail.

Wu, Qingling*
From Phenomena to Objects: Sementation of Fuzzy Objects and its Application to Oceanic Eddies. (August 31, 2013)

*considered the class of 2014 at Commencement


Giner, Nicholas M.
Validating, Analyzing, and Predicting Lawn Maps: Application of GIScience and Spatial Analysis in the Northern Boston Suburbs

Haberly, Daniel
Sovereign Wealth Funds, Dependent Development, and the New Alliance Capitalism

Harris, Edmund
Visions, Plans and Maps: Making Space for Food Systems Change in Massachusetts

Horner, Rory William
The State, Patents and the Development of India's Pharmaceutical Industry

Manzi, Maya
Agrarian Social Movements and the Making of Agrodiesel Moral Territories in Northeast Brazil

Panday, Prajjwal Kumar
Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region at the Forefront of Global Change: An Assessment of Snowmelt, Hydrology, Vegetation, and Climate

Schindler, Seth D.
Producing Urban Space and the Transformation of the Retail Sector in Delhi, India

Williams, Jill Marie
When Arrest Becomes Rescue: Border Enforcement and the Politics of Humanitarianism on the US-Mexico Border


Aldwaik, Safaa
Fundamental Concepts of Intensity Analysis to Understand Changes Among Categories

Aragon-Carrasco, Susan
Evaluating Biodiversity in Rural Landscapes for Conservation and Livelihoods: Combined Botanical, Ecological and Land Use Analysis in Two Smallholder Communities in Peru and Mexico

Fontaine, Danielle
The Landscape of Potential Harm: Understanding Parents' Perceptions of the Build Environment and What This Means for Their Decisions about Their Child's Mode of Travel to School in the City of Worcester, MA

Funke, Jayson
Producing Investment Space: The International Finance Corporation, Institution Building and the Financialization of Development

Ghimire, Bardan
Biological and Biophysical Consequences of Disturbances in Forests of the Western United States

Han, Guoyi
Understanding Regional Dynamics of Vulnerability: A Historical Approach to the Flood Problem in China

Hawkins, Roberta
Cause-related Marketing: Ethical Consumption as Development Intervention

Makene, Heladius Madoshi
Gold Rush and its Implications for Communities Near Mines in Tanzania

Implications of space-time orientations for spectoral decomposition of geographic image time series

Ojeda, Diana
Producing Paradise: The Violent Geographies of Tourism in Colombia

Parmentier, Benoit
Land Transitions from Multivariate Remotely Sensed Time Series: Using Seasonal Trends to Characterize and Categorize Land Cover Changes in Alaska over the 2001-2009 Period

Rakshit, Rahul
Accuracy Assessments of Object-Based Image Analysis Maps

Runfola, Daniel
Human-Environment Interactions across Space and Time: Examining Lawns and Land Change in the United States

Werboff, Dominique
The Role of Institutions in Shaping Livelihoods and Land Use/Cover in Northern Negros Natural Park, Philippines


Adom, Cynthia
Trends in Urbanization and Implications for Peri-Urban Livelihoods in Accra, Ghana

Cieslik, Ania
The Different Levels of Migration Decision Making. A Noneconomic Analysis of the Polish Migration to the United Kingdom After 2004

Hamm, Christina
The Complex Institutional Seascape of the Long Island Sound Lobster Fishery

Kang, Cao
Cloud Computing and its application is GIS

Lawhon, Mary
Power in the South African E-waste Transition

Machado, Elia
Assessing Vulnerability to Denuge Fever in Mexico under Global Change

Marcano, Luis Ciro
Geographic Imaginations and Power: An Inquiry on the Social Production of the Venezuelan Territory

Millones Mayer, Marco
Fire, Flows, and Forests: Anthropogenic Land Change, Commodity Networks, and Multi-scale Sustainability in the Mexican Yucatan

Pierce, Joe
Land Tenure and Sustainable Urbanism in Portland, Oregon