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LARC Materials - English

The Africans-Program 2 A Legacy of Lifestyles, English video 48

Amen English dvd 92

All Quiet on the Western Front, English videos 36 and 37

Almost a Woman, English video 56

Babel, English dvd 94

Babel, English dvd 95

The Best of Culture Clash,English video 52

Bonjour Tristesse, English dvd 81

Born in East L.A., English video 50

A Bowl of Beings, English video 51

The Breakfast Club, English dvd 83

Candide, English video 9

Cast a Giant Shadow, English DVD 38

Cat People, English video 38

Children of Men, English dvd 96

Children of Men, English dvd 97

Children of Men, English dvd 101

Chocolat, English video 37

Coming Soon, English dvd 86

Crossing Borders Carlos Fuentes, English video 42

Crossing Delancey, English video 4

El Cid, English dvd 77

Excalibur, English dvd 78

A Family Thing, English video 7

The Fourth World War,English dvd 76

Foxfire, English dvd 87

The Frescoes of Diego Rivera, English video

Gigi , English video 2

Gigi English dvd 89

Great Expectations, English dvd 100

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, English video 26

Hellboy English dvd 93

Hellboy, English dvd 93

Hester Street , English video 5

The House of Bernarda Alba/La casa de Bernarda Alba, English DVD 53

Imagining Argentina, English dvd  88

Kiss of the Spider Woman , English video 34

Kiss of the Spider Woman, English DVD 72

Lesbian Nation, English dvd 94

Lover, English video 3

The Magic Flute. English DVD 80

The Mambo Kings, English DVD 61

The Men, English DVD 71

The Middle Passage, English DVD 43

Missing, English video 40

The Mission, English dvd 95

Munich, English DVD 62

Night Mother, English video 41

Paradise, English video 23

Pinero, English DVD 69

Pinero, English DVD 389

A Place called Chiapas,English dvd 75

La Plaza - Conversations w/ Ilan Stavans: John Leguizamo, English video 57

Psycho, English DVD 58

Rear Window, English dvd 98

Rebel without a Cause, English dvd 85

Rhinoceros, English video 39

Rome, English DVD set 60

Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara, English DVD 59

The Science of Sleep, English DVD 74

The Science of Sleep, English dvd 82

The Secret Life of Words English dvd 90

The Secret Life of Words English dvd 91

Speak Easy, English videos 23 and 24

Stand and Deliver, English video 1

The Stories of Maxine Hong Kinston, English video 30

Superman, English dvd 79

Superman- (4 favorites), English dvd 99

Swing Kids, English DVD 70

A Very Long Engagement, English DVD 63

Victim of Two Cultures, Richard Rodriguez, English video 32

The Wave, English DVD 73

Weapons of the Spirit, English video 8

Wedding Banquet, English video

West Side Story, English dvd 102

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