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Language, Literature and Culture

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities listed below are in no particular order. If you are interested in an internship where you can use a language other than English, please use your browser's search tool to search this page for that language (French, Spanish, etc.). Most of these opportunities are unpaid. If you are seeking a paid internship, please search using 'paid'.

Camp Counselor in France: American Village


American Village Camps seek energetic, creative, initiative-takers who are native English speakers & love working with children at our camps in France.

American Village camps are for French children, ages 6 to 17 years old. Our English-immersion camps have been creating a positive environment where it is fun, natural & necessary to use English for over 20 years!
We hire counselors for periods of 1 to 10 weeks from February to October at a variety of locations across France.

Counselors live on camp! They create and lead activities, as well as ESL classes. They are responsible for the safety and well-being of the campers under their care. Each counselor is an important member of a multi-cultural counselor team in the village!

Apply to this unique work experience in rural France, working on a multi-cultural team and meeting people from all over France as well as Anglophone countries across the globe - all while having fun with the campers under your care.
• Monthly Salary (770 Euros a month)
• Lodging and meals included
• 50 Euros reimbursement on your train travel to camp
• A free night at a hotel in Paris upon arrival in France
• Temporary work permit for North Americans, Australians and New Zealanders
• Accident/liability insurance while working

France is the number one tourist destination in the world. While our counselors live and work on-location at camp, they generally use their time before or after their employment to discover France - its traditions, cuisine, landscapes, language and people. Our teams can be quite multi-cultural and friendships are easily made in a camp setting. Working with children is a rewarding experience and also, a lot of fun!


We seek camp counselors who are native English speakers.
- 20 to 35 years old
- clear criminal history
- high school diploma from a high school in an Anglophone country.
- previous camp counseling / childcare experience
- Be capable of organizing activities : sports, arts & crafts, dance, large scale games, etc.
- Be excited about performing in skits, telling stories, leading songs & cheers, etc.
- A TEFL certification is NOT a requirement. Neither is knowledge of French.
Compensation: Room & Board is included
Time Frame 1-10 weeks, February through October
Application Deadline: February 28, 2015

Congressional Internship Program

For deadlines and more information, please visit:

IES Abroad Internships

Description: For more information please visit:

Jet Program Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)


TheJapan Exchange and Teaching (JET) ptogram is a Japanese Government-sponsored program to improve English language education and promote  grass-roots level international exchange in Japan. Founded in 1987, the JET Program now includes 4000 participants from 40 nations.

ALTS--Assistant Language Teachers are placed in cities, towns, and villages throughout Japan where they work in public schools aiding Japane4se teachers of  English. JETS become involved in school and community life, teaching about their own culture, while learning about Japan.

Qualifications: Candidates shiould be flexible, adventurous and enjoy working with children Japanese language is not required for the ALT position. Applicants must hole a  Bachelor's Degree by July 2015. JET is open to citizens of 40 countries, but candidates must apply in their country of citizenship. Candidates should be mature, flexible and interestd in learning about Japn while shar4ing their own dulture.
Time Frame:TBD
Application Deadline: August 28, 2015

Japan Internships


For More Informationm, please vist:


ASL Internships


For More information, please visit:


After School Intern-Girls INC.


About Girls Inc. of Worcester:
Girls Inc. of Worcester, located at 125 Providence St. in Worcester, MA, works to inspire all girls to be
strong, smart, and bold by offering quality research-based programs in a safe environment, providing
opportunities for girls to take healthy risks, and helping girls to build leadership skills and master physical;
intellectual; social and emotional challenges. All internships offered through Girls Inc. of Worcester are
unpaid and run on a seasonal basis (Fall: September-December, Spring: January-April, and Summer: May-
Position Description:
The After School Intern will work directly with the girls, providing critical assistance to the program staff in
the after school program. Girls Inc. of Worcester’s current programs include: Homework Help, Computer
Lab, Health and Fitness, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and art.


College and/or work experience in any of the following fields: human services, education, health
sciences, and/or psychology
· Experience and sensitivity to working with people from diverse backgrounds
· Personal commitment to empowering and inspiring youth
· Strong communications skills
· Must successfully complete a CORI background check
· Teaming building skills are a plus

Compensation: Unpaid Internship
Time Frame: After school hours, approximately from 2PM to 6PM.
Location: Worcester
Application Deadline: June 01, 2015

Teen Program Intern-Girls INC.


About the Girls Inc. of Worcester:

Girls Inc. of Worcester, located at 125 Providence St. in Worcester, MA, works to inspire all girls yo be strong, smart, and bold by offering quality research-based programs in a safe environment, providing opportuniyirs for girls to take healthy risks, and helping girls yo build leadership skills and master physical; intellectual; social and emotional achallenges. All internships offered through Girls Inc. of Worcester are unpaid and run on a seasonal basis (Fall: September-December, Spring: January- April, and Summer: May- August).

Position Description:

The Teen Progran Intern will use personal expertise and talnts to enhance the current teen program offerings. girls Inc. of WOrcester's extensive teen programming includes: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum, confidence building exercises, Anti-bullying educaion, expressive arts performance, and much more. The Teen Program INtern will work closely wiyh yhe Program Director to bring these initiayives to life for the girls and further develop the present array.

Must have an interest in and affinity for working with teen girls
Must be a positive, hardworking, team player
Must help facilitate progaams in a way that respects girls and encourages them to take healthy risks and try new things.
Must successfully complete a CORI background check
Resulting skills and experience gained:
The opportunity to use personal skills yo help individuals and the community
Experience in quality, research-based, gender specific programming

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: Mostly after school hours, approximately from 2 pm to 6 Pm and daytime hours for prep time and on MOndays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with some variance from program to program. Flexible hours are available.
Application Deadline: June 01, 2015

The Tandana Foundation: ESL Teaching Internship


For more information, please visit:

Latin American Association Internship Program


For more information, please visit:

Bilingual Hostel Internship

For more information, please visit:

Location:Location: Valencia, Spain

Public Education and Outreach Intern


Public education and outreach (undergraduates, law, or other graduate students). Students contact organizations that serve individuals likely to experience discrimination to schedule outreach presentations, and then conduct those presentations to the public. Excellent public speaking skills are required.


  • Bilingual ability in Spanish is preferred.
  • Applicants should possess good to excellent academic standing
  • An interest in civil rights
  • Relevant skills to each position, such as administrative, public speaking, investigative, and legal research and writing skills.

A knowledge of discrimination law is helpful, but not expected.

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame:
A minimum of 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters; full-time during the summer.
Location: Worcester, MA
Application Deadline: January 23, 2015



If you love to learn, we'd love your help. CourseWorld ( is the first online education platform for the liberal arts. A fast-growing nonprofit startup, our free video library includes over 19,000 lectures in the Arts and Humanities.
This is a virtual/remote opportunity -- i.e., you can work from anywhere.
Commitment is 5 to 8 hours per week for a minimum of two months. Unpaid. Course credit may be available depending on your school.

We offer two types of internships (or you may do a combination):
VIDEO INTERN: Help build our virtual library by adding, tagging, and categorizing videos (30 per week) within a desired subject specialty. Whether your passion lies in the Humanities (e.g., Literature, Languages, Philosophy) or the Arts (e.g., Art History, Music, Theater), you'll be helping to build a valuable educational resource--and hopefully learning a lot in the process.

MARKETING/PR INTERN: Help promote our grassroots initiative by growing our community on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Pinterest ( Write and edit status updates; contribute to online discussions; design witty image macros and quotes; and/or write and pitch guest blog posts.


Sincere love of learning -- and passion for a particular subject/specialty - Self-motivated, independent, and highly disciplined - Detail-oriented - Responsible and deadline-driven

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: Commitment is 5 to 8 hours per week for a minimum of two months.
Application Deadline: September 18, 2015

Summer Intern: Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies


Resident Scholar Gary J. Schmitt, who directs AEI’s Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies with colleague Tom Donnelly, focuses on longer-term strategic issues that will affect America’s security at home and its ability to lead abroad, including a range of topics from NATO, to American institutional defense issues to strategy in the Asia-Pacific. Recent projects include an analysis of China’s rise and the nature of that challenge and a study on US and European approaches to domestic security and counter-terrorism since 9/11.


Candidates must have excellent writing, analytical, and research skills; military experience and project-specific foreign language skills – especially German and/or French – are a plus.

Compensation: unpaid
Time Frame: fall, spring, summer
Location: Wasington D.C.
Application Deadline: February 28, 2015

Internships in France


For more information and deadlines, please visit:

Compensation: unpaid
Time Frame: Variable
Location: France

Internships Abroad with Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)


As an FSD intern, you will gain invaluable exprience by working directly on grassroots initiatives in your area of interest. As you work wih FSD's in-country staff, you ill receive on-site training and real-world skillbuilding. Our rigorous Internaional Internship program allows you to live with a host family and gain highly transferable skills in project design and managemeny, participayory leadership, community assessments, budgeting/financial managment, and corss-cultural communications


No specific qualifications

Compensation: unpaid;
Time Frame: academic year or summer
Location: various
Application Deadline: July 07, 2015

Summer Internship Program in Germany

Description: For mor information please see:

U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program

For More Information, please see: OR

Compensation: unpaid

Location: Internships are available at many of the over 265 U.S. embassies, consulates and missions to international organizations around the world, as well as at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. and other locations throughout the U.S.

CIA Internships

For More Information, please visit:


For students majoring in engineering, computer science, math, economics, physical sciences, foreign languages, business administration, accounting, international relations, finance, logistics, human resources, geography, national security studies, military and foreign affairs, political science or graphic design


a) US citizenship
b) 3.0 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale
c) Foreign langauage skills and previous international residency are pluses
d) Medical/polygraph examinations and background investigation required
Location: Washington DC metro area
Deadlines: Students may apply to the National Clandestine Service Undergraduate Internship Program for Summers 2016/2017 between 1 January to 30 April 2015.

Massachusetts Latino Chamber of Commerce

compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: Year- Round; full or part-time
Location: various Massachusetts offices

Summer Intern: Jonah Goldberg


Bestselling author and columnist, Jonah Goldberg, writes on U.S. politics and culture as a fellow at AEI. One of the most prominent conservative political commentators today, Goldberg frequently appears on television and radio shows, and his syndicated columns are circulated widely across the United States.  Interns will conduct research on a large range of policy-related topics to assist Mr. Goldberg with his columns, lectures, and media appearances.


The ideal candidate will possess strong research and writing skills, as well as a demonstrated interest in U.S. politics, culture, and the media.

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: 20-30 hours per week
Location:Washington D.C.
Application Deadline: March 11, 2015

Summer Intern at the Carter Center


The Carter Center is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization founded in 1982 in Atlanta, GA., by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The Center seeks to wage peace, fight disease and build hope in a world where people live every day under difficult, life-threatening conditions caused by war, disease, and famine.

Carter Center interns come from around the world to make vital contributions to the Center's work. In turn, the Center provides a substantive learning experience that serves as a basis for the interns to explore their career options and to develop professional skills. The goal of the internship program is to advance an informed, skilled, and committed workforce serving peace and health needs around the world.

To learn more about this opportunity and access the on-line application please go to our website at:

Intern in one of the following program areas:

Americas Program
Art Collection
China Program
Conferencing & Special Events
Conflict Resolution
International Public Health
Human Rights
Mental Health
Public Information

To be eligible for the program, you must be an undergraduate junior or senior, graduate student, or recent graduate (graduated in the past 24 months).

Strong internship candidates are those who have demonstrated superior academic, professional, or personal experience and interests related to Carter Center programs.


To be eligible for the program, you must be an undergraduate junior or senior, graduate student, or recent graduate (graduated in the past 24 months).
Strong internship candidates are those who have demonstrated superior academic, professional, or personal experience and interests related to Carter Center programs.

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: 20-30 hours per week
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Application Deadline: March 1, 2015

China Internship Program-Get Work Experience Abroad!


CRCC Asia is seeking ambitious, talented and hardworking students and graduates for its 2014 China Internship Program. Chinese language skills are not necessary, fluent English is the only language requirement.
Our program has been featured in numerous high profile media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek and the BBC. Click here to read more:
This is an incredible opportunity to gain excellent professional experience and transferable skills in one of the worlds most important and fastest-growing economies. You will be working in a company in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Sanya where you will be required to work independently and in international teams. Our internships last 1, 2, or 3 months.
There are many sectors available including (but not limited to) Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Legal, PR, Pharmaceutical, NGOs, Sustainable Energy and Engineering.
Typical tasks include: conducting research, writing reports, giving presentations, working in teams on strategy, accompanying colleagues on client meetings and business administration.
Our China Internship Program is highly regarded by employers and is certain to make a positive impact on your Resume. Many of our previous interns are now working in top international firms.

CRCC Asia offers other programs including: Intensive Mandarin courses, Hospitality Internships on the tropical resort of Sanya, and a China travel program, all of which can be done in conjunction with or in lieu of our Internship Program.We have internship programs running throughout 2014. More information can be found on our website,

All CRCC Asia Programs provide a full package of support, activities and networks from the moment you join the program until well after your return from China. Due to Republic of China visa regulations internships are unpaid. International internship experience in China can only be possible through an unpaid internship, however we ensure that every aspect of your trip to China from your internship to our regular social and cultural activities is managed in a friendly and professional manner.

Our Comprehensive China Internship Program Includes:
Guaranteed internship in a sector of your choice
Visa processing for China
Airport pickup
Accommodation for duration of internship
Welcome banquet
Welcome pack
SIM card and city guide
Induction course and cultural training
Weekly Beginner Mandarin lessons
Social and networking events
English speaking supervisor
Full support and guidance from our Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen/or Sanya office

How To Apply:
Apply online at


All applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in a degree program. We are also looking for you to exhibit a strong academic record, and an interest in foreign travel and culture. Fluent English is essential; if you speak some Chinese and would like to practice your language skills we can find you a company where this is possible.

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame: Our Internships last 1, 2, or 3 months. 
Location:  Beijing/Shanghai/Sanya/Shenzhen

Study Abroad in China

Description: For more information, please see:

Summer Teaching Intern

NMH Summer Session averages 250 students in grades 7-12 from more than 24 US states and 37 countries. One particular characteristic of our Summer Session student population is its diversity, and we are especially interested in hiring an equally diverse group of teaching interns.

Each summer, we hire experienced teachers (master teachers) and teaching interns to help us deliver the outstanding variety of courses and activities that set NMH Summer Session apart from other summer academic programs. Teaching interns assist an experienced teacher with classroom teaching of morning major courses, live in and help run dorms, and take charge of afternoon minor courses and sports.

Internships are available in many subject areas.

NMHSS Dates: June 21st-August 2nd, 2015.
Application Deadline: February 1st, 2015.

Additional information, course offerings, and intern application forms are available on the website at


Applications are invited from undergraduates who, as a minimum, will have completed their junior year by the upcoming summer, and from graduate students and recent college graduates.

An applicant must have a strong academic record and the maturity and work ethic to succeed in a rigorous and demanding position. They must also demonstrate a strong desire to teach grades 7-12, including any relevant teaching and coaching experience.

Compensation: $3200+ room & board
Time Frame: 6 weeks
Location: Mount Hermon, MA
Application Deadline: February 01, 2015

Summer Internship: New York Art World

Description:Christie's offers unpaid Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall internships in specialist and business support departments that provide a hands-on introduction to the inner workings of an auction house and to the New York art world. An internship at Christie’s involves a combination of general day to day tasks associated with the auction process, opportunities for researching artists and objects, and occasions to attend organized intern events.

The majority of internships take place at the Rockefeller Center location. Select internships divide time between our Rockefeller Center office and Redstone, our pre- and post-shipping handling facility, in Long Island City. We also have internship opportunities in our regional offices throughout the United States.

Summer Internship Programme
Christie’s offers two, full-time, six-week programs that give students hands-on experience during their summer vacation. Each program starts with a brief orientation, after which participants will be placed in departments according to their interests and background.

Accepted students will work in their assigned department for the duration of the program. Note that due to the high level of interest, we cannot offer placement in both sessions.

•Summer A: May 30, 2012-July 6, 2012
•Summer B: July 9, 2012-August 17, 2012

•All interns must be degree-seeking students currently enrolled in school.
•The internship must be relevant to the student’s current course of study.
•Interns must provide a letter from their school confirming that the student is receiving school credit for the internship, or
•Provide a letter of acknowledgement from their school recognizing the internship if credit is not offered.

Compensation: Unpaid
Time Frame:6 weks
Location: New York
Application Deadline: February 1, 2015

Internships in Spain, Italy, France, and China

For more information and deadlines to apply, please visit: