Marlene ShepardMarlene Shepard has served as the Program Coordinator for the Education Department and the Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education since 1994.  She began her professional career as an elementary teacher.  After completing her MA in Counseling Psychology and working as a middle school adjustment counselor, Marlene began her work in higher education teacher preparation programs.

Marlene's primary focus is working with undergraduates and graduate students who will become members of the next generation of urban teachers.  She is the principal advisor of undergraduate students and collaborates on the advising of graduate students, in conjunction with state requirements, program requirements, and university requirements.  She coordinates much of the process of placing students with Hiatt Center partner schools, working closely with the Worcester Public School administration and staff.  She establishes and maintains communication links, records, and relationships between and among education faculty, liberal arts faculty, students and teachers involved in k-12 teacher education.  She has also worked extensively in support of Hiatt Center grant-supported programs, such as the federal Title II Teacher Recruitment programs and the Teacher Quality programs administered by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Marlene's interests include urban schooling, professional development schools, university/school partnerships and Massachusetts state professional standards and requirements for teacher licensure.