Stock Market

Senior Honors Theses

Class of 2013

Iryna Ambroz: German Economic Success and Trade: A Test of Hypotheses using the Gravity Model
Ngoc (Minnie) Bui: Consumers' Preference for Sustainable Certified Products: Eco-labels on Seafood Products
Carlos Cardenas: NAFTA and its Impact on Mexican Farmers
Benjamin Colb: Impacts of the Minimum Wage on Unemployment
Deviyani Dixit: Evaluating Motivators of Non-Use Values on Willingness To Pay for Improvement in Aquatic Biota
Maryam Esmaeili: The Impact of Cross-Border Remittances on Economic Growth in El Salvador
Christina Geller: Eating with the Seasons: An Analysis of Organic, Local and Conventional Food Availability Over Time in Southwest Montana
Volha Hrytskevich: Residential Housing Prices in Belarus
Paul McNulty: The Value of Safety: Estimating the Effects of Crime on Home Sales in Worcester
Abdou Seck: Voter Behavior in Senegal: The Case of the 2007 Presidential Elections
Anshu Singh: Convergence Among Indian States
Therese Smith: Housing Prices and Open Space: The Case of Worcester, MA