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Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2014-15


Job Market Paper Title



Xiaxin Hua, CV Determinants of Systemic Risk and Information Dissemination Applied Econometrics, International Economics, Spatial Environment Economics and Financial Econometrics Wayne Gray, Junfu Zhang, Marcelo Bianconi (Tufts Univ), Chih Ming Tan (Univ of North Dakota)
Saurav Katwal, CV How Much is a Quality Education Worth?  The Implicit Market for Elementary Schools in Worcester, MA Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Labor Economics John Brown, Jacqueline Geoghegan, Junfu Zhang
Michael McKay, CV Do Women Living in a Matrilineal Culture Experience More Household Bargaining Power?  Evidence from Ghana

Economic Development, Applied Econometrics, Spatial Environmental Economics

Wayne Gray, Jacqueline Geoghegan, Tom White (Assumption College)
Gbeton Somasse Retaining Better Achievers?  Free Primary Education and Educational Outcomes in Benin Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Labor Economics Wayne Gray, John Brown, Junfu Zhang, Jacqueline Geoghegan
Mariko Wijekoon, CV The Global Food Price Crisis and the Demand for Food and Nutrition in Sri Lanka Applied Econometrics, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Spatial Econometrics Wayne Gray, Jacqueline Geoghegan, Marc Rockmore

Director of the Economics Graduate Program:  Dr. Junfu Zhang