Theater Arts

Theater Seats


Clark's theater department offers courses in performance, production, history and criticism. Whether your goal is to pursue a professional career in theater or simply to gain a greater understanding of the play or the performance process, Clark faculty will work with you to design a program that fits your interests and goals, and to incorporate complementary internships or study away/abroad options.

Theater Plus

Theater, by its very nature, is a multi-disciplined, collaborative art form. As such, it’s naturally at home in Clark's liberal arts setting. Complementary courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences can help students understand the societal issues and contexts that both shape and are shaped by this compelling art form. At Clark, theater students have the opportunity to combine their studies in theater with majors or minors in complementary disciplines such as education, communication and culture, management, or literature.

Onstage and Backstage Opportunities

In addition to coursework, there are many opportunities to get involved in the theater arts at Clark:

  • Both majors and non-majors can audition or work as production staff, play historian, dramaturge, or director’s assistant on department- and student-sponsored productions.
  • The Tuesday Night Workshop presents readings of new works by students and faculty.
  • Students can join the student-run Clark University Players Society (CUPS) or Clark Musical Theatre (CMT).
  • Students can audition for the Pea Pod Squad, Clark’s award-winning Improv troupe.
  • Students interested in dance can audition for Clark's dance troupes: The Dance Society, Variant Dance Troupe, and Hip Hop Collabo.

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