Screen Studies


Matthew Malsky, Ph.D.

Professor of Music
Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: (508) 793-7316 or 7377

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Professor Malsky received a B.A. from Brandeis University in 1983 and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1990. He has been at Clark since 1998. He is also affiliated with the program in Communication and Culture.

Current Research and Teaching

Professor Malsky is a composer who has written concert works for soloist and mixed chamber ensembles, often with live and pre-recorded electronics with multi-channel sound diffusion systems. At the University of Chicago he studied with Howard Sandroff, Ralph Shapey and Shulamit Ran.. Malsky directs Clark's Computer Music Studio/Multimedia Lab.

He is currently co-director of the Extensible Toy Piano Project and the Group for Electronic Music.

Music for String QuartetProfessor Malsky's works have been performed throughout the United States, Europe and Australia by ensembles such as the Contemporary Chamber Players at the University of Chicago, the Minnesota Composers Forum, the Musik Factory (Norway), on the radio in Buffalo, St. Paul, and Toronto, and at numerous contemporary music festivals.

His teaching interests include computer music, audio production, musical acoustics, film sound and music, and popular music.

Selected Publications

“Stretched from Manhattan's Back Alley to MOMA: a social history of magnetic tape and recording,” Technocultures of Music, Rene T. A. Lysoff and Leslie C. Gay, Jr., editors, Music and Culture series. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 2003.

“Sounds of the City: Alfred Newman’s ‘Street Scene’ and Urban Modernity.” accepted by Jay Beck and Anthony Grajeda, editors of a projected anthology, Lowering the Boom: New Essays on the History, Theory and Practice of Film Sound (forthcoming).

“Fantasy and the concert hall: musical performance in the electroacoustic age.” Reconstruction: a journal of cultural studies [Winter 2004/4.1] “Technology and historiography: or, the science fiction of everyday life” ISSN 1547–4348. (

Selected Recent Compositions and Performances

Holy Cross Chamber Players, College of the Holy Cross. Valley of Dying Stars (2003) for string quartet

Solo recital, Paul Gregory, guitar, Clark University. Transit of Venus (2004/premiere) for acoustic guitar and live computer processing.

Group for Electronic Music, Clark University. The Crowning: A Blessed Event (2004/premiere) for theremin, toy piano and live computer processing

iChamber performance series, Arizona State University, Ancient Devices (1999) for clarinet and live computer processing

Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US, Seamus2002 National Conference, University of Iowa, Iowa City, To Have Done With (2001) for 'cello and live computer processing

University of Chicago, Mary Stolper. flute. The Well of Fancy Dry (2001) for flute and live computer processing

Solo recital, Esther Lamneck, clarinet, New York University. Ancient Devices.

En Red O 2000–Electric Songs, Barcelona, Spain. The Rose Garden (2000) for fixed media.

Bowling Green State University New Music and Art Festival, Bowling Green, OH. Ancient Devices.

Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US, SeamusY2K National Conference, University of North Texas, Denton. The Well of Fancy Dry.

Bytes of Art Festival @ Ylem: Artists Using Science and Technology (San Francisco. The Rose Garden).

University of Edinburgh, Mathews Gallery. The Rose Garden (video version).

Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway. Ancient Devices.

Australasian Computer Music Conference, Wellington, New Zealand. The Rose Garden.

The International Computer Music Festival, Kobe, Japan. The Rose Garden.