Cello Player


Clark offers a versatile and creative program that allows the flexibility to explore the world of music.

Clark has much to offer you whether you are:

  • producing a sound track for a film
  • performing in a jazz or a cappella ensemble
  • studying voice or a musical instrument
  • composing music for a string quartet and computer generated sounds,
  • or learning your way around a multitrack recording studio.

Clark Bars member Fin Miller '15 provides an inside look at this Clark University a cappella group.

Clark's unique music program combines a rich array of options within an intimate scholastic setting for both majors and non-majors. Whether your interest in music is from the perspective of the composer, performer or scholar, Clark's faculty will work with you to design a program of study, including private lessons, that meets your needs.

More than Music

Perhaps you're interested in becoming a music therapist, music educator or arts manager. Because Clark is a liberal arts university, you have the option of combining your study of music with complementary disciplines such as management, communication and culture, computer science, or education, and to incorporate internships and study away/abroad programs where appropriate.

Performance Opportunities

A variety of Clark-sponsored instrumental and vocal performance groups are open to both majors and non-majors who wish to audition. More information

2013 LEEP Projects: Music Majors

Joel Helander Joel Helander '14
Project Mentor: John Aylward
Recording an Album of Original Compositions in Worcester, Mass. Joel wrote and arranged twelve pieces of instrumental music and recorded them with professional musicians from the Worcester area in August. The result, after the material is engineered and mastered, will be a thematically unified album— complete by February and available for purchase at

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