Art History

Ancient Cliff Paintings


In Clark's art history program, students study painters, architects, sculptors, and designers from Ancient Greece to the contemporary world. Students learn not only to analyze works of art, but also to ask larger questions about the place and role of the arts in human history: how does the design of a building affect human interactions? how do artists navigate the political pressures of their historical moment? how can a painting be interpreted as an expression of the society in which it was made?

All of the courses in the art history program take you outside of the classroom, whether it is to examine paintings at the Worcester Art Museum, study sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, analyze the modern architecture of Walter Gropius's house in Lincoln, Massachusetts, or excavate an ancient Roman temple in Rough Cilicia, Turkey.

Above: Students uncovered the history of some of Clark's most distinctive structures for the course "Special Topics in Modern Art: Architecture on the Clark Campus."

Whatever your interest, Clark faculty will work with you to create a program that meets your goals and includes internships and study away/abroad programs where appropriate.

Some art history majors will choose to prepare for careers that may require post-graduate training, such as journalism, arts administration, art education or museum curatorial work. However, the study of art history, like that of other majors at Clark, is not just training for a specific job. While you will acquire a solid background in art history, equally important are the skills of intellectual inquiry and analysis that you will develop—skills you will be able to apply to any career. Download the Art History program brochure to learn more.

2013 LEEP Projects: Art History Majors

Ananya Sikand Ananya Sikand '14
Project Mentor: Elli Crocker
Art Restoration Apprenticeship in Siena, Italy. Ananya spent her summer working as an assistant to an art restorer. She helped restore 1920s-era walnut furniture and wallpaper from the Castle of San Leonino in the Tuscan countryside.

J. Spahr J. Spahr '14
Project Mentor: John Garton
Designing Content for the Worcester Art Museum's (WAM) Masters Remastered Show in Worcester, Mass. J. researched paintings featured in the WAM's most recent show. Her work helped to uncover content that will be shared with new audiences at the WAM.

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