Gustav H. Carlson School of Chemistry

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Seminars are held on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. in room S122, Sackler Sciences Center, and luncheon is served at 11:45 p.m. in room S325, Sackler Sciences Center.

Previous Seminars

October 24, 2014
Graduate Research Updates Seminar
Jia (Will) Wei, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Block Copolymer Synthesis of Triazole-Bearing Cyclobutenes via Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization"

Joshua Boykin, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Microwave Assisted Alkoxylation of Layered Niobates as a Route Towards Exfoliation"
Michael Reardon, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol"

October 17, 2014
Li-Qiong Wang, Department of Chemistry, Brown University
"Probing Structures and Porosity of Electrode Materials in Li Ion Battery"

September 26, 2014
Greaduate Research Updates Seminar
Kai Peng, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Update of Lysyl Oxidase Research"
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Study of Ion Conducting Materials using Multifunctioal Phase-Separated Block Copolymers"
Hanzhong (Fido) Liu, Graduate Student, Clark University
"Comparing Two Clustering Methods Based on Inherent Structure and RMSD"

September 19, 2014
Research Proposal
Jia (Will) Wei, Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Clark University
"Molecular Imprinting based Drug Delivery of siRNA for Anticancer Therapy: Efficient Loading and Controlled Release"

September 12, 2014
Dr. Robert Kane, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Baylor University
"Improving Vaccines and Islet Transplants Using Synthetic Chemistry"

August 29, 2014
Dr. Erik Berda, Department of Chemistry, university of New Hampshire
"Single-Chain Nanoparticles: Synthesis of Nano-Scale Architectures by Manipulating Discrete Macromolecules"

April 25, 2014
Chemistry Honors Seminar
Kelli Stockmal
"Paraffin-Bearing Polymethacrylates and Polymethacrylamides as Solid-Solid Phase Change Materials: Effect of Spacer Length on Heat Storage Capacity"
Madeleine DeBrosse
"Polymer-Templated Wet Chemical Synthesis of Plasmonic Nanoparticles"

April 22, 2014
Chemistry Honors Seminar
Laura Migliaccio
"Autonomous Ion-Selective Electrodes for Measuring Carbonate in Seawater Systems"

April 18, 2014
Graduate Research Updates
Yanshen Yang
"Identify a New Family of Truncated Hemoglobin from Roseobacter Clade"
Qiuchen (Amy) Zheng
"Effects of the Rreduction of Disulfide Bonds on Amyloid Formation by Insulin"

April 11, 2014
Second Year Seminar
Michael Reardon
"Synthetic Applications of Carbenes and Nitrenes"

April 4, 2014
Research Update Seminar
Qingzhen (Mark) Tan
"Computational Study of Interactions between Amylin Fibrils and Membranes"
Linshu Wang
"Towards Hydrazine-Functionalized Peptides as Potential Lysyl Oxidase Inhibitors"

March 28, 2014
Research Proposal Seminar
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen
"Design of Optically Healable Nanocomposites with a High Mechanical Strenth"

March 21, 2014
Graduate Research Update Seminar
Yaya Wang
"Photo-Stability and Cellular Uptake of the Light-Harvesting Complex for Green Bacteria"
Valerie Ivancic
"Biophysical Studies of the Self-Assembly of the Modified Forms of the Amyloid-β Protein"

March 14, 2014
Dr. Thandi Buthelezi, Department of Chemistry, Wheaton College
"Spiropyran-based Molecular Sensing"

February 28, 2014
Graduate Research Update Seminar
Jia (Will) Wei
"Synthesis vi ROMP of Brushed Polycyclobutene Diblock Copolymers"
Joshua Boykin
"Microwave Assisted Alkoxylation of Three-Layered Niobates"
Michael Reardon
"Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol"

February 7, 2014
Graduate Research Update Seminar
Kai Peng
"Update of Lysyl Oxidate Research"
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen
"Synthesis of Blck Copolymer via ARP and Click Chemistry"
Hanzhong (Fido) Liu
"Study Salt Effect to BBL by Anton a Super Fast Computing Cluster"

January 31, 2014
Robert Doyle
Ph.D. Defense Seminar
"Improvement of Poly(Ethylene Imine) Ion Conduction Through Selective Polymer Design"

January 14, 2014
Dr. Joel S. Miller, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah
"Extraordinarily Long 2-Electron - 4- Center (2e/4c) 2.9-A Carbon-Caron Bonds - What is a Chemical Bond?"

December 10, 2013
Masters Defense Seminar, Biochemistry Graduate Student
Abhijit Srungavarapu
"Functionalization of Polyethylenimine for Non-Viral Gene Delivery"

December 9, 2013
Ph.D. Defense, Chemistry Graduate Student
Robert Doyle
"Improvement of Poly(Ethylene Imine)Ion Conduction Through Selective Polymer Design"

December 6, 2013
Dr. Matthias Brewer, Department of Chemistry, University of Vermont
"Ring Fragmentations and Intromolcular Cycloadditions: Efficient Approaches to Nitrogen Heterocycles"

November 15, 2013
Research Proposal, Chemistry Graduate Student
Hanzhong (Fido) Liu
"Computational Study of Aggregation Process of the Fyn SH3 Domain In Macromolecular Crowding Environments"

November 8, 2013
E. Bryan Coughlin, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, UMASS Amherst
"Stimuli Responsive Block Copolymers"

November 1, 2013
Dr. Andrei Alexandrescu, Molecular & Cell Biology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
"Charge Effects In Amyloid Fibril Assembly, Morphology, and Toxicity"

October 25, 2013
Graduate Research updates
Sean Chen
"Synthesis of Anhydrous Proton Conducting Diblock Copolymers via ATRP and Click Chemistry"
Will Wei
"Synthesis via ROMP of Brushed Polycyclobutene Diblock Copolymers by Using Grubbs Catalysts 2nd Generation"
Josh Boykin
"Microwave Assisted Alkoxylation of Layered Niobates as a New Route Towards Exfoliated Nanosheets"

October 18, 2013
Adam D. McPherson
Ph.D. candidate
Program in Neuroscience
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
University of Utah
"A "Moving" Experience: Studying Dopamine Neurons at the University of Utah"

October 11, 2013
Dr. Andrew Craft, Department of Chemistry, University of Hartford
"An Introduction to Transition metal Hydrides"

October 4, 2013
Dr. Isaac Krauss, Department of Chemistry, Brandeis University
"Combining Organic Synthesis and Directed Evolution to Design HIV Vaccines"

September 27,02013
Graduate Research Updates
Kai Peng
"Update of Lysyl Oxidase Research"
Robert Doyle
"Block Copolymer Synthesis of Poly(oxazolines) via Copper-Catalyzed 1,3-Cycloaddition"
Fido (Hanzhong) Liu
"Study Salt Effect to BBL by Anton a Super Fast Computing Cluster"

September 13, 2013
Safety Seminar
Hosted By: Frank Abell & Mike Coveno from Triumvirate Environmental
Discussion: Chemical Hygiene Plan and Associated OSHA Regulations Regarding Hazards in Laboratories

September 6, 2013
Masters Defense Seminar, Biochemistry Graduate Student
Veli Selmani
"The Small Molecule (trans,trans)-1-Bromo-2,5-Bis(4-Hydroxystyryl)benzene(K114) is an Efficient Detector of Amyloid Fibrils Found in Human Semen"

May 1, 2013
Physics/Chemistry Seminar
Dr. Steve Winter, University of Waterloo, Ontario
"Magnets to Metals: The Evolving Phase Diagram of Organic Radicals"

April 25, 2013
Chemistry Honors Seminar
Derek Luong- "Dihydrophilic Block Copolymers as Model Ion-conducting Polymers and Nanoparticle Templates"
Will Trout - "Synthesis and Characterization of Stearyl Substituted Polymers for use as Solid-Solid Phase Change Materials"

April 11, 2013
Dr. Mark Peczuh, Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut
"Synthesis and Investigation of Molecules Inspired by Nature"

April 4, 2013
Dr. Elizabeth Nolan, Department of Chemistry, MIT
"Utilizing Iron Uptake Systems to Overcome the Outer Membrane Permeability Barrier of Gram-Negative Microbes"

March 28. 2013
Masters Defense Seminar, Chemistry Graduate Student
Kathryn MacDowell
"Limited Proteolysis and Mass Spectrometry Studies of Soluble Oligomers of the Amyloid-ß (1-42) Protein"

March 26, 2013
Research Proposal
Kevin Robbins
"Development of a Heterogenous Carbene-Based Catalytic System to Convert Carbon Dioxide to Methanol in the Presence of Silanes"

March 21, 2013
Graduate Research Update
Josh Boykin
"Microwave Assisted n-Alcohol Intercalation of Three-layer Dion-Jacobson Perovskites"
Michael Reardon
"Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol"
Yaya Wang
"Probe Acetate Metabolism of Marine Roseobacter"

March 12, 2013
Masters Defense Seminar, Biochemistry Graduate Student
Mary Abdalla
"Discovery, Isolation, and Characterization of Bacteriophage Specific for Bacterial Pathogens Targeting Humans"

February 28, 2013
Dr. Judith Herzfeld, Department of Chemistry, Brandeis University
"Building Buoyancy: NMR Studies of the Floatation Organelles of Aquatic Microorganisms"

February 21, 2013
Graduate Research Update
Hanzhong Liu  
"Study Salt Effect to BBL by Anton a Super Fast Computing Cluster"
Kevin Robbins
"NMR and Fluorescence Studies of Thioflavin T in the Preseence of AB42 Fibrils and in Viscous Solutions"
Jia Wei
"Synthesis and Characterization of Norbornene Based Monomers and Polymers"

February 7, 2013
Graduate Research Update
Kai Peng
"Update of Lysyl Oxidase Research"
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen
"Characterization of Block Copolymer Prepared via ATRP and Click Chemistry"
Robert Doyle
"Application of Poly(Ethylene Imine) In Ion Conduction"

December 6, 2012
Ph.D. Defense Seminar
Jue (June) Fan
"Exploration of Novel Kinetic Tools to Study Protein Folding and the Conformational Space of a Misfolded Protein"

December 4, 2012
Dr. Kim Currie, Chemical and Physical Oceanograph, NIWA, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand
"Munida Times Series - A Window in the Subantarctic Marine Carbon Cycle"

November 29, 2012
Dr. Francesca Massi, Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, UMass Medical School, Worcester, MA
"From Protein Dynamics to Protein Function and Stability using MNR and Computer Simulation Studies"

November 15, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Kevin Robbins
"Conformational Analysis of Thioflavin T Bound to the Surface of Amyloid Fibrils"
Jia (Will) Wei
"Synthesis and Characterization of Homo and Block Copolymers via ROMP"
Joshua Boykin
"Microwave Assisted Alcohol Intercalation of Three-layer Dion-Jacobson Perovskites and Solid State NMR Study of Mixed Nb/Ta Four-layer Dion-Jacobson Perovskites"

November 1, 2012
Dr. Sivappa Rasapalli, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMASS Dartmouth
"Synthesis of Ansamycins and Oroidin Based Antibacterial Natual Products"

October 25, 2012
Dr. Robert E. Dempski, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, WPI, Worcester, MA
"Molecular Determinants of Cation Binding and Uptake of a Zinc Transporter"

October 18, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen
"Characterization of Block Copolymer Prepared via ATRP and Click Chemistry"
Robert Doyle
"Application of Poly(ethylene Imine) in Ion Conduction"
Hanzhong (Fido) Liu
"Study Salt Effect to BBL by Anton a Super Fast Computing Cluster"

October 11, 2012
Dr. Richard W. Vachet, Dept. of Chemistry, Umass Amherst, Amherst MA
"Using Mass Spectormetry to Study ß-2-Microglobulin Amyloid Formation"

October 4, 2012
Dr. Kai Landskron, Dept. of Chemistry, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
"Nanostructured Nitrides as New Functional Materials"

September 27, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Subin Adhikari
"Local Structural Changes in Niobates in Different Phases Probed by DFT Calculations"
Jue (June) Fan
"Evaluatin of Memory Effects of Markov State Model by the Order-2 Transitions"
Kai Peng
"Update of Lysyl Oxidate Research"

September 20, 2012
Dr. Joshua Schrier, Dept. of Chemistry Haverford College, Haverford PA
"Isotopic and Chemical Separations Using Nanoporous Two-Dimensional Membranes"

September 13, 2012
Prof. Roy Planalp, University of New Hampshire
"Solving Tough Metal-Ion Detection Problems with Novel Ligand Designs and Fluorescent Polymers"

August 30, 2012
Safety Seminar
Frank Abell along with Triumvirate Environmental, Professional Environmental Health & Safety

August 9, 2012
Master Defense Seminar, Biochemistry Graduate Student
Jason Lui
"Characterization of Dictyostelium Discoideum Rad4"

August 6, 2012
Prof. Graciela Diaz de Delgado, Prof. of Chemistry, Universidad de Los Andes Merida, Venezuela
"Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Structures Based on Metal Carboxylates"

July 11, 2012
Research Proposal
Kai Peng
"The Mechanism of Light Induced Green to Red Conversion of Green Fluorescent Protein"

May 21, 2012
Ph.D Defense Seminar
Gai (Grace) Liu
"Mechanistic Studies of IAPP Self-Assembly and Its Inhibition: The Importance of a-Helix in IAPP Self- Assembly"

May 11, 2012
Research Proposal
Robert Doyle
"Cooperative Polymer/Fullerene Nanocomposite Material for Drug Delivery"

April 26, 2012
Chemistry Honors Seminar
Alex Gale, "Synthesis, Analysis, and Characterization of Pryidine-Copper Complexes Using 2-Amino-5-trifluromethylpyridine"
Luke Witthoft, "Niobium Oxide Nanoparticles Templated from Mesoporous Silica with Variable Pore Sizes"

April 24, 2012
Ph.D. Defense
Jamie Towle-Weicksel
"A Chimeric Protein Constructed from Bacteriophage T7 gp4 and a Putative Primase-Helicase from Arabidopsis Thaliana Mitochondria"

April 13, 2012
Ph.D. Defense
Ting Liu
"Investigation of Local Structure in Layered Niobates by Solid-state NMR spectrocopy"

April 12, 2012
Professor Shane Telfer
"Creating Nothing out of Something: Thermolabile Groups in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)"

April 5, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Jue (June) Fan
"Apply Markov State Moel and Maximum flow algorithm to identify the folding pathways of alanine tetrapeptide"
Kai Peng
"Synthesis of B-aminopropionitrile"
Xiaorui (Sean) Chen
"Synthesis of block copolymer by ATRP and click reaction"

March 30, 2012
Masters Defense Seminar
Justin Conway
"Synthesis of Organic Polymeric Membranes For Proton Transport in High Temperature Hydrogen Fuel Cells"

March 29, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Wanli Lu
"Unconventional citrate synthesis in microbes"
Kevin Robbins
"Nuclear Overhauser Effects of Thioflavin T in the Presence of Insulin Amyloid Fibrils"

Jia (Will) Wei
"Hydrogenation of Triazole Functionalized Cyclobutene Polymers and Synthesis of MPEG Functionalized Cyclobutene Polymers"

March 22, 2012
Dr. Firas Awwadi, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Halogen --Halogen and Halogen --Halide contacts as a New Tool in the Arsenal of Crystal Engineering

March 20, 2012
Corri Stewart
Masters Defense Seminar
"Stress Response of Shewannella oneidensts in the presence of Hg(II) and Cr(VI)"

March 15, 2012
Dr. Chinedum Osuji, Dept. of Chemical and Enviromental Engineering, Yale University
Magnetic Fields and Soft Matter - Functional Materials by Directed Self Assembly of Block Coplymer, Nanowire and Surfactant Mesophases

March 1, 2012
Dr. Philip Boyd, NWA, Department of Chemistry, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
"The Ocean's iron biogeochemical cycle"

February 23, 2012
Dr. Yinjie J. Tang, Department of Engery, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
"Application of nonoparticles in microbiology and plant biology"

February 16, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Jamie Towle-Weiksel
"Biorelevancy of Chimeric Primers"
Rob Doyle
"Synthesis and characterization of triazole-function linear poly(ethylene imine)"
Hanzhong (Fido) Liu
"Study Rd-cytochrome by Anton a super fast computing cluster"

February 9, 2012
Dr. Ying XU, Duke University
"Characterization of Chaperone Protein Folding Properties using Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange - and Mass Spectrometry- Based Techniques"

January 26, 2012
Graduate Research Update
Josh Boykin
"Exploring the Structure of Three - and Four- Layer Dion-Jacobson Phse Nionbates"

Jia (Will) Wei
"Synthesis of Polycyclobutene Through Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP)"
Kevin Robbins
"Nuclear Overhauser Effects in Thioflavin T in the Presence of Insulin Amyloid Fibrils"

January 19, 2012
Joshua Boykin--Second year Seminar
"Oxidative Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel as an Alternative to Hydrodesulfurization"

December 14, 2011
Kelvin Billingsley, PhD. Stanford University
Enabling Methods in Synthesis:
From Recent Developments in the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction to the Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Protein Kinase C (PKC) Modulators

December 7, 2011
Lark Perez, PhD. Princeton University
"Chemical Explorations in Small-Molecule Synthesis and Cell Signaling"

November 30, 2011
Charles Jakobsche, PhD. Yale University
"Organic Molecules as Tools to Study and Manipulate Chemical and Biological Systems"

November 9, 2011
Prof. Jie Song, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worceter MA

November 2, 2011
Prof. Volker Urban, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"From Superconductivity to Polymers and Biomass to Ancient Artifacts-the Power of the Neutron Probe"

October 26, 2011
Prof. Melanie Rademeyer
"Structures and Magnetic Properties of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material"

October 12, 2011
Prof. N. Aaron Deskins
"Molecular Modeling of Catalyst Material"

September 21, 2011
Graduate Research Updates Seminar
Rob Doyle
"Post-polymerization Modification of Poly(ethylene imine) for Application in Polymer
Electrolyte Membranes"
Jue (June) Fan
"A Possible Initialization Step in the Aggregation of IAPP Monomers"
Jamie B. Towle-Weicksel
"Incorporation of rGTP Into an Unusual RNA Product by a Chimeric Protein Constructed
from gp4 and AMH"

September 14, 2011
Jamie B. Towle-Weicksel -- Research Proposal
"Gene Discoverty of a Novel Asphaltene Biodegrader and Its Impact on the Breakdown
of Heavy Crude Oil"