Clark student studying in lab

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates considering careers in the biological sciences may obtain practical experience by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered in the biology department to engage in faculty-sponsored research projects. Please visit the Undergraduate Research Projects page to see the sorts of research projects our undergrads have undertaken.

Below: Listen to Clark biology undergraduates talk about their research.

Cell and Molecular Biology

Lincoln Muhoro, Class of 2007

Lincoln Muhoro talks about his research in Dr. Lazo’s lab on epidermolsis boloza, a skin disease that causes blistering on the skin. The lab’s goal is to determine the structure of the protein collagen. Listen Now

Ecology & Evolution

Katie O'Brien, Class of 2007

Katie O'Brien talks about her research on stickleback in Professors Susan Foster's and John Baker's lab. She is trying to understand all the interactions that go into what a female chooses when she makes her eggs. Watch Now


Peter Stein, Class of 2007

Peter Stein, a computer science major, talks about being recruited by Professor David Hibbett to do research on bioinformatics. Watch Now