Clark stained glass from Geography building of Biology Biology Seminars

Seminar schedule

Seminars are held at 4:00 pm on Wednesdays in room 237 of the Lasry Center for Bioscience. All are welcome.

Fall 2014
Sept 3 Kat Arney, Cancer Research UK. "Life behind the headlines"
Sept 10 Anne Maglia, US National Science Foundation."There's more than one way to skin a frog, and get it funded"
Oct 1 Ana Caicedo, UMass, Amherst. "Adaptation, convergence and the evolution of weediness: the case of red rice"
Oct 8 Ryan Early, University of Alabama. "Sex, predators, a touch of risk and a dash of brains: phenotypic plasticity in a self-fertilizing hermaphroditic vertebrate"
Oct 15 Stephen Smith, University of Michigan. "Next generation phylogenetics: how new data and new analyses are changing evolutionary biology"
Oct 29 Robert Bertin, College of the Holy Cross. "Land use, climate, alien species and the changing flora of Worcester County"
Nov 5 Cassandra Extavour, Harvard University. "Eggs, chickens and baskets: the evolution of reproductive capacity"
Nov 19 Dimitrios Floudas, Clark University."It's all about rot: evolution of wood decay mechanisms in Agaromycetes and systematics of Phanerochaete"
Dec 3 Rob Gegear, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. "Pollinator psychology and the evolution of floral signal complexity"