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Seminar schedule

Regular seminars are conducted on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. in Lasry Biosciences, room 237. Please join us for refreshments at 3:30.

Spring 2014 SPEAKER
Jan 22 Genomics Position
Jan 29 Genomics Position
Feb 5 Genomics Position
Feb 12 Genomics Position
Feb 19 Genomics Back-up
Mar 12 Miguel Reyes, Clark. The consequences of diet limitation in juvenile threespine stickleback: growth trajectories, lipid storage, and the penomenon of compensatory growth.
Host: Professor Foster
Mar 19 William Theurkauf, UMass Med. Building an adaptive genome defense.
Host: Professor Meyer
Apr 2 Jonathan Losos, Harvard. Experimental studies of lizard evolution in nature.
Host: Professor Bergmann

April 16

Cassandra Extavour, Harvard. Eggs, chickens and baskets: the evolution of reproductive capacity.
Host: Professor Meyer