Clark stained glass from Geography building of Biology Biology Seminars

Seminar schedule

Seminars are held at 4:00 pm on Wednesdays in room 237 of the Lasry Center for Bioscience. All are welcome.

Spring 2015
January 21 Leon Claessens, College of the Holy Cross. "The Dodo in 3-D: reconstructing the life habits of the icon of extinction"
February 11 Tim Lebestky, Williams College. "Sleepy dirty flies: dopamenergic regulation of sleep, arousal, and grooming"
February 18 Vaugh Cooper, University of New Hampshire. "Experimental evolution to understand bacterial adaptation during infections"
March 11 Tony Ip, UMass Medical Center. "It takes a village: regulation of intestinal stem-cell-mediated regeneration in Drosophila"
March 18 Seminar cancelled
March 25 Gen Morinaga, Clark University. "Who needs legs? Investigating the evolution of limblessness in snakes and lizards from a functional and ecological perspective."
April 1 Benjamin Wolfe, Tufts University. "Using cheese rinds to dissect microbial community assembly"
April 15 Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, Clark University. "In silico evolution of simple biomolecular networks"