Organisms of the
Rocky Intertidal Zone
Nahant, MA


Observations and Experiment:

Morphologies and Life History

Native vs. Invasive

Tunicates in Immunology

Organisms of the Intertidal Zone

Photo Galleries:



    These are some of the organisms our class found (and fell in love with!) at Nahant:

Ascophyllum nodosum

Knotted Wrack

Fucus spp.


Chondrus crispus

Irish Moss

Laminaria saccharina

Sugar Kelp

Ulva lactuca

Sea Lettuce

Littorina obtusata

Yellow or Smooth Periwinkle

Littorina littorea

Common Periwinkle

Nucella lapillus

Atlantic Dog Whelk

Littorina saxatilis

Rough Periwinkle

Semibalanus balanoides

Northern Rock Barnacle

Cancer borealis

Jonah Crab

Carcinus maenus

Green Crab

Cancer borealis and Cacinus maenus pictures taken
by Deborah Robertson