In this course, the biodiversity and structure of plants and protists are examined in an evolutionary context. The phylogenies and taxonomies of major plant groups are explored in detail, while their defining physiological and ecological characters are stressed.

This is an introductory course to plants so the exposure is general in nature.  The bulk of the exposure however is with the angiosperms (flowering plants).

The purpose of this project is for each student to describe, with a fair amount of detail, a plant group of their choice.  

Below is information about the course and the links to the student's individual projects.

This course is affliliated with the Biology Department at Clark University.

The Course


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Field Trips

The Prof
The TA
Steve Johnson Andy Wilson

The Class
Brendan Clancy The Genus Hibiscus (Malvaceae).
Mika Kuwahara Ranunculus glacialis
Kathrine O'Brien Fagaceae - The Oak and Beech family
Stephanie Oleksyk Asparagaceae
Jignasha Rana The Poaceae
Rachel Shmookler Anacardiaceae: The Cashew and Sumac Family
Casey Whalen The Bromeliaceae

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