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The Kids Are All Right - Clark University
April 2, 2014
Two magazine covers, appearing more than five years apart, make Jeffrey Jensen Arnett alternately cringe and smile. The first, from the Jan. 24, 2005, TIME magazine, shows a man in his twenties, dressed in business-casual attire, sitting in a sandbox and looking wistfully into the distance. The accompanying spring 2014...
In the air - Clark University
April 2, 2014
  Attending the WCUW 40th reunion: (front) John McAvoy '78 and Neil Glassman '75; (middle) Carol Marie Kowalski '81 and Ivan Lipton '78; (back) Peter Sohn '77, Stanley Sakellson '78, Leland Stein '78, Walter Henritze '74 and David Goldberg '78. On October 19, 2013, Clarkies from across the country descended on the...
November 14, 2013
Read: Author Leslie Margolis ‘96 has earned a loyal following among young readers thanks to a pair of feisty heroines named Annabelle and Maggie.
November 14, 2013
Leslie (Goldman) Margolis '96 came to Clark knowing she wanted to be a writer. But her doubts led her down a different path, and into a double major of government and sociology with a minor in women's studies. "I couldn't conceptualize how anyone could survive and support themselves writing fiction so I tried to find...
Driving force - Clark University
October 15, 2013
With astute analysis and forward thinking, chief economic adviser Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, M.A. '88, Ph.D. '86, helps steer Ford Motor Company toward profitability Ellen Hughes-Cromwick began raising red flags in the fall of 2006. As recounted in the 2012 book "American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor...
Justice for Varter - Clark University
October 15, 2013
It began with a knock on the door. Mugrditch Nazarian, a merchant in the city of Mezre, was roused in the middle of the night by Turkish gendarmes who said they wanted to make some immediate purchases at his store. Things quickly turned ugly, and Mugrditch was dragged from his house in his pajamas. It was the last time his...
His chosen field - Clark University
October 5, 2013
The mayor was on the line, welcoming Jeffrey Lurie '73 to town as the new owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, when a rat skittered across Lurie's office floor. As omens go, it was a doozy. Things didn't get better the next morning when The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story taking Lurie to task for overpaying for the...
Fire and Ice - Clark University
May 5, 2013
For centuries, human beings — from poets to religious leaders to scientists — have speculated about the end of the world. Will it conclude with a whimper or a bang? Will we be consumed by fire or slowly freeze to death? These fatal visions reflect our instinctive fear of a climate that's either "too hot" or "too cold" for...
A journey with no map - Clark University
May 5, 2013
Writing a memoir is no easy thing. When pursued with honesty and courage it can expose old wounds and bring the author to uncomfortable places. So why do it? Maybe to preserve a legacy, or recapture a forgotten time, or simply to settle scores. Barbara Morrison had a personal story to tell, but her motivations for writing...
More than skin deep - Clark University
May 5, 2013
The nights are the worst. When Norm Apter is lying in bed, eyes wide open, no sound but his own heartbeat, it's as though the entire world has gone to sleep and left him behind. At night when everything is still, the cancer seems to cover him like an extra blanket. This is the time for What ifs and Who knows; for honest...
What's eating Mark Bittman - Clark University
October 10, 2012
The New York Times' food editorialist, and Clark class of '71, offers a sane response to an American diet flirting with madness New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg came under fire this spring, which is hardly an unusual circumstance for the leader of the country's largest and most complicated city. But the reason for...
August 15, 2012
Entrepreneur, philanthropist, celebrity, and host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi '92 has found a recipe for a sweet and savory life If you try to find Padma Parvati Lakshmi in the 1992 "Pasticcio", you'll be lucky to spot her in a single blurry, uncaptioned photo where she stands among a large group of students holding a Clark...
Photo of Annie Jenkins at the stove, with headline saying "The Queen of Comfort Food"
April 6, 2012
Watch a video with Annie "I hate making pancakes! They're just an all-around hassle." "Hey Annie, you're not supposed to boil them, you know!" Annie Jenkins looks up from the grill at the guy wearing the NStar T-shirt and grins. He's just delivered a good punchline, and she knows it. In fact, she would have been a little...
Collage that includes old photos of Jonas Gilman Clark and Granville Stanley Hall
April 5, 2012
By Albert B. Southwick '41 Jonas Gilman Clark was born in the hardscrabble town of Hubbardston, Mass., in 1815. Granville Stanley Hall was born about 80 miles west in the hardscrabble town of Ashfield, Mass., in 1845. Their humble beginnings were about the only thing they shared.
20 under 30 - Clark University
April 5, 2012
Mary Badon surgically mends broken bones. Sara Brown is helping mend a broken country. Jay Shapiro's new film chronicles Uganda's first Little League team. Scott Silver's new film aims for major-league thrills.Caitlyn Thayer teaches business owners how to be social-media savvy. Gunnar Hagstrom teaches kids separated by...
Off the menu - Clark University
April 5, 2012
There was a time when food was something you ate but rarely pondered. You did not know, or care, where your dinner came from, or how it would interact with your body once it was consumed. That was then. Sure, many folks still eat with abandon, but many others, like the Clarkies profiled on these pages, are trying to foster...
April 5, 2012
William Koelsch in the stacks at Goddard Library. "Check the Koelsch book." It's the standard response to the innumerable questions that arise about Clark's past. Why was anthropology professor Franz Boas' research considered revolutionary for its time? What president of the United States delivered Clark's 1905...
March 10, 2012
By Chanchala Gunewardena '11, MSPC, '12 As it hits the 10-year mark, Clark's International Gala remains a miracle of planning and execution. An insider delivers the low-down on how it's done. It's about 3 a.m. the morning of the show — earlier than I expected to be contemplating the prospect of sleep. Final dress rehearsal...
The man in the glass - Clark University
February 10, 2012
If you flip to page 534 of the Clark College Monthly for June 1912, you will find a black and white photograph of that year's graduating class. It is a formal portrait from a formal time, an era when, especially if you hoped to get on in the world, you conformed to the prevailing dress code that signified respectability....
September 15, 2011
Robert Goddard and his autobiography, which traveled to the moon with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, shown above during the 1969 moon landing (NASA photo) Artifacts often travel great distances to reach their final destinations in university collections. But 238,857 miles? (Or 477,714 miles roundtrip.)
June 20, 2011
Deborah M. Merrill, associate professor of sociology, recently published "When Your Children Marry: How Marriage Changes Relationships with Adult Children."
Medic of the Mind - Clark University
March 3, 2011
When you're a soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, danger is a constant companion. Mortar fire and roadside bombs, landmines and sniper fire can inflict anything from a light wound to life-changing devastation. You may worry that you'll give in to the fear that nags at you, that you'll inadvertently let your buddies...
Changing the world, one student at a time - Clark University
March 3, 2011
The year was 1967 and Richard Ford was doing what he loved best: studying the vibrant cultures, social rhythms and political nuances of Africa. As visiting professor at the University of Natal, he'd traveled to South Africa with his wife Nancy to continue his research when he received an unexpected letter in the mail. It...
Photo of Diana Levine with text of the title "Shooting Stars"
March 1, 2011
Imagine you're a recent college graduate living in one of the greatest cities in the world. Your job is to take fabulous photos of big-time celebrities while you travel to exciting places, honing skills that are lighting the career path you chose when you were still in school. It might seem like a sweet fantasy, but that's...
Finding Mr. Wu  - Clark University
March 1, 2011
The story begins with a man and a baby, his daughter. There are tears. In a Taiwan hospital, Zhen-yi Wu weeps not for his infant girl, who was born prematurely, yet who is healthy and beautiful. He cries for his wife, who had experienced complications during childbirth, requiring blood transfusions and other dramatic...