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Commencement - Clark University

Information for Graduate Degree Candidates

Congratulations! You will soon receive your degree from Clark University! Although most of your work is completed, there are a few significant details to which you need to attend before graduation in May. Please read carefully and note important dates, times, locations, procedures, attire requirements, and guest considerations for Commencement 2014.


Commencement 2014 will be held Sunday, May 18, on the Jefferson Academic Center Green.

  • Graduate student must assemble at the Kneller Athletic Center at 11:15 a.m. sharp wearing their caps and gowns
  • Processional begins at 12 p.m. sharp from the Kneller Athletic Center
  • The ceremony begins at 12:30

If a last-minute emergency on the day of Commencement prevents you from joining the ceremony as planned, please call (508) 793-7575.

Please review your student account prior to April 1 to see if you have any holds and/or a balance due. All holds and balances must be eliminated before you can be cleared for graduation. You may contact your student account counselor, before April 1, with questions. If your last name begins with:

  • A-Ge, call (508) 793-7721
  • Gf-No, call (508) 793-7483
  • Np-Z, call (508) 793-7491

All students who received federally funded or Clark institutional loans to finance their educations must complete an online exit interview. These are mandatory, and diplomas of any students who do not complete online exit interviews may be withheld. You will be notified in March about the exit interview process.

Caps and Gowns

Caps and gowns for all graduating students may be picked up in Atwood Hall Blue Room on:
Tuesday May 13, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday May 15, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Your college ID or other form of identification will be required at that time.

Master's Students — The charge for master's degree souvenir caps, gowns, tassels and hoods is $28, due and payable to University Cap and Gown upon pickup. The outfit is yours to keep.

Ph.D. Students — The rental charge for the Ph.D. cap, gown and tassel is $34, due and payable to University Cap and Gown upon pickup. Rental caps and gowns must be returned to University Cap and Gowns table in the Kneller Center by 5:00 p.m. on Commencement day.

Clark invitations for your family and friends

Each graduating student receives 5 invitations/announcements to send to family and friends. Please keep in mind, however, that seating for the graduate student portion of Commencement will be limited to three people per graduate student.

Please contact the Graduate School Office by emailing if you want to request additional announcements. There is a limited supply. Extra announcements will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until they are gone.


Graduate Student Guest Seating on the Campus Green

Sections of seating on the Goddard Library side of the green will be designated as preferred Graduate Student Guest seating. This will enable guests to easily leave at the conclusion of the first ceremony and walk to the Kneller for the graduate student ceremony.

Graduate Student Guest Seating in the Kneller Athletic Center

Guest seating for the graduate student portion of Commencement will be very limited. Students are asked to bring no more than three guests to the Kneller Athletic Center for the graduate student ceremony. Additional guests will be directed to the in the air-conditioned comfort of the Sackler Science Center with a live video feed of the graduate student ceremony.

To allow all to hear and enjoy the Commencement ceremony without disruption, we request that students hold off celebrating until after the final recession. Drinking and raucous behavior during the ceremonies will not be permitted.

Consideration for Physically Challenged Attendees

Family and Friends:
If seating is required for physically challenged family or friends, please arrange to reserve seating in advance by contacting:
Physical Plant (508) 793-7566

Clark Graduate Students:
Any Clark student needing special accommodations for him/herself should contact:
Emily Tarconish, Director of Disability Services

Photography and Video Coverage

Professional photographers will set up near the Commencement platforms to take photographs of each graduate as he/she is handed a diploma. Details about purchasing this photograph will be sent to students' homes directly from Commencement Photos, Inc. There is no obligation to buy the photos. Additional information and online ordering is available through the company's website after graduation day.

Family and friends may take their own photographs along the processional route from Kneller.
You can watch a live webcast of Commencement (link available on May 18th). Clark will use to broadcast Commencement. To make sure the webcast will work for you in advance, try watching any other event on the site.

You can also watch commencement on-demand (available, shortly after the ceremony finishes). A download of the event will also be available.

Commencement Ceremony

Processional begins at 12 p.m. sharp
Kneller Athletic Center


Graduate students must assemble by 11:15 a.m. sharp in Kneller Athletic Center wearing their cap and gown. The Kneller will open to graduates at 11:00 a.m. Commencement is a formal affair. University officials reserve the right to prohibit a student from participating if the formal cap and gown are not worn — or if the student's identity is concealed in any way.

In the Kneller gymnasium, tagged seats are arranged alphabetically for all students. Graduate students will be seated in alphabetical order by degree in the sections closest to the stage; Undergraduate students will be seated in alphabetical order behind the Graduate students. Please find your seat and be seated; Commencement Marshals will be available to assist. You will receive last-minute instructions at this time.


From the Kneller, students will walk in a formal procession to the Commencement area. Students must take their seat on the Campus Green, and stay in the same order in which they were seated in the Kneller.


The graduate program this year will consist to two parts.

Part I
The program will begin on the Campus Green and will include a welcome, opening remarks, the Commencement address, conferring of honorary degrees and recognition of all graduates. This portion of the ceremony will run approximately 1 hour.

Part II
At the conclusion of the ceremony above, designated members of the platform party, followed by graduate students, will process behind the piper and drummer to the Kneller Athletic Center for a Graduate School Commencement.

Families of graduate students will be directed in an orderly fashion to the Kneller Athletic Center where they will enter the building via the entrance designated for guests. Please Note: Once capacity has been reached in the Kneller Athletic Center, all remaining guests will be directed to seating in the Sackler Science Center where a live video of the ceremony will be available.

Ushers will be available at the Kneller to assist family and friends with seating.

Additional Information
If you have any additional questions please call or email:
Graduate School Office
(508) 793-7676