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Blackstone Headwaters Coalition



The Waters {going to be} Fine

(Help us to achieve a fishable/swimmable Blackstone by 2015)


Contact Info:

Blackstone Headwaters Coalition


Blackstone Headwaters Coalition, 

PO Box 70688   Quinsig Village 

(508) 753-6087     



  Every day residents and businesses in the Blackstone River Watershed make decisions that have an impact on the quality of the water.               

  • Reduce lawn chemical use

  • Maintain septic systems

  • Control Erosion

  • Redirect roof runoff to the lawn, not your driveway

  • Educate your neighbor!!

  • Become active in your local watershed organization


With a little effort, everyone can take steps to make the river fishable/swimmable


Local colleges are helping to promote watershed stewardship and educational opportunities by involving school children in local monitoring efforts.

(photo curtsey of Blackstone Headwaters Hydrology Project)


Find out what you can do to help the cause by joining today.....

Over the last 30 years, people have poured their heart and soul into this river valley and brought the Blackstone River back to life.

But we still have more to do. So jump in - feet first!! and join the coalition that is looking to make the Blackstone River fishable and swimmable by the year 2015!.