Old Clark University OneCards find a musical new life as guitar picks

guitar-pickMembers of the Clark University community are always finding creative ways to recycle just about everything. Clark’s OneCard’s Office recently started recycling old Clark OneCards into guitar picks.

Business Manager Paul Wykes had the idea after he bought his son a guitar pick maker for Christmas in 2012. This past year, his son received a second, so Wykes wound up taking the gadget to work; he experimented with it using the old identification cards.  Of course, he takes great care to ensure none of the picks contain names, pictures, or card numbers of previous owners.

The office started making the guitar picks just after winter break, and about 50 have been given out to date.  They are available and free to Clark employees —or anyone who wants one. Email Paul Wykes for more information.

“The picks have been a big hit in the OneCard office, even with people who don’t play guitar,” Wykes said.

For more examples of recycling projects at Clark, visit Sustainable Clark’s website.