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Wednesday, November 3 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Goddard Library

an autumn celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

1. Cloning Single-Stranded DNA Protein For in vitro Replisome Reconstruction. Craig Jeskey '11 (in collaboration with: Jamie Towle, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Donald Crampton)

2. Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation of Marine Diatoms. Priyanka Kapur '11 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

3. Elucidation of Amyloid-beta Protein Folding and Self-assembly by Studies of Double Mutants. Hakeem Hindi '11 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

4. Inhibition of Amyloid-beta aggregation with small molecules: mechanistic studies. Sang A. Kim '11 (in collaboration with: Kevin Robbins, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

5. Designing Specific Substrates and Inhibitors of Lysyl Oxidase. Laura Hedden '11 (sponsor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)

6. Expression of Lysyl Oxidase in E. coli. Jon Imeraj '11 and Maria Luisa Sandoval '11 (sponsor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)


7. Alveolar Macrophage Activation in a Mouse Model for Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome. Margo Sheck '11 (sponsor: Professor Timothy Lyerla)

8. Screening for Genetic Interactions with Drosophila p53 using RNA Interference. Marc Benoit '12 (sponsor: Professor Justin Thackeray)

9. RNAi of the Kif1 Gene in Dictyostelium Discoideum. David Grimaldi '11 (sponsor: Professor Denis Larochelle)

10. Cytogenetic Analysis of the TSA58 Transgene. Eileen Daley '11 and Toby Maak '12 (sponsor: Professor Timothy Lyerla)

11. Construction of an eGFP reporter plasmid for monitoring in vivo transcription in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana. Dylan Scott '11 and Rishi Aryal '10 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

12. Experience Induced Changes in Sensitivity to Sucralose. Alexa Navasero '11 (sponsor: Professor Linda Kennedy)

13. Regulation of Glutamine Synthetase by External Nitrogen Sources in Marine Diatoms. Jessica Alexander '11 (sponsor: Pro-fessor Deborah Robertson)

14. Knockout of the Rad4 Gene in Dictyostelium discoideum. Jason Lui '11 (sponsor: Professor Denis Larochelle)

15. Determination of Isosweet Concentrations of Acesulfame-K. Miranda Valerio '11 and Elizabeth Rosen '11 (sponsor: Professor Linda Kennedy)

16. Automated Fungal DNA Sequence Comparison. Anders Ohman '10, Dylan Glotzer '11 and Darcy Young '11 (in collaboration with: Mitchell Nuhn, graduate student; sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

17. Gene sequencing of Glutamine synthetase II I Red algae. Brian McEnaney '11 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

18. Characterization of HPS Alveolar Macrophages in Mice. Melanie Rasmus '12 (sponsor: Professor Timothy Lyerla)

19. The Effect of Invasive Parasite A. taiwanensis on the Invasive Mosquito O. japonicus. Julie Erthal '11 (in collaboration with: John Soghigian, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Todd Livdahl)

20. Habitat Competition Study between Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti. Nicole Paradis '11 (in collaboration with: John Soghigian, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Timothy Lyerla)

21. Comparison of Living Standards of Keshan Disease Patients, Kaschin-Beck Disease Patients, and Healthy People. Yun Ling '13 (sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

Carlson School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

22. Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Pyrazine-Copper Halide Ladders and Bi Bridged Chains. Stephanie Korunow '12 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

23. Copper-Pyrazine Linear Complexes: The Effect of Electron Density on Magnetic Exchange. Veli Selmani '12 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

24. Synthesis of a Family of 1,6-bisphenyl-1,3,4,6-hexanetetrone Derivatives. Luke Nye '11 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

25. Ion transport through polymer matrices: towards more efficient rechargeable lithium batteries. Abhijit Srungavarapu '12 (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

26. Iodide conducting polysiloxanes for dye sensitized solar cells. Christopher Quan '12 (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Computer Science

27. Federated Social Web. Ian Denhardt '10 and Sean Corbett '11 (sponsor: Professor Fred Green)


28. Harvest-induced elevation of coarse and fine woody debris imposes a legacy of carbon emissions: Comparison to pre-harvest and undisturbed forest. Angela Marshall '11 (in collaboration with: Melanie Vanderhoof, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Christopher A. Williams)


29. Making Research “Kid Friendly”: writing a science-based storybook. Abigail Kaminski '11 (sponsor: Professor Colin Polsky)

30. How We Feel When We're Not Mowing the Lawn: An ethnographic study of turfgrass, flowerbeds, and conflict in the north shore of Boston. Lillian Denhardt '11 (in collaboration with: Edmund Harris, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Deborah Martin)

International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE)

31. The Responsibility of Shareholders in Bancos Compartamos. Christian Ludwell '10 (sponsor: Professor Jude Fernando)

International Studies Stream

32. Water Crisis in Beijing, China. Jessica Chung '12 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

Mosakowski Institute

33. People's World Peace Project. Katy Cleminson '12 (sponsor: Professor James Gomes)


34. Systematic Zinc Doping of Cu(1-x)Zn(x)(3,5-diClpy)2C12 AFM Chains. Brian Koopman '12 (sponsor: Professor Chris Landee)

35. Instrumentation improvements to Pulsed Field Laboratory. Stephen Diehl '12 (in collaboration with: Andy Coniglio, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Chuck Agosta)

36. Electronics Makeover of Mini-Pulse Lab. Christopher Conroy '13 (in collaboration with: Andy Coniglio, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Charles C. Agosta)

37. Information theory and its applications in Biology. Sean Clark '12 and Patrick Tucker '12 (sponsor: Professor Ranjan Mukhopadhyay)

38. Small Radio Telescope. Jennifer Gaines '12 (sponsor: Professor Charles C. Agosta)

Political Science

39. Marriage Equality in California. William Adams '11 (sponsor: Professor Kristen Williams)

40. Central Banking Independence and the Onset of Civil Conflicts. Minh Mai '11 (in collaboration with: Angela Nichols, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Ishiyama)


41. Whom Should I Blame: Discursive Construction of Agency in the Coming-Out Stories of Chinese Homosexuals. Yukun Li, Visiting Scholar from China (sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

Steinbrecher Fellows

42. Promoting Breastfeeding Among Low-Income/Uninsured Mothers. Hannah Berry '12 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Merrill)

43. Working with a Community Development Organization in Ecuador: Lessons Taught and Learned. Jenni Adams '12 (sponsor: Professor Sharon P. Krefetz)

Theodore Barth Foundation Internship Award

44. Youth and Religion in Development: Quito, Ecuador. Maggie Federici '12 (sponsor: Career Services)

45. Worcester Tree Initiative Barth Summer Internship. Maggie Small '11 (sponsor: Career Services; Environmental Science)

46. Summer Internship at PEAR (Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency). James Pooley '11 (sponsor: Career Services)

47. Barefoot College. Laura Hansen '12 (sponsor: Career Services)

48. Summer Internship at Suderbyn Ecovillage. Miranda Gerzon '11 (sponsor: Career Services; International Development and Social Change)

Urban Development and Social Change

49. Homelessness Prevention and Remediation with the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance. Matthew Furman '13 (department sponsor: Lois and Robert Green UDSC Summer 2010 Internship; faculty sponsor: Professor Sharon P. Krefetz)