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APRIL 27, 2001  1:00-5:00 PM









1:00-5:00 POSTERS



1.       “The Characterization of a Novel Mutant Defective in Cell Division” Nick Guerin '01 (sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)

2.       “Inhibition of Endothelial Cell Migration by Endostatin” Rachel Peragallo '01 (in collaboration with Sarah Short & Bruce Zetter, graduate students; sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)

3.       “Temporal Changes in Phytoplankton Composition throughout the Best Growth Season for the American Oyster (Crassostrca Virginica): Implications for Aquaculture” Crystaline Firth '01 (sponsor Professor D. Robertson)

4.       “Identifying Genes Affecting Geotaxis in Drosophila” Frances Austin '01 (sponsor Professor J. Thackeray)

5.       “Testing PLC-Gamma Function in Transgenic Drosophila” Leah Fico '01 (sponsor Professor J. Thackeray)

6.       “The Effects of Experience on Human Sweet Taste Perception” Ify Amalu '02 & Kathryn Murray '03 (sponsor Professor L. Kennedy)

7.       “Comparison of Fast-start Performance between Benthic and Limnetic Populations of Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)” Emily Morrison '01 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)

8.       “The Relationship between Offspring Size and Female Size in Threespine Stickleback Fish” Jonathan Robbins '01 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)

9.       “The Effects of Gravidity on the Fast-start Performance of Threespine Stickleback” Melissa Floyd '01 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)

10.   “Population and Individual Levels of Aggression in the Threespine Stickleback Fish” Melissa-Ann Scotti '01 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)

11.   “Studies of Theoretical Drag in Marine and Anadromous Threespine Stickleback” Ronelle Savoie '01 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)

12.   “Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Genotype, and Body Weight” Jennifer Saporita '01 (sponsor Professor T. Lyerla)



13.   “Urban Business Development in Worcester” Prema Srinivasan '01 & Kham Soch '01 (sponsor Professor M-E. Boyle)



14.   “Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Single-site Variants of Human Super Oxide Dismutase Linked to Lou Gehrig's Disease” Erika Pearson '02 (sponsor Professor D. Nelson)

15.   “Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Wild-type and Mutational Variants of Functional Fragments of Silver Hake Parvalbumins” Kamau Fahie '01 (in collaboration with Kelly Elkins, graduate student; sponsor Professor D. Nelson)

16.   “Site-Directed Mutagenesis of tRNA Nucleotidy/Transferase (R226A)” Branka Stancevic '01 (sponsor Professor D. Thurlow)

17.   “Site-Directed Mutagenesis of tRNA Nucleotidy/Transferase (R220A)” Nyawira Gikunju '01 (sponsor Professor D. Thurlow)

18.   “Computer Modeling of tRNA Nucleotidy/Transferase” Megan Albert '02 (sponsor Professors D. Thurlow & D. Nelson)

19.   “Transition Metal Complexes and Salts for Study of Antiferromagnets” Stephanie Amaral '02 & Bethany Clark '01 (sponsor Professor M. Turnbull)



20.   “The Effects of the European Union Entrance on the Agricultural Economy in Cyprus” Hilkat Ozden '01 (sponsor Professor D. Bernhofen)

21.   “The Relationship of Team Wins and State Unemployment” Vijay Mirpuri '01 (sponsor Professor F. Puffer)

22.   “Sustainable Forestry in the Amazon Rain Forest” En Kim '01 (sponsor Professor J. Geoghegan)

23.   “Consequences of Carbon-Dioxide Emission to Human Health: Fair Distribution of Responsibility between Core and Periphery Nations” Magezi Mukandala '01 (sponsor Professor J. Geoghegan)

24.   “Eco-Tourism and the Sundarbans” Samir Rahman '01 (sponsor Professor J. Geoghegan)


Environmental Science & Policy

25.   “Gasoline Additives: Their Benefits, Dangers, and Alternatives” Jared Markham '01 (sponsor Professor H. Brown)

26.   “The Effect of Forest Management Practices on Biodiversity of the Adirondack Region” Monika Szymurska '01 (sponsor Professor L. Malaret)

27.   “Lifestyle, Culture and Environmental Hazards” Casey Burns '01 (sponsor Professor R. Goble)

28.   “A Sustainable Clark Initiative” Mary Kozlak '01 (sponsor Professor R. Goble)

29.   “Hybrid Vehicles or Death” Kimberly Caravaglio '01 (sponsor Professors R. Goble & J. Geoghegan)

30.   “Sea Turtles versus the Global Shrimping Industry and International Law” Mary-Michal Erwin-Loschke '01 (sponsor Professors R. Goble & J. Geoghegan)

31.   “Market Incentives for the Promotion of Environmental Stewardship” Amanda Freitas '01 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)

32.   “Neutrient Loading and Eutrophication of Patches Reservoir” Andrew Hudon '01 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)


Foreign Languages & Literatures

33.   “Ancient Coinage” Thomas Burchell '01 (sponsor Professor P. Burke)



34.   “Burgers, French Fries, and Emphysema: A Study of Fast Food Drive Through Emissions” Elizabeth Johnson '01 (in collaboration with Daniel Niles, graduate student; sponsor Professor B. Turner)

35.   “Comparison of Categorical Maps at Multiple Resolutions” Stephen P. Aldrich '02 (sponsor Professor R. G. Pontius)

36.   “Sustainability in London and New York City: Alternative Methods of Transportation” Deborah Tyson ‘01 (sponsor Professor R. Peet)

37.   “Self-employment: A Solution to the Work/Family Conflict?” Jennifer McGowan '01 (sponsor Professor S. Hanson)

38.   “From Manufacturing to Services: Assessing the Impacts of Economic Restructuring in the 1970's on Women in Worcester in the Late 1990's” Kathryn Michaud '01 (sponsor Professor S. Hanson)

39.   “Lost in Space: Opportunities and Constraints for American Car Navigation Industry” Stephan Geissler '01 (sponsor Professor Y. Aoyama)



40.   “Lessons from Lewiston: Refugees, Recipients, and an International Crisis” Cheryl Hamilton '01 (sponsor Professor B. Cook)


International Development

41.   “Women's Movement in Developing Countries: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic” Kristen Miller '01 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)

42.   “Neighborhood Organizing in Main South Worcester” Laura Suroviak '01 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)

43.   “What Does the CDC Actually Do for the Community?” Lori Wittner '02 & Cherilynn Farmer '01 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)

44.   “Animal Rights Koalition (ARK) or Starting a Campus Organization” Thiri Aung '02 & Maria Sanchez '03 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)


Peace Studies

45.   “Relationship Between Clark University and Main South Worcester” Jamie Karia '02, Marissa Daley '03, & Danielle Lerner '04 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

46.   “Creating a Peaceful Society by Decreasing Media Violence” Marissa Recht '03, Lindsey Evans '02, Susan Ekstrom '04, & Nicole Cross ‘03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

47.   “Peace Through Personal Transformation” Jennifer Hanis '01, Sarah Gagne-Hall '01, Jessica Light '04, James Wall '02, & Daniel Pomerleau '04 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

48.   “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Chris Bagdis '03, Jared Moore '04, Catie McMillen '04, & James Carvalho ‘04 (in collaboration with Rebecca Giordano, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

49.   “Juvenile Recidivism in the United States” Donna Stevens '02, Kristen Salvestrini '03, Dave Glucksman '04, & Jen Rivoire ‘02 (in collaboration with Saeromi Kim, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

50.   “Controlling Terrorism” Greg Grinshteyn '04, Eli Bass '04, Caterina Giacomini '04, & John Galvin '03 (in collaboration with Saeromi Kim, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

51.   “60 Seconds, $500,000: Military Spending in the United States” Kathleen Lallier '03, Ron Olson '04, Abigail Nelson '03, Dorothy Fennell '04, & Caroline Fuchs '04 (in collaboration with Saeromi Kim, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

52.   “Human Rights versus Human Needs: New Dimensions in Human Rights Work” Sara Connarley '04, Scott Beck '04, & Katrina Ireland '04 (in collaboration with Saeromi Kim, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)



53.   “Genetics and Ethics” Leah Fico '01 (sponsor Professor J. DeCew)



54.   “Features of Infant Cries as Perceived by Adults” Rachael Falcon '03 (sponsor Professors D. Stevens & N. Thompson)

55.   “Conquering Personal Aggression through Personal Transition” Christine Halcomb '03, Tara Trinidad '04, & Michael Feltz '04 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

56.   “An Examination of Citizens' Attitudes Towards Their Local Police” Melissa Vysocky '01 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

57.   “Predicting Emotional Responses to Movies: The Role of Empathy” Mariel Beal '01 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)

58.   “Sports, Delinquency, and Parental Monitoring: Evidence for Complex Patterns of Relationship” Loren Bush '02, Derek Richer '02, David Shaw '02, & Brienne Smith '01 (sponsor Professors J. McHale & P. Vinden)

59.   “Parental Employment, Coparenting and Family Interaction at One Year” Kate Fish '01 (in collaboration with Melanie McConnell, Wendy DeCourcey, & Kevin Blot, graduate students; sponsor Professor J. McHale)

60.   “The Family Representations of Parents with One and Two Young Children” Leo Waterston '02 & Bob Babigian '02 (in collaboration with Tamir Rotman, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)

61.   “Implications of Parent Personalities for Coparenting and Family Processes of 12-Month-Olds” Eleanor Chaffe '02 (in collaboration with Wendy DeCourcey, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)

62.   “Traditional Media versus the Alternative: Is There a Substantive Informational Difference? Do Either Breed Apathy?” Derek Richer '02 & Corey Carrier '02 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)

63.   “The Psychological Foundations for Violence/Nonviolence” Nicole Capezza '02 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)

64.   “Conceptualizing the 'Pregnant Belly:' Coping with Ambivilance” Rachel Hall '03 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)

65.   “Ten-Year-Old Conceptualization of What Friends Are For” Anna Tropp '02 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

66.   “The Demarcation of Gender Territory and Crossings in 10-Year-Old Boys” Colleen Owens '01 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

67.   “Identity Development: 10 Year Old Boys' Positioning vis a vis the Adult World” Janhavi Borawake '01 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

68.   “Gender Boundaries” Krista Calderone '02 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

69.   “Teasing: Looking into the Adolescent Boy's Mind” Steven Power '03 & Jennifer Franco '02 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

70.   “Who Am I? - The Story Behind the Drawing in 10-Year-Old Boys” William Atherton '02 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

71.   “The Role of Local Community in the Development of Friendships in 10-Year-Old Males” Kenneth Cardwell '01 (in collaboration with Neill Korobov, graduate student; sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

72.   “The Way in which 10 Year Old Boys Make Sense of Homosexuality” Rachel Godfrey '01 (in collaboration with Neill Korobov, graduate student; sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)

73.   “Pitch, Duration, and Adult Psychological and Physiological Responses to Babies' Cries” Elizabeth DeVylder '01, Catherine Marsh '02, Amrei Joerchel '03, & Kelly Yee Lai Ku '03 (sponsor Professor N. Thompson)

74.   “Study of Heart Sounds” Kadie Crowley '02 (sponsor Professors R. Bibace & D. Stevens)

75.   “A Microgenetic Analysis of Responses to the MMPI” Talia LaPushin '02 (sponsor Professors R. Bibace & J. Valsiner)

76.   “Experience and Action of Undergraduates Attending College in an Urban Environment” Ben Mullin '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

77.   “Interpersonal Networks of Undergraduates” Eric Shurtleff '02 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

78.   “Experience and Action of Grandparents with Grandchildren Who Are Kin or Adopted” Jill Lefkowitz '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

79.   “Cherished Possessions of Undergraduates from Different Countries” Kozue Fukasawa '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

80.   “Female Vegetarian's Experience and Action” Mari Yuasa '02 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

81.   “Effects of Parental Divorce on College Students” Paivi Pitkanen '03 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

82.   “Goals of Japanese and American College Undergraduates in an American University” Wakako Saito '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

83.   “Impressions of Dentists: Caucasian and Asian Young Adults” Yvonne Chen '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)

84.   “The Effects of Family Structure and SES on Children's Motivation” Larisa Zukic '02 (sponsor Professor W. Grolnick)

85.   “Relations between Children's Perceptions of Parenting Style and Achivement Motivation” Robert Kelley '02 (sponsor Professor W. Grolnick)

86.   “A Child's Engagement in School” Emily Friedman '01 (in collaboration with Melanie Farkas, graduate student; sponsor Professor W. Grolnick)

87.   “Gender Differences in Interpersonal Orientation in Regulatory Situations” Jennifer Colello '02 (in collaboration with Melanie Farkas, graduate student; sponsor Professor W. Grolnick)


Women's Studies

88.   “Sexual Harassment and a Side of Home Fries” Amanda Taylor ‘03 (sponsor Professor S. Hanson)


ABRAHMS GALLERY and UNIVERSITY CENTER                                  


1:00-5:00  Visual and Performing Arts: Exhibitions

“Creating an Identity: The Environment and Society Concentration” Amy Gasser '01, Akihiko Murazumi '01, Jonathan Sun '01, Daphne Thomas '01, & Angela Ventura '01 (sponsor Professor S. Buie)


“Painting Exhibition” Noa Berrin-Reinstein, Margaret Bethray, Daniel Boisvert, Crystaline Firth, Spartan Giordano, Laura Niemi, Caitlin O'Brine, & Allissa Williams (sponsor Professor E. Crocker)


“Printmaking Exhibition” Mindy Propen '01, Deeanne Hope '01, Erin Dineen '02, Joe Perna '02, Alexandra Tzarunjian '02, Bree Curtis '03, Emily Belanger '04, Noa Berrin-Reinstein '04, & Caitlin Reiter '04 (sponsor Professor J. Hilton)


“Sculpting to the Bone” Melanie Figueiredo '03, Kristina Harms '04, Brian Libby '04, Jennifer Shoby '02, Adrian Somm '02, Jonathan Sun '01, Jamie Winer '03, & Jordan Walker '01 (sponsor Professor A. Tracy)


GRACE CONFERENCE ROOM                                                                    


1:00-3:00  Visual and Performing Arts: Music Performances

Orignal compositions of Two Part Inventions in the style of J. S. Bach, Music 223: Counterpoint Zhanna Alkhazova ’02, Mariel Beal ’01, Matthew Gilbert ’02, & Melanie Najarian ’02; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professor M. Malsky)


Thesis presentation: “High Art in Popular Music: The Beatles’ Revolver” Michael Thibodeau ’01 (sponsor Professor M. Malsky)


Poulenc,“Sonata for Clarinet and Piano,” II.  Romanza;  III, Allegro con fuoco Jacqueline Anto ’03, piano; Rebecca Wright ’03, clarinet (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Vitali, “Sonata in B minor,” Op. 4, No. 11, Sarabande, Grave, Gavotta Marcia Elyseu ’03, piano;  Jessica Singer ’02, violin; Sheina Moore ‘02, cello (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Stravinsky, “Pétrouchka” ( Act One), Russian Dance: Allegro giusto; piano, four hands Matthew Gilbert ’02, piano (in collaboration with Luke Moissinac, graduate student, psychology; sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Fauré, “Les Roses d’Ispahan,” Op. 39, No. 4 Liza Kurtz ‘01, soprano; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professor M. Kelly)


Reinecke, “Ballade,” Op. 20 Jacqueline Anto ’03, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Waterson, “Second Grand Trio Concertante,” I. Allegretto  scherzando Randi Brown ’04, Jennifer Brown ’04, Rebecca Wright ’03, Clarinet Trio (sponsor Professor L. San Martin)


Handel, “Cara sposa, amante cara,” from Rinaldo Annie Mathew ‘01, mezzo-soprano; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professor D. Boothman)


Debussy, “Ce qu’a vu le Vent d’Ouest,” Prelude Book I Matthew Gilbert ’02, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Kuhlau, “Trio in G Major,” Op. 119, I.  Allegro  moderato Melanie Najarian ’02, flute; Edward Gouldi ‘04, violin (in collaboration with Luke Moissinac, piano, graduate student, psychology; sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Brahms, “ The Sisters,” Op. 61, No. 1 Liza Kurtz ‘01, soprano; Annie Mathew ‘01, mezzo-soprano; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professors D. Boothman & M. Kelly)


Mozart, “Sonata in E Flat Major,” III. Allegro Marcia Elyseu ’03, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Bach, J.S., “Hail, thou most precious of blisses,” No. 4 from Coffee Cantata, BWV 211 Zhanna Alkhazova ‘02, soprano; Melanie Najarian ‘02, flute; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)


Mozart, “Serenade in E Flat,” I. Allegro  maestoso Woodwind Sextet; Randi Brown ’04 & Jennifer Brown ’04, clarinets; Melissa Hurst ’04 & Catherine O'Keefe ’04, french horns; Sara Ziegler ’03, bassoon; Laurie San Martin, bass clarinet (sponsor Professor L. San Martin)


Mossberg, “Quito Alright” Steven Mossberg ‘01, jazz piano (sponsor Professor R. Odgren)


3:30-3:45  Philosophy: Presentation

“Hermeneutics and Explanation” Regina Fiorentini '01 (sponsor Professor G. Overvold)


3:45-4:05  History: Presentation

“Alerta! Mexican American Class Divisions & Cultural Resistance During the Spanish-American War” Sarah Cornell '01 (sponsor Professor J. Greenwood)


4:05-5:00  Foreign Languages & Literatures: Presentation

“The National Imagination: The German and Latin American Experience” Matthew Scanlon '03, Dori Thompson '03, Sara Peddicord '03, Maria Amaral '01, & Marisa Miller '03 (sponsor Professors M. Acosta Cruz, M. Aoki, & H. Kaiser)


GRIND CENTRAL                                                                                    


1:00-2:20  Visual and Performing Arts: Theatre Performances

(sponsor Professor R. Munro)


1:00-1:20 “‘Romeo and Juliet’ Scene” Erin Scanlon '01, Leiran Biton '01, & Allison Garskof '04


1:20-1:50 “Colored Girls Under a Spell” Summer Williams '01, Pierrette Neh Ntsang '03, Zaharah McKinney '03, Ilca Andrade '02, Violet Kabaso '01, Eljon Wardally '03, & Jahan Mantin '01


1:50-2:20 “‘Naomi in the Living Room,’ A One Act Play by Christopher Durang” Pamela Krawczyk '01 & Adam Slater '01 (directed by Julia Haungs, graduate student; in collaboration with Georgia Rushing, graduate student)


2:20-3:20  Visual and Performing Arts: Presentation

“The Mythologies of Movie Marketing: Studies from the Steve Rotman ('60) Movie Poster Archive” Elizabeth Dyer '02, Sara Peddicord '03, & Ryan Winkleman '03 (sponsor Professor T. Shary)


3:20-3:40  Communication & Culture: Presentation

“And the Pitch… Baseball Broadcasting in America since the 1930's" Michael Vigneux '01 (sponsor Professor T. Shary)


3:40-4:20 English: Presentations

“‘All’s Well that Ends Well:’ Exploring the Textual and Cinematic Justifications for the Artistically Adapted Resolution of Julie Taymor’s Film, ‘Titus’” Scott Pezza '01 (sponsor Professor V. Vaughan)

“Poetry, Willpower, and the Finite Mind: Language and Reality in ‘Macbeth’” Joel Pinsker '01 (sponsor Professor V. Vaughan)


4:20-5:00 English: Presentations

Winners of the Short Story Contest & Hoyt Poetry Contest (sponsor Professor S. Sultan)

“Lila’s Garden” Lauren Goode '03

“A Visa for a Dream: Dedicated to the Little Island of Mine” Jasmine Ortiz '01

“‘Bubastis’ & ‘Perfect Violation’” Daniel Ray '04

“Ring Around the Rosie” David Schmidt '04

“Listening to Humidity” Michael Staton ‘02


LITTLE CENTER THEATRE                                                  


1:00-5:00 Visual & Performing Arts: Theatre Performance

A Five-minute Performance Running Throughout the Afternoon.

“Seven Deadly Sins” Michael Lagrotteria '02 (sponsor Professor E. Crocker)


LURIE CONFERENCE ROOM                                                               


1:00-2:00  History: Presentations

“Confucianism After 1945 in China and Japan” Molly Thompson '02 (sponsor Professor M. Aoki)

“Is Porno an Art?” Amanda Wittman '02 (sponsor Professor M. Aoki)


2:00-3:00  History: Presentations

“Re-writing History: World War II in Japanese Textbooks” Al LaPrade '01 (sponsor Professor P. Ropp)

“Class and Status Relations in the 18th Century Chinese Novel, 'Story of the Stone'” Talia Loggia '01 (sponsor Professor P. Ropp)

“The Meeting of East and West: Early Chinese Philosophy and Recent Theories of Quantum Physics” Molly Thompson '02 (sponsor Professor P. Ropp)


3:00-5:00  Government: Presentations

“A Day in the Life of a Political or Legal Intern” Heather Castillo '03, Amanda Freitas '01, Gina Graham '01, & Matt Woods '01 (sponsor Professor M. Miller)

“U.S. Congress: Members and Committees” Robert Andrejcyk '01, Adam Huckins '02, Dayna Mongelli '03, & Melissa Oakes '01 (sponsor Professor M. Miller)


PERSKY FAMILY CONFERENCE ROOM                                           


1:00-1:20  Sociology: Presentation

“Strategic Considerations for a Corporate Campaign: Barnes & Noble” Kendra Fehrer '03 & Matthew Feinstein '03 (sponsor Professor R. Ross)


1:20-2:40  Economics: Presentations

“The Prospects of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA): Is This a Future Marked by Union or Disunion?” Brian Banta '01 (sponsor Professor D. Bernhofen)

“Economic Development and Women in Japan” Yukie Okuyama '01 (sponsor Professor D. Bernhofen)

“Agricultural Exports: A Case Study of the Colombian Flower Industry” Ana Maria Azcarate '01 (sponsor Professor J. Geoghegan)


2:40-3:10  Psychology: Presentations

Middle School Children and Organized Sports: Current Controversies (sponsor Professors J. McHale & P. Vinden)

Sports, Role Models and Delinquency: Children's Perspectives Loren Bush '02

“Sports and Aggression: A Case for the Relevance of Skill” David Shaw '02 & Peter Kirschner '04

“Sports and the Self-perceptions of 7th Grade Boys and Girls” Brienne Smith '01

“Involvement in Organized Sport and Early Substance Abuse Among Urban Youth” Derek Richer '02


3:40-4:00  Women’s Studies: Presentation

“Forms of Resistance and Organizing among Polish Domestic Workers in the New York City Metropolitan Area” Monika Szymurska '01 (sponsor Professor S. Hanson)


4:00-5:00  Women’s Studies: Presentation

“Reflections on the All Kinds of Girls Program (AKOG)” Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland '01, Kerry Palmer '01, Jennifer McGowan '01, Elizabeth Johnson '01, & Ilca Andrade '00 (sponsor Professor V. Sperling)


ROSENBLATT CONFERENCE ROOM                                                 


1:00-2:00  International Development: Presentations

Confronting New and Old Challenges: Women and Development in the 21st Century (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)

“Internally Displaced Persons: A Program and Policy Approach” Jessica Jimenez '01

“Poverty Alleviation and the Empowerment of Women: The Women of Indonesia” Kara Caesar '02

“Women Working for Peace in Israel” Natalie Peled '01

“Afghanistan's Taliban Regime and Its Role in International Relations” Silje Roalsvik '01


2:00-3:00  Government: Presentation

“Exploring International Relations” Daniel Bresette '01, Fabiola Cordova '01, & Irina Nikiforova '01 (sponsor Professor V. Sperling)


3:00-5:00  Math & Computer Science: Presentations

“Java JNI and Security” Iliyan Tinkov '02 (sponsor Professor A. Chou)

“Network Security” Sonia Ahmed '01 (sponsor Professor A. Chou)


UNIVERSITY GALLERY at GODDARD LIBRARY                          


5:00-7:00     Studio Art Senior Thesis Exhibition


OPENING RECEPTION - Refreshments and Conversation with the Artists. Christine Zakrzewski,

Vincent Rowe, Jennifer Hanis, Dan Boisvert, Alissa Poisson, Dan Watson, Akihiko Murazumi, Michelle Kendi, Alison Spector, & Brian Kiss (sponsor Professor S. Walker)