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Academic Spree Day 2000 is dedicated to Dr. Seymour Wapner, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, who founded this annual event in 1991. Academic Spree Day has become, in many ways, the highlight of our academic year. It showcases the extraordinarily varied and high quality research and creative work that so many Clark students do, inspired, supported, and mentored by our distinguished faculty. We are grateful to Professor Wapner for proposing the creation of this special event and for overseeing it with dedication and enthusiasm every year since its founding.

APRIL 28, 2000 1:00-5:00 PM



1:00-5:00 POSTERS


  1. "The Effects of Experience on Human Sweet Taste Perception" Karen D. Sullivan '00, Barbara Adamiak '00, Kathryn D. Murray '03, & Danielle Gagnon '02 (sponsor Professor L. Kennedy)
  2. "Somatic Cell Genetics Using the Light Ear Mouse Mutant" Alia Abaid '00, & John Souvlis '00 (sponsor Professor T. Lyerla)
  3. "Somatic Cell Genetics of an Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome Mouse Mutant" Marta Parzych '00 (sponsor Professor T. Lyerla)
  4. "Cell Lines from Mouse Models of Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome Genetic Disease" Megan Staples '01, Adrienne O'Quinn '00, Sophia Martinos '00 (sponsor Professor T. Lyerla)
  5. "The Isolation of a Novel Mutant Defective in Cell Division" Nicholas Guerin '01 (sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)
  6. "Disruption of the 17HG5 Gene Locus in Wild-type Dictyostelium Cells" Rachel Peragallo '01 (in collaboration with Lisa Kuchnicki, graduate student; sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)
  7. "Attempts to Clone the Disrupted Gene from the 24AA9 Mutant Cell Line" Jonathan Abysalh '00 (sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)
  8. "Expression of Mammalian Genes in Cytokinesis-deficient Dictyostelium Cells" Ensar Halilovic '00 (sponsor Professor D. Larochelle)
  9. "Cloning a Gene that Causes Uncontrolled Growth" Suzuko Suzuki '00 (sponsor Professor T. Leonard)
  10. "Fluctuating Asymmetry and Selection in a Recent Adaptive Radiation" Kimberly Baxter '00 (in collaboration with John Baker, lab coordinator; sponsor Professor S. Foster)
  11. Chemistry

  12. "Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Phylogenetic Studies on Silver Hake Parvalbumins" Rebecca Pitts '00 (sponsor Professor D. Nelson)
  13. "Investigating Sea Mussel Metallothioneins: Isolation, Characterization, and Structure Prediction" Kerin Clow '00 (sponsor Professor D. Nelson)
  14. Culture & Communication

  15. "Being Happy with Oneself: Communication of the Self-Values through Bodily Concerns among Young Women" Linnea C. Sheldon '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  16. "Writing on the Wall: An Analysis of Graffiti and the Nature of Meaning" Laura Brown '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  17. Economics

  18. "Getting to Work: Commuting Patterns of the Working Class in the Turn of the Century Munich" Hans Ericsson, '01 (sponsor Professor J. Brown)
  19. "Cheaper on the Net? The Price Differential Between Online and Retail Selling" Arkar Winn '00, Bhairav Desai '00, Lizanne Correa '00, Marco Alcantara '00, Mustafa Shaikali '00, & Semih Pilosof '00 (sponsor Professor Z. Liu)
  20. "A Statistical Study on the Impact of Climatological Variables on Crop Productivity" Tvisha Shah '00 (sponsor Professor W. Gray)
  21. "Bridging the Gap Between Economics and Psychology: The Effects of Bounded Rationality on Self-Interest" William S. Rogers III '00 (sponsor Professor W. Gray)
  22. "The Impact of a Tobin Tax on Volatility in the Foreign Exchange Market" Sarwar Raza '00 (sponsor Professor Z. Liu)
  23. "Theoretical Approach to Product Diversity" Nadezhda Baryshnikova '00 (sponsor Professor D. Bernhofen)
  24. Foreign Languages and Literatures

  25. "Foreign Correspondent: Reporting on Politics and Culture from Madrid" Frank Griffiths '00 (sponsor Professor C. D'Lugo)
  26. Environmental Science & Policy

  27. "Reducing the Regulatory Burden of Environmental Policy" Sara A. Berthiaume '00 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)
  28. "A Sustainable Clark Initiative" Joseph F. DeCarolis '00, & Mary Kozlak '01 (sponsor Professor C. Hohenemser)
  29. "The Fox and the Plover: the Effect of an Introduced Predator on a Local Species of Bird" Naomi DeLoach '00 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)
  30. "Monitored Natural Attenuation: Assessing the Potential as a Comprehensive Remediation Program" Michael M. Miller '00 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)
  31. "An Environmental Analysis of the Worcester Regional Airport" Shannabeth Minior '00 (sponsors Professors J. Sarkis & R. Goble)
  32. "Lead, Calcium, and Women's Health" Jessica Patalano '00 (sponsor Professor R. Goble)
  33. "Using Models for Cancer Development in Risk Assessment" Apurba Pradhan '00 (sponsor Professor R. Goble)
  34. "Ephemeral Ecosystems, Constant Protection: The Effects of Deforestation on Vernal Pool Ecosystems" Beth A. Rhines '00 (sponsor Professor S. Foster)
  35. "Substitutability Within Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Process: The Case of Surface Cleaning Technologies" Sejal P. Shah '00 (sponsor Professor J. Sarkis)
  36. "Assessing Childhood Asthma" Denise Ladebauche '00 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)
  37. Geography

  38. "Drive-thru Emissions: Would You Like That Supersized?" Emily Shusas '02 (in collaboration with Daniel Niles, graduate student; sponsor Professor B. L. Turner II)
  39. "A Decision support Model for Brownfields Redevelopment" Matthew Adams '00 (sponsor Professor S. Ratick)
  40. "Open Space Protection and Habitat Richness in Central Massachusetts" Melissa Floyd '01 (in collaboration with William McConnell & Dmitry Varlyguin, graduate students; sponsors Professor B. L. Turner II & Professor J. Emel)
  41. "Highways and Sprawl: Cause or Effect--A Case Study in Westborough, MA" Brian C. DuPont '00 (in collaboration with William McConnell & Dmitry Varlyguin, graduate students; sponsor Professor S. Hanson)
  42. "Could Historic Site Use be Related to Current Brownfield Status? A Study of Brownfields in the Massachusetts Blackstone River Valley" Katrina E. Rideout '00 (in collaboration with William McConnell & Dmitry Varlyguin, graduate students; sponsor Professor D. Johnson)
  43. History

  44. "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo" Carol Grady '00 (sponsor Professor D. Roazen)
  45. International Development

  46. "Strategizing Around Artisans: Integrating Craft Endeavor and Community Development in Zimbabwe" Jessica Cook '00 (sponsor Professor B. Grier)
  47. "Zimbabwe's Land Reform Policy: A Perpetuation of Inequality" Heather Cowenhoven '00, & Jeff Normandin '00 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)
  48. Math & Computer Science and Management

  49. "Mathematical Modelling in Plasma Physics and Finance" Nadezhda Baryshnikova '00, Daniel Sternberg '00, & Robert Sweet '00 (sponsors Professor N. Sternberg & Professor J. Golec)
  50. "Adventures in Programming Language Design" Macneil Shonle '00 (sponsor Professor D. Joyce)
  51. "Arms Race with 3 Countries" Suzuko Suzuki '00 (sponsor Professor J. F. Kennison)
  52. Peace Studies

  53. "Teaching Conflict Resolution in Schools" Sihaya Reid '03, Marion Schmidt '03, Alycia Kenney '03, & Onika Clarke '00 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  54. "International Justice: Sweatshops in Thailand and the U.S.A." Arianna Lomas Gómez '03, Asuka Hosoda '03, & Tung Sam Chiu '03, (in collaboration with Edirle Viana, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  55. "Crime and Recidivism" Melissa Vysocky '01, Blake Cook '03, Rachel Gorham '03, Jeremy Newburg'rin '00, & Sarah Gibson '03 (in collaboration with Eric Despres '99; sponsor Professor de Rivera)
  56. "Inner Peace" Kristin Chapman '03, Lean Handverger '03, Meghan McKinstry '03, & Richard Boucher '03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  57. "Terrorism Control: A Comparison Between the Basque History of Spain and Algeria" Ben Moorghen '00, Arkar Winn '00, Ameera Nooruddin '00, Kebi Kaba '03, & Loay Sandouka '03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  58. "Domestic Violence: The Second Closet" Wendy Osborn '01, Eleanor Chaffe '02, Alma Barillas '02, Lillie Coleman '03, & Elizabeth Conner '03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  59. "Television Violence & American Youth--A Solution to a Growing Problem" Robert H. Pietrzak '01, & David Shapiro '03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  60. "Exploring Nonviolent Organizations" Lisa LaPerle '00, & Kaoru Kawashima '03 (sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  61. "World Hunger and Disease" Susan Burgess '02, Laura Otell '03, Maura Casey '03, & Heather Moore '03 (in collaboration with Eric Despres '99; sponsor Professor J. de Rivera)
  62. Physics

  63. "Chaotic Systems and Vibrating Plates" Taimur Ellahi '01 (in collaboration with Toni Neicu, graduate student; sponsor Professor A. Kudrolli)
  64. "Using Java for Interactive Physics Simulations" Macneil Shonle '00 (sponsor Professor H. Gould)
  65. "Using XML with Scientific Documents" Macneil Shonle '00 (sponsor Professor H. Gould)
  66. "Magnetic Properties of Pyrazine Copper Chains" William Jensen '00 (in collaboration with Matt Woodward, graduate student; sponsor Professor C. Landee and M. Turnbull)
  67. "Stick-slip Friction and Earthquake Dynamics" Apurba Pradhan '00 (in collaboration with Azadeh Samadani, graduate student; sponsor Professor A. Kudrolli)
  68. Philosophy

  69. "State v. Rusk: Consent Issues in Rape Cases" Sara Berthiaume '00 (sponsor Professor J. DeCew)
  70. "Payne v. Tennessee: Victim Impact Statements" Jennifer Godfrey '00 (sponsor Professor J. DeCew)
  71. "Woodson v. North Carolina: Capital Punishment" Jessica Vander Ploeg '01 (sponsor Professor J. DeCew)
  72. "People v. Young: Good Samaritans" Anelia V. Delcheva '02 (sponsor Professor J. DeCew)
  73. Psychology

  74. "Understanding Dementia: An Application of the Partnership Model" Karen D. Sullivan '00 (sponsor Professor R. Bibace)
  75. "A Partnership Approach to Autism: Understanding Bjorn" Pål M. Danielsen '00 (sponsor Professor R. Bibace)
  76. "Children Use Syntactic Constructions to Achieve Pragmatic Goals: A Semi-Naturalistic Examination of Verb Argument Structure in Peer Discourse" Melissa A. Smith '00 (sponsor Professor N. Budwig)
  77. "Individual and Sex Differences in Human Jealousy: Evolution, Physiology and Emotion" Robert H. Pietrzak '01, Elizabeth K. DeVylder '01, Matthew Bemis '01, & Bernice Fernandes '01 (sponsor Professor J. Laird)
  78. "Individual Differences in the Perceived Intensity and Quality of Specific Odors" Amy Abramowitz '01 (sponsor Professor D. Stevens)
  79. "Women's Relationships with Their Bodies: Self-Regulatory Dialogical Processes" Barbara Adamiak '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  80. "Changing Social Roles of Children During Immigration: The Impact on the Family" Karina Dymina '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  81. "Implicit Theories of Requesting" Ben Moorghen '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  82. "Understanding the Psychological State of Society Through Art" Derek C. Richer '02 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  83. "Chess and Planning" Karl Langenwalter '00 (sponsor Professor J. Valsiner)
  84. "Experiences of Korean and Japanese Youths during a Sojourn in the U.S." Jong-Ho Peter Lee '02 (sponsor Prof. S. Wapner)
  85. "Values Held by Japanese and American Students" Lauren Tolk '00 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)
  86. "Impact of Moving on Experience and Action" Jessica Jimenez '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)
  87. "Factors Involved in the Transition to a Commitment of Nonviolence" Lisa LaPerle '00 (sponsor Prof S. Wapner)
  88. "Modes of Coping with Death" John Piktelis '01 (sponsor Professor S. Wapner)
  89. " People's Perceptions of Childhood & Adolescence-Part 1" Patricia Donovan '00, & Rebecca Lea '00 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)
  90. "People's Perceptions of Childhood & Adolescence-Part 2" Kate Walton '00, & Elisabeth Strand '00 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)
  91. "People's Perceptions of Childhood & Adolescence-Part 3" Sara Burke '00, & Mary Caskins '00 (sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)
  92. "The Discursive Co-construction of a 'Slut'" Stefanie Nye '02, Colleen Owens '01, & Margaret Clevelend '01 (in collaboration with Genevieve Iselin, graduate student; sponsor Professor M. Bamberg)
  93. "Sound Spectral Correlates of Infant Cry Distress Ratings" Heather Brown '01, Jennifer Soltys '01, & Keith Thompson '01 (sponsor Professor N. Thompson)
  94. "A Test of a Theory that Babies' Cries are Simulations of Respiratory Distress" Heather Brown '01, Jennifer Soltys '01, & Keith Thompson '01 (sponsor Professor N. Thompson)
  95. "How Parents with One and Two Young Children Describe the Best and Worst Moments in their Families" Leo Waterston '02, & Bob Babigian '02 (sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  96. "Exploring the Nature of Early Relations Between Infants and their Preschool Brothers and Sisters" David Shaw '02, & Annie Mathew '01 (in collaboration with Allison Lauretti, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  97. "Infant Temperament and Family Group Process at 12 Months Postpartum" Igor Gershenson '00, & Kate Fish '01 (sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  98. "Early Indicators of Collaboration in the Coparenting Alliance at 3 Months Postpartum" Meagan Carleton '00 (sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  99. "A Microanalysis of Bids and Replies During Mother-Father-Infant Play Amy Alberts '00 (sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  100. "Family-based Correlates of Ego Development in College Students" Rebecca Jorgensen '03 (in collaboration with Inna Zaslavsky, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  101. "Children, Sports and Delinquency: An Interim Report from the Main South 'Sports and Children' Initiative" Loren Bush '02, Derek Richer '02, David Shaw '02, & Brienne Smith '01 (sponsors Professors J. McHale & P. Vinden)
  102. "Linkages Between College Students Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and their Engagement in the Life of the Community" Annie Mathew '01, & Kelli Zambetti '01 (sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  103. "Tracking Academic Growth in Two Worcester Middle School Programs" Emily Wilcox '00 (in collaboration with Melanie McConnell, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  104. "After School Tutoring Programs: Who Benefits, and Why?" Amy Mahoney '02 (in collaboration with Melanie McConnell, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  105. "Increasing Restraining Order Efficiency in the Fight Against Domestic Violence" Megan Bayer '02 (in collaboration with Melanie McConnell, graduate student; sponsor Professor J. McHale)
  106. Visual and Performing Arts

  107. "Greek Architecture: Just How Did They Build Those Temples?" Deanne Hope '01 (sponsor Professor R. Townsend)
  108. "Connections Across Cultures: An Online Exhibition" Dana Early '01, Ian Price '02, Caroline Smith '03, Lisa Donofrio '03, Aimee Whitehouse '01, Joanny Shephard '00, & Brandon Guild '03 (sponsor Professor J. Borgatti)
  109. "Multimedia Projects from Music 140, Music and Multimedia" Alexander Bohr '00, Colleen Campbell '00, Peter Cianfrani '01, Matthew Gilbert '02, Kevin Grant '02, Andrew Kyte '02, Kwame-Toure Marshall '02, Adam Mills '01, Noah Sasso-Karelitsky '02, Ronen Seliger '02, Helen Ann Shea '01, Adam Slater '01, Daphne Thomas '01, & Jordan Walker '01 (sponsor Professor M. Malsky)
  110. "Poetry in Performance: An Oral Presentation" Guy Taylor '00 (sponsor Professor H. Roberts)


1:00-5:00 Visual and Performing Arts: Exhibitions

"The Gridded Image" Kenneth Cardwell '01, Meagan Carleton '00, Kira Cohen '02, Marcia Posada Elyseu '03, Andre Friedel '02, Vita Giannone '03, Marissa Goard '03, Rachel Gorham '03, Amrei Joerchel '03, Amy Lagasse '00, Laysha Ostrow '03, Clark Panzer '00, Elizabeth Plante '02, Rachel Regeczi '02, Phuong Tran '03, & Christopher Zucker, '00 (sponsor Professor E. Crocker)

"Projects in Intermediate Painting" Alicia Cassidy '01, Ramsey Cole '02, Kendra Cox '02, Alexandra Dallos '00, Terese-Louise Maineri "00, Laura Niemi '02, Heather Olson '02, Pascalia Papadopoulos '02, & Vincent Rowe '00 (sponsor Professor S. Walker)

"Shopping Cart Project, Sculpture Exhibit" Alison Spector '01, Alissa Poisson '01, Nicholas Pieri '01, Christopher Graff '03, Gabrielle Leone '02, Noelle Nevolo '03, Lynne Harrington '01, Jessica Bartlett '00, Daniel TenEyck '01, Kathy Mastriani '00, & Michelle Kendi '01 (sponsor Professor L. Baring-Gould)

"Performing Arts School Logo" Amy Gasser '01, Dan Boisvert '01, Abby Logan '00, & Jennifer Hibbins '01 (sponsor Professor J. Nordyke)

"Personal Mapping" Akihiko Murazami '01, & Young Jin Choi '00 (sponsor Professor J. Nordyke)

"The Other" Students were asked to climb outside of their own personal orbits and engage in an encounter with someone who is in some way "other". Ultimately they confront themselves in the process. Willow Colson-Wall '01, Jill Connor '01, Jessica Cook '00, Erin Dineen '02, Caitlin Huppert '02, Noelle Nevolo '02, & Joseph Perna '01 (sponsor Professor E. Crocker)


1:00-2:00 Government: Presentations

Violence Against Women in Comparative Perspective (sponsor Professor V. Sperling)

"The Evolution of the Battered Women's Shelter Movement" Katrina Leifeld '00

"A Comparative Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Egypt and Kenya" Ayana Pilgrim '00

2:00-2:20 Government: Presentation

"Presidential Non-Selection: Solutions to the Front Loading of Presidential Primaries" Jeremy R. Hastings '01 (sponsor Professor M. DeMary)

2:20-3:15 Education: Presentations

"Transformative Schooling: An Outside Look at Teacher Research and Reform" Karen Caiazzo '03, Katie Turner '03, Quinn Nazaruk '03, Charbel Salamen '03, Cara Sevigny '03, Emilie Desjardins '03, & Amy MacIntosh '03 (in collaboration with Jasen Boyle, graduate student; sponsor Professor S. Michaels)

3:15-4:15 Foreign Languages and Literatures: Presentation

"The National Imagination: Imagined Communities in Germany, France, and Argentina" Erica Fasano '00, Jessica Hochman '02, & Katie P. Turner '03 (sponsors Professor M. D'Lugo, Professor D. Kaufmann, & Professor W. Schatzberg)

4:15-5:00 Government: Presentations

"Is Scottish Independence Inevitable? A Close Look at the Factors that May Further Independence" Melissa Curran '00 (sponsor Professor C. Enloe)

"The Effects of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on Home Health-Care Agencies: Did the Legislation Have the Intended Effects Upon Efficient and Inefficient Agencies" Bethany L. Nadeau '00 (sponsor Professor B. J. Cook)

"The Lost Faith: Television, Film, and the Loss of Confidence in the American Legal System" Zachary Hyder '00 (sponsor Professor J. Blydenburgh)


1:00-3:30 Visual and Performing Arts: Music Performances

Original Compositions of Two Part Inventions in the Style of J. S. Bach,: Music 223: Counterpoint Keith Burnstein ‘02; Matthew D’Aprile ‘02; Andrew Kyte ‘02; Owen Mathewson ‘01; Patrick Moran ‘00; Shayna Silverman ‘00, Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professor M. Malsky)

S. Gavrilin, "Waltz," piano, Four Hands Alisa Planson ‘00, piano; Matthew Gilbert ‘02, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)

Rachmaninoff, "The Lilacs", Op. 21, No. 5 "When Silent Night Doth Hold Me", Op. 4, No. 3 Zhanna Alkhazova ’02, soprano; Sima Kustanovich, piano (sponsor Professsor M. Kelly)

Chopin, "Mazurka in G Minor" Erin Scanlon ‘02, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)

Kreisler, "Praeludium and Allegro" Shayna Silverman’00, violin (sponsor Professor A. Movsessian)

Schubert, "Sonata No. 1 in A Minor, op. 42" I. Moderato Matthew Gilbert ‘02, piano (sponsor Prof S. Kustanovich)

Chopin, "Waltz in C Sharp Minor" Jacqueline Anto ‘03, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)

Handel, "Whe’er Ye Walk" from Semele Carl Fischer ‘02, tenor (sponsor Professor M. Kelly)

Shostakovich, "Sonata for Cello and Piano" II. Allegro Kurt Graser ‘02, cello; Matthew Gilbert ‘02, piano (sponsor Professor S. Kustanovich)

Hadyn, "Trio No. 1 in C Major" I. Allegro II. Andante III. Vivace Shayna Silverman ‘00, violin; Melanie Najarian ‘02, flute; Kurt Graser ‘02, cello (sponsor Professor P. Friedland)

Mossberg, "Feng Shui" Steven Mossberg ‘01, piano (sponsor Professor D. Odgren)


1:00-2:20 English: Presentations

(sponsor Professor V. Vaughan)

"Gertrude and Hamlet" Mason Sand '00

"Othello's Other Tragic Hero" Kelly McCarthy '00

"Gender, (In)justice, and Absurdity in Hamlet and Titus Andronicus" Scott Pezza '01

"A Reframing of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew" Virginia Penta Munro '00

2:20-3:30 English: Presentations

Public Speaking About Controversial Issues (sponsor Professor F. Johnson)

"Affirmative Action: A Necessary Initiative for the New Century" Shamita Carriman '01

"Censorship: The Dismemberment of the First Amendment" Jason Covitz '00

"School Voucher Programs: Do They Really Work?" Ralph Gifford '00

"Video Games: Violent Threat or Artistic Medium?" Christopher Graeff '00

"Casino Gambling" Why We Are All Losing" Vanessa Oliveira '00

3:30-4:15 Visual and Performing Arts: Theater Performance

"Scenes from Directing Seminar" Summer Williams '01, Malik McMullin '02, Shamida Carrinan '01, Erin Scanlon '01, Rich Roode '00, Mary Grace Biastoff '01, Rachel Rosenblum '00, John Pativina '02, & Arielle Cohen (sponsor Professor R. Munro)


1:00-1:30 Women's Studies: Presentation

"Reaching Out to All Kinds of Girls" Kareen Bar-Akiva '00, Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland '01, Holly Christensen '00, & Particia Donovan '00 (in collaboration with Elora Halim Chowdhury, sponsor Professor C. Enloe)

1:30-2:00 Women's Studies: Presentation

"'Our Disembodied Bodies' Work Group" Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland '01, Amy Weintraub '00, Kareen Bar-Akiva '00, & Martha Reiter '02 (in collaboration with Elora Halim Chowdhury, sponsor Professor C. Enloe)

2:00-3:00 Women's Studies: Presentations

Women's Experiences of Militaries and War (in collaboration with Elora Halim Chowdhury, sponsor Professor C. Enloe)

"Fight Like a [Wo]man: The Experiences of a Young Woman in the United States Army Reserve" Patricia Donovan '00

"U.S. Navy Wife: The Story of Mrs. Mary L. Cooper" Elise M. Roseboro '00

"Marriage and Militarization: The Story of the Life of a Philippine Army Officer's Wife" Karl Evangelista '00

3:00-3:30 Mathematics and Computer Science: Presentation

"Human Modelling in a Virtual Environment" Daniel Sternberg '00 (sponsor Professor D. Joyce)

3:30-4:00 Visual and Performing Arts: Presentation

"Upholding Tradition/Fostering Innovation: The Clark Fine Arts Series 1922-1960" Mika Mansukhani '01 (sponsor Professor L. Dusman)

4:00-4:20 Sociology: Presentation

"Bathrooms and Sweatshops: Control of a Woman's Body is Control of Her Labor" Abigail Weissman '00 (sponsor Professor R. Ross)


1:00-1:45 Philosophy: Presentations

"The Emergence of the Will to Power" Andrew Magnusson '00 (sponsor Professor W. Wright)

"Wittgenstein and the Language Crisis" Jonathan Messinger '00 (sponsor Professor G. Overvold)

1:45-2:20 History: Presentation

"Adolescent Non-Jewish Youth in Nazi Germany" Sara Levy '00 (sponsor Professor D. Dwork)

"East Africa and China: From the 9th to the 15th Century AD" Michael LeBaron '00 (sponsor Professor R. Ford)

2:20-3:00 History: Presentations

An American History Sampler (sponsors Professors D. Little, D. McCoy, & J. Greenwood)

"Inventing the Great Awakening" Hans Ericsson '01

"The Concept of Martyrdom in the American Abolition Movement: Elijah Lovejoy, Charles Torrey, and John Brown" Joshua Bousquet '00

"Kidnapped: Nahum Gardner Hazard and the Black Experience in Central MA before the Civil War" Robert Andrejczyk '00

3:00-3:45 History: Presentations

An Asian Studies Sampler (sponsor Professor P. Ropp)

"The Overseas Chinese Communities of Indonesia and the Philippines: Alienation, Integration, & Assimilation" Karl Evangelista '00

"Surface Appearances and Underlying Realities in Japanese Culture" Brian Stewart '00

"The Tao of the Mind: Theories of Consciousness East and West" Molly Thompson '02

3:45-4:30 International Development: Presentations

"The Aging Brazil: A question of Social Security" Vanessa Oliveira '00 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)

"Food Security in Ethiopia" Yared Wube '01 (sponsor Professor R. Pisa)


5:00-7:00 Studio Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

OPENING RECEPTION - Refreshments and Conversation with the Artists. Sheila Brown, Carolyn Higginbotham, Abby Logan, Lopi Markle, Jessica Pollock, & Christopher Zucker (sponsor Professor E. Crocker)