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Academic Spree Day 2010: April 28, 12:00-4:30 p.m.

a spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity


Tilton Hall | Grace Conference Room | Lurie Conference Room | Persky Conference Room | Rosenblatt Conference Room | Traina Center, Schiltkamp Gallery


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Tilton Hall

12:00-4:30 p.m. Posters

***Departments with this marking (English, Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics) have posters displayed either in the Student Lounge or Abrahm's Gallery (1st Floor of the UC). All other posters are on display in Tilton Hall.


1. Can experience with sweeteners at concentrations below threshold for perception lead to changes in taste sensitivity? A test for the locus of experience induced changes in taste. Afza Safeer '10, (sponsor: Professor Linda M. Kennedy)

2. Generalization of experience induced changes in human taste sensitivity for sweeteners of various chemical classes and structures. Sumita Chatterjee '11, Lisa Kennedy '10, Bennett Collins '11, Michael Epstein '10, Katherine Krevolin '11, Alexa Navasero '11, Julia Newmiller 10, Elizabeth Rosen '11, Afza Safeer '10, Sarah Shepro '12, and Miranda Valerio '11 (sponsor: Professor Linda M. Kennedy)

3. Determinations of isosweet concentrations for sweeteners of various chemical classes and structures. Sumita Chatterjee '11, and Elizabeth Rosen '11 (sponsor: Professor Linda M. Kennedy)

4. Is self modulation possible in taste? An experiment in T1R3 sweet reception. Michael Zemel '10 (sponsor: Professor Linda M. Kennedy)

5. Screening for Alteration in Drosophila P53 Expression Using Transgenic RNAi Lines. Marc Benoit '12 (sponsor: Professor Justin Thackeray)

6. Effects of Temperature on Embryonic Development in Threespine Stickleback. Alicia Barlow '10 (sponsor: Professor Susan Foster)

7. Predator Recognition in Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus): The Role of Alarm Cues and Predator Diet Cues. Lisa Kennedy '10, Alicia Barlow '10 and Joshua Bruckner '11 (sponsor: Professor Susan Foster)

8. Is there correlation between phylogeny and geographic distribution in Trametes versicolor (Basidiomycota, Fungi)? Kimberly Pivorunas '11 (sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

9. Interactions between mercury and three magnetotactic bacteria. Alex Andersen '11 (sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

10. Hatch inhibition and stimulation of tree hole mosquitoes. Caren Collins '10 (sponsor: Professor Todd Livdahl

11. Dictyostelium discoideum and the effects of drugs on cell division. Jason Lui '11, Monifa Fahie '10 and Subash Baniya '10 (sponsor: Professor Denis Larochelle

12. Identification of a possible arsenate reductase in the genome of Denitrovibrio acetiphilus. James O'Neill '12 (sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

13. Lung Disorders in an Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome Mouse Model. Papiya Sinha '10 and Prapti Pokharel '10 (sponsor: Professor Tim Lyerla)

14. Comparative physiology: Are all diatoms made the same? Daniel Whitmore'10, Chris Traft '10, Nathaniel Maltais '11, Lily Hughes '11 and Michael Batten '10 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

15. Marine Diatoms: Does one frustules fit all? Daniel Whitmore'10, Chris Traft '10, Nathaniel Maltais '11, Lily Hughes '11 and Michael Batten '10 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

16. Post-transcriptional gene regulation in marine diatoms. Priyanka Kapur '11 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

17. Molecular characterization of the fungal community inhabiting decaying oak wood. Darcy Young '11 (sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

18. Retention of Coarse Particular Organic Matter in Streams Along an Urban to Forested Gradient. Erin Miller '10 (sponsor: Professor John Baker)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

19. Development of a Genetic System for Denitrovibrio acetiphilus. Kyle Denton '11 (sponsor: Heather Wiatrowski)

20. Biogenic Amines-Gated Chloride Channels' Roles in C. elegans Behaviors. Serena Pham '11 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

21. A Comparison of Mercury and Chromate Responses in Shewanella Oneidensis (MR-1). Corri Stewart '10 (sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

22. Limited Proteolysis and Circular Dichroism Studies of Amyloid-beta 42 Oligomerization. Kathryn MacDowell '10 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

23. Effects of the S20G Mutation on the Aggregation of Human Amylin. Samuel Sparks '10 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

24. Inhibition of Octopamine Biosynthesis as a Potential Treatment of Infectious Disease. Jasmin Abraham '10 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

24a. Iodide transporting sol-gels and polysiloxanes as electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells. Alfonso Renna '10 (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

24b. Lithium conducting sol-gels as ion conductors for rechargeable lithium batteries. Timo-thy Hartigan '10 (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Communication and Culture

25. Comparative Marital Naming Practices and Feminism. Meghan Ward '10 (sponsor: Professor Fern Johnson)

26. Framing The Celebrity Endorser: Advertising and the Fall and Rise of Kobe Bryant and Ellen DeGeneres. Liza Lourie '10 (sponsor: Professor Fern Johnson)

27. Screens of War: The Sino-Japanese Conflict in U.S. and Chinese Cinema. Marlene McManus '10 (sponsor: Professor Betsy Huang)


28. How severely do higher oil and food prices affect child mortality? Anuj Adhikary '10 (sponsor: Professor Amy Ickowitz)

29. Does Immigration Raise the Unemployment of Native Workers? A Look into Native Workers' Displacement. Carlos Amela '10 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

30. Wealth Effects on Consumption: A Multivariate VECM Approach. Ivelin Angelov '10 (sponsor: Professor Myles Callan)

31. Behind China's Economic Legend—A Study of Factors affecting GDP Growth in National Development Zones in China. Yang Chen '10 (sponsor: Professor Junfu Zhang)

32. Trade Patterns and Specialization within the European Union. Simona Dimitrova '10 (sponsor: Professor Chang Hong)

33. Does Local Access to Jobs Improve Neighborhood Employment Rates? Evidence from Atlanta. Nicholas Fedorek '10 (sponsor: Professor John Brown)

34. An Analysis of the Causes of the Price Differential Between eBay and Amazon. David Glancy '10 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

35. Severity and Policy: What determines rates of recovery from recessions? Cody Hyman (sponsor: Professor Madhavi Bokil)

36. How do International Rankings Compare between the Human Development Index and Alternatives? Ifrad Islam '10 (sponsor: Professor Amy Ickowitz)

37. Model Estimation of the US Term Structure. Daniel Kiryakov '10 (sponsor: Professor Myles Callan)

38. From the world to US: An analysis of the flow of international students coming to the U.S. for higher education. Yingcun (Richard) Lin '10 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

39. Are we retiring later? Evidence from the dot-com stock market crash. Eugene Miculet '10 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

40. Testing for agglomeration economies in the Malaysian manufacturing sector. Tamanna Patel '10 (sponsor: Professor John Brown)

41. Wonder Why I Wander? A Socioeconomic Perspective of Indigenous Internal Migrations in Colombia. Katerine Ramirez-Nieto '10 (sponsor: Professor Amy Ickowitz)

42. Financial Risk Levels in 2007: How much risk were people taking and why? Bjoern Weidlich '10 (sponsor: Professor Roxane Anderton)

43. Factories, Industries and Town Size in an Industrializing Economy: New England in 1880. Isaac Selkow '10 (in collaboration with: Daniel Martin, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Brown)

44. The First Industrial Transition: Manufacturing in the Blackstone Valley, 1830-1880. Nicholas Foresti '10 (in collaboration with: Daniel Martin, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Brown)

45. Econometrics. Siwen Chen '10 (sponsor: Professor Roxane Anderton)

***English(in student lounge near UC entrance)

46. Who We Were and Who We Are: A History of Hysteria. Kaytie Keane '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

47. Schism: A Possible Fractured Future. Joseph DeMartino '10 (sponsor: Professor James P. Elliot)

48. Not My Woods, Not My Problem: Nature as Mirror in the Poetry of Robert Frost. Timothy Hart '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

49. Time's Definition of Revolutionary: Look Back in Anger and Osborne the Informer. Ashley Beman '10 (sponsor: Professor Stephen Levin)

50. "Oh get me through. Through this in-between": Language, Identity, and Life on the Borders of the National Community in Three American Memoirs. Angela Woodmansee '10 (sponsor: Professor Fern Johnson)

51. The Art of Love and the Art of Translation: Ovid's Ars Amatoria. Kiera French '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

52. Re-writing History: collaborating Fact and Fiction. Karrie Hanson '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

53. The Hourglass Effect. James Kobialka '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

54. Convention, Negotiation, and Collection in the work of Zora Neale Hurston. Rachael Cohen '10 (sponsor: Professor Meredith Neuman)

55. Platonic In The Poetry: Desire And A Chapbook. Emma Siemasko '10 (sponsor: Professor Sunhee Gertz)

56. Monsters, Androids, and AI: Evolutions of (Post)humanity in Science Fiction. Alexander Stanmyer '10 (sponsor: Professor Betsy Huang)

57. Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest winners: 1st place: Danny McDonald '10, 2nd place: Elizabeth Decasse '11, 3rd place: Emma Siemasko '10,

58. Betty '79 and Stanley Sultan Short Story Contest winners: 1st place: Charlotte McGrew '10, 2nd place: Matthew Furman '13, 3rd place: Natasha Ochshorn '11,

59. Loring Homes and Ruth Dodd Drama contest winner: 1st place: Natasha Ochshorn '11

Environmental Science and Policy

60. A Pilot Environmental Health Assessment of Brookside Terrace, and Environmental Justice Community in Southbridge Massachusetts: Results and Recommendations. Suela John '10 (sponsor: Professor Tim Downs)

61. Emerging Energy Technologies in the Media: A State-level Comparison of Newspaper Coverage of Wind and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Leah Melnick '10 (sponsor: Professor Jennie C. Stephens)

Foreign Languages and Literatures

62. A short bilingual film on an encounter with a jornalero. Alison Foley '10 (sponsor: Professor María Acosta Cruz)


63. The Relationship between Neighborhood Quality and Youth Advocacy for the Main South Community of Worcester. Nicole Plummer '10 (sponsor: Professor Dianne Rocheleau)

64. Land Change Modeling: Dynamic Road Development. James Higby '10 (in collaboration with Nick Wilson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr.)

65. African Immigrants in the United States of America. Yuki Ota '10 (sponsor: Professor James T. Murphy)

66. Educational Policy in Developing Countries. Emma Britton '10 (sponsor: Professor Richard Peet)

67. The use of statistical models with Landsat imagery, ancillary variables, and FIA data to map tree species in Massachusetts, USA. Brenna Schwert '10 (sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

68. The productive development of small– and medium-sized enterprises in Bolivia: a case study of wood manufacturers in El Alto. Celina Grisi '10 (sponsor: Professor James Murphy)

69. Burn scar recognition in the boreal forest near Cherskiy, Russia using synthetic aperture radar and Landsat TM data. Boyd Zapatka '10 (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

70. Characterizing the effects of hazardous waste on communities. Anna Creedon '11 (sponsor: Professor Thomas Webler)

71. Mapping Dissolved Organic Matter in Northeast Siberian Rivers using Landsat TM and ETM+ Imagery. Claire Griffin '10 (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

72. Effect of Mountain Pine Beetle on Fuel Loads and Fire Behavior in Colorado. Fred MacDonald '10 (sponsor: Professor Dominik Kulakowski)

73. Urban Wildlife Population Counting. Jake Paisner '10 (sponsor: Professor Jody Emel)

74. A multitemporal assessment of forest fragmentation in Massachusetts, USA. Timothy Wright '10 (sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

75. The new Yankee Stadium: Broken Promises for the South Bronx Community. Ted Hannigan '10 (sponsor: Professor Mark Davidson)

76. Impacts of watershed characteristics on the biogeochemistry of the Kolyma River basin, Northeast Siberia. Blaize Denfeld '10 (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

77. Toxic Use Change in Main South. Meagan Covino '10 (sponsor: Professor Dianne Rocheleau)

78. Commercial Availability of Exotic Invasive Flora in Worcester. Christian Ludwell '10 (sponsor: Professor Dianne Rocheleau)

Human-Environment Regional Observatory (HERO)

79. Developing validation protocols for a water consumption database in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA. Kristin Travis '10 (sponsor: Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius, Jr.)

80. Comparing Two Categorical Maps to Visualize Land Cover Proportions by Land Use Category in the Plum Island Ecosystems. Thomas Hamill '10 (sponsor: Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius, Jr.)

81. Explaining Residential Landscapes. Abigail Kaminski '11 (sponsor: Professor Colin Polsky)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

82. Clark Community Thrift Store. Alexa Lightner '11 and Rachel Gerber '11 (sponsor: Professor George Gendron)

83. Capstone Project: Allergen-Free Food Product. Avery Goldfarb '10, Eva Fang '10 and Jessica Mirkin '10 (sponsor: Professor George Gendron/Amy Whitney)

84. 27tees. Ben Porway '10, Curtis Reid '10 and Emily Skelton '10 (sponsor: Professor George Gendron)

85. SE Field Experience: Brazil. Annie Longley, 5th-year M.P.A., Samantha Fonseca-Moreira, 5th year M.P.A., Ian McAuley, 5th-year M.P.A., Isaac Selkow '10, Lindsey Greene '10, David Darden '10, Mohsin Veljee '11, Sarang You '11, Rachel Kossar '12, Alyssa Clark '12 and Shoshana Zuckerman '12 (sponsor: Professor David Jordan)

International Development (IDSC and IDCE)

86. Mobilizing Visual Public Art: Inciting Social Consciousness, Political Engagement and Identity Formation for Social Transformation. Naomi Vinbury '10 (sponsor: Professor Anita Fabos)

87. Asthma In Reflection: The AIR Project. Book: "Eight Minutes Without Air." Anna Zonderman '10 (sponsor: Professor Ken MacLean)

88. Applications of Track II Diplomacy. Kimberly Hanson '10 (sponsor: Professor Ken Mac Lean)

***Math and Computer Science (in Abrahm's Gallery to the left of the UC entrance)

89. Generating Game Content from Sound. Tim Beck '10 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

90. PIPS—Package Independent Port System. Ian Denhardt '10 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

91. Recognizing the Written Word. Katherine Yap '10 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

92. Aspects of Geometry. Morgan M. Atkinson '13, Courtney E. Gleadow '10, Zachary P. Hariton '13, Yun Ling '13, Oliver S. Willcox '13 and John N. Woja '13 (sponsor: Professor Gideon Maschler)

93. Calendrical Mathematics in the Han dynasty. Matt Valko '11 (sponsor: Professor David Joyce)

94. Bezier Curves. Elizabeth Brokken '11 and Matt Valko '11 (sponsor: Professor Lawrence Morris)

95. The Historical Development of the Brachistochrone Problem. Ammar Tareen '11 (sponsor: Professor David Joyce)

96. Chinese Remainder Theorem. Cathy Chen '10 (sponsor: Professor Lawrence Morris)

***Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise (in student lounge near UC entrance)

97. Global Warming and American Politics. Natch Greyes '10 (sponsor: Professor Jim Gomes)


98. CD and Listening/Music Theory Compositon. Colleen Cadogan '10 (sponsor: Professor John Aylward)

***Philosophy (in Student Lounge near the UC entrance)

99. Foreseeability, Negligence and Causation: Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co. Haoming Chang '11 (sponsor: Professor Judith DeCew)

100. Stipulating Date Rape: State v. Rusk. Tawnie Fotter '11 (sponsor: Professor Judith DeCew)

101. Civil Disobedience and the Obligation to Obey the Law. Tovia Ben Shapiro '11 (sponsor: Professor Judith DeCew)

102. An Investigation of Good Samaritan Law: People v. Young. Boris Volfson '10 (sponsor: Professor Judith DeCew)

103. Plato's Feminism. Laura Nowell '11 (sponsor: Professor Wes Charles DeMarco)

***Physics (in Abraham's Gallery to the left of the UC entrance)

104. Magnetism in Compounds Containing Copper Bromide and Phenazine. Joseph DeGeorge '10 (sponsor: Professor Christopher Landee)

105. Capillary Aggregation in floating particles. Darija Cosic '12 (sponsor: Professor Arshad Kudrolli)

106. Heterogeneous nucleation in the Ising model for short-range interactions. Sarah Brent '10 (sponsor: Professor Harvey Gould)

107. Overcoming critical slowing down in the fully connected Ising model near the spinodal. Ammar Tareen '10 (sponsor: Professor Harvey Gould and Professor Louis Colonna Romano)

Political Science

108. Obstacles to Citizenship and Civ Participation for Chinese Immigrants in the Commonwealth of MA. Timothy Hutchinson '10 (sponsor: Professor Valerie Sperling)

109A., 109B. and 109C. Campaign Finance in the 2009 Worcester Municipal Elections. Hannah Atkins '12, Baran Cansever, '12, Noreena Chaudari '11, Stefan Cohen '12, Mitchell DeLorenzo '12, Steve DeMartino '10, Sasha Gerhardson '10, Amanda Gregoire '10, Joelle Kahale, '12, Peter Lewis, '11, Jarett Monterio, '12, Colin Oldenburg, '11, Emily Schofield, '11, Connor Smith, '12 and Charles Tripp, '12 (sponsor: Professor Robert Boatwright)

110. Amnesty and its Threat to International Human Rights Law. Tara Lewis '10 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

111. Modeling the United Nations. Abir Joshi '11, Anna Moran '10, Angelica Surra '12, Casey Billings '12, Samer Said '12 and Fei Lu '11 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

112. An Energy Policy for Europe: Examining the European Energy Policy in the Context of European Integration. Soeren Hilck '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Butler)



113. Attaching to Non-Infant Adopted Children: The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Hetero-sexual Couples. Rebecca Sumner '10 (sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

114. Social Support in Gay Male Couples Across the Transition to Adoptive Parenthood. Grace Van Schoick '10 (in collaboration with Hannah Richardson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

115. I Think I Can, I Think I Can't: The Role Perceived Competence Plays in the Motivation for Engagement. Shaun Provost '11 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

116. An Examination of Breath Holding as an Index of Distress Tolerance in a Seven Day Follow-up Smoking Cessation Study. Andrew Ninnemann '10 (in collaboration with Amy Cameron, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

117. Academic, Interpersonal, and Psychological Functioning in College Students Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Andrew Ninnemann '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Addis)

118. The Influence of Attachment Styles in Romantic Relationships. Katelyn Dearth '10 (sponsor: Professor James V. Córdova)

119. Young children's nonverbal representation of "more". Mariana Pradas '10, Michelle Lyons '10, Michael Epstein '10, Miranda Valerio '11 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

120. Men and Depression Website Evaluation. Katherine Matcovich '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Addis)

121. Relational Intimacy in Same Sex and Opposite Sex Friendships Amongst Men. Victoria Clarke '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Addis)

122. Coping with Racial Discrimination Across Contexts in Urban Adolescent Boys. Marissa Millman '10 (sponsor: Professor Esteban V. Cardemil)

123. "Is a Photo Enough?" Individual Difference in Physiological Responses to Romantic Love.? Kate Condon '11, Sophie Crafts '10 and Shawn Perry '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

124. New findings on conflict and cohesion in immigrant parents and first generation children. Kirtana Tanuku '10 (sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

125. Autonomic Responses of Cognitive Dissonance Through Counter-Attitudinal Persuasion. Sunewan Chunhasuwan '10, Ryan Dritz '10, Wendy Pernal '11 and Kirtana Tanuku '10 (in collaboration with Theresa Jackson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor James Laird)

126. The benefits of yoga intervention on individuals with implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Ryan Dritz '10, Sunewan Chunhasuwan '10 and Jessica Sebring (high school student) (in collaboration with Stefanie Toise, graduate student; sponsor: Professor James Laird)

127. The Terrifying Twenty-Somethings: Exploring the Developmental Transitioning Between "Student-hood" and "Adult-hood". Lindsay Gemmell '10 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

128. Bystander Intervention and Attitudes on Dating Violence and Sexual Assault. Stephanie Henderson '11 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

129. Smoking: Anxiety Sensitivity, Sex Role Orientation and Gender. Emily Lindbeck '11. (sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

130. Conceptual Development through Science-Based Classroom Activities: A Training Study for Matter and Amount in Kindergarten. Austin Bass '10, Jenn Brody '10, Victoria Fox '10 and Chris Kneisel '10 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

131. Processes of Learning: A Focus on Gender-Based Competition. Elizabeth Demsky '10 and Rachel Puklin '10 (sponsor: Professor Maricela Correa)

132. Alcohol Use and Student Involvement at Clark University. Max Meglio '10 (sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

133. Non-conscious priming of dominance/submission and behavior. Max Meglio '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

134. The Effect of Video Gameplay on Responses to Moral Dilemmas. Gregory Wetmore '11 and Keegan Allen '10 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

135. Victimization Involving Substance Use and the Willingness to Disclose about the Experience and Seek Help when Dealing with the Negative Effects of Trauma. Emily Corbett '11 (sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

136. Effects of Acculturation on Adolescent Immigrants' Cultural Identity and Value System. Darko Mitrovic '12 (sponsor: Professor Caitlin Mahoney)

137. Association between Personality trait dominance/submission and winner-loser effects in a dilemma task. Heather Richards '11 (sponsor: Professor Caitlin Mahoney)

138. The Relationship between Single Parenthood, Involvement, and Children's Grades. Diana Fuller '11 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

139. Focus Group Study on Smoking Cessation with Substance Abusing Female Adolescents. Katelyn Forgue '10 and Alyssa Tanner '10 (sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

140. Parental Acceptance, Parent-Child conflict and Child's Self-Esteem. Micaela Gonzalez '10 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

141. Barriers to Bystander Intervention in Instances of Interpersonal Violence. Allyson Trull '10 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

142. Partners' Attitudes Toward Treatment Seeking for Depression. Katy Crow '10 (sponsor: Professor James Córdova)

143. Parent Involvement and its effects on academic achievement. Nancy Dorr '11 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

144. The Effects of Maternal Closeness on Increase of Drinking Behavior from Adolescence to College Age Years. Ivana Levy '10(sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

145. Exploring the experience of expectations: Class, Commitment and couples. Erin McFadden '10(sponsor: Professor James V. Córdova)

146. Relationship Satisfaction and Sexual Fantasy. Elizabeth Decasse '11 and Katrina Scianna '11 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

147. Student's Understanding of Rape Scenarios; attribution of blame and contributing factors. Rebecca Steinberg 10 (sponsor: Professor Caitlin Mahoney)

148. The Ethic of Autonomy in Moral Reasoning: Exploring Age and Religious Group Trends. Matthew Lavigne '10 (sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)


149A. and 149B. College Students' Plans to Marry in the 21st Century: Are We in a Post-Marriage Culture? Kathryn Nowoswiat '12 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Merrill)

Theodore Barth Foundation Internship Award

150. Barth Fellowship Summer Internship with the State Department. Morgan Courtney '10 (sponsor: Career Services)

151. Worcester Green Jobs Coalition and Summer of Solutions 2009: Worcester. Callista Perry '11 (sponsor: Career Services)

Urban Development and Social Change

152. Segregation and Inequality in New York's City Housing Projects. Colette Mauboussin '11 (sponsor: Professor Sharon Krefetz)

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

153-156. Design for change/ the Regional Environmental Council. Geraldo Aldarondo '12, Irma Karpaviciute '11, Margaret Mennone '10, Hannah Miller '12, Ben Porway '10, Alex Swensen '11 and Judith Bussey '10 (sponsor: Professor Sarah Buie)


Klein Conference Room (above the Dining Hall)

12:00-4:00 University Communications: “CLARK VOICES”

Students—tell your story! Modeled after National Public Radio's Story Corps Project, Clark Voices is Clark University's oral history project about academic life at Clark. Tell a story about a favorite class, professor, teaching experience, study abroad experience, or any other academic experience and watch it become part of a podcast on the University's Web site.

Grace Conference Room

12:00-1:00 Art History Presentations

Vincent van Gogh and Japonisme. Adam Parison '10 (sponsor: Professor Kristina Wilson)

Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses; The Baird and Zimmerman Residences. Claire Frost '10 (sponsor: Professor Kristina Wilson)

Italianate Architecture: The Palazzo Vecchio in Massachusetts. Kami Lemke '10 (sponsor: Professor John Garton)

1:00-2:00 Sociology Presentations

Family Impact Seminar: Impact of the Recession on Families. Laura Faulkner '10, April Lambert '10, Jeremy Weiss '10, and Christine Covino '12 (In collaboration with Patricia MacDonald, graduate student; sponsors: Professor Robert J.S. Ross, Sociology and Professor Denise Hines, Psychology)

2:00-3:00 Foreign Languages and Literature Presentations

Micaela Gonzalez '10 Luis Buñuel and the Passive Spectator. (sponsor: Pro- fessor Marvin D'Lugo)

The Church in Two Films by Luis Buñuel. Elena Stocchiero '13 (sponsor: Professor Marvin D'Lugo)

Religion and Lust in the Mexican Melodrama: The case of Buñuel's Susana. Claudia Olcese Lira '10 (sponsor: Professor Marvin D'Lugo)

3:00-3:30 Psychology Presentation

Having It All: Identity Formation in Contemporary American Women. Elsa Scheie '10 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

3:30-4:30 Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Recipients

Chair: Professor Sharon Krefetz

The Initiative for Engaged Citizenship: Democratic Empowerment through Civic Education. Lauren Bloomberg '10 (sponsors: Professor Valerie Sperling and Professor Sharon Krefetz)

Human Trafficking and Transnational Cooperation: The Institutional Framework in Romania. Oana Chimina '11 (sponsor: Professor Valerie Sperling)

The Recession and How It Is Affecting Legal Aid Agencies. Calvin Choi '12 (sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Immigrant Chinese Communities of the Commonwealth. Timothy Hutchinson '10 (sponsor: Professor Valerie Sperling)


Lurie Conference Room

12:00-12:20 Biology Presentation

Internship experience at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Piangfan Naksukpaiboon '13 (sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

12:20 - 2:20 Mathematics and Computer Science Presentations

Generating Game Content from Sound. Tim Beck '10 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

PIPS—Package Independent Port System. Ian Denhardt '10 (sponsor: Pro- fessor Jerry Breecher)

Recognizing The Written Word. Katherine Yap '10 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

The Elimination and Extension Theorems. Patrick Jennings '11 (sponsor: Pro-fessor Lawrence Morris)

Motion Planning for Convex Polygons . Jonathan Moran '10 and Dylan Glotzer '11 (sponsor: Professors Li Han and Lee Rudolph)

Study of Polygon Reconfiguration Algorithms. Sean Corbett '11, Ammar Tareen '10 and Matthew Valko '11 (sponsor: Professors Li Han and Lee Rudolph)

3:00-4:30 Steinbrecher Fellowship Program

Program Director: Professor Sharon Krefetz

H.E.Y. to Youth in Namibia. Tara Devaraj '10 and Pauline Wu '10 and Jennifer Timmreck '10

Resistance Through Identity in Nimiipu Country. Mikal Brotnov '10

Community Building and 'New' Marketing. Trista Myers '10

Landscape Aerial Surveys in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Exploring Climate Change from Above and Below the Forest Canopy. Colin Peacock '10


Persky Family Conference Room

12:00-12:20 English Presentation

A Whole Lot of Nothing: A Collection of Short Stories. Liz Davidson '10 (sponsor: Professor Jay Elliot)

12:40-1:00 Comparative Literature Presentation

"Princess Mononoke" from a Post-War Perspective. Marian Stacey '12 (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine)

1:00-2:30 Japanese National Imagination Panel

Japanese Entertainment Media and Cultural Nostalgia. Alex Pooler '12 (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine) Healing in a Japanese Context. Ann Rokosky '12 (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine) Identity and Environment in Japanese Visual Culture. Aliza Belcourt '12 and Eve Rabinowitz '12 (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine) Visualizing Japanese Woman, 1850-1870. Shawnalle Guzman '12 (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine)

2:30-4:00 Graduate School of Management Presentations: City of Worcester Climate Change Community Outreach Projects

T-Shirt Campaign. Jess Mirkin, Joshua Honig, Sodoen Worpa, Curtis Reid and Seung-Woo Noh (Sponsor: Professor Mary-Ellen Boyle)

Radio, Print, Television Public Service Announcements (PSA). Lauren King, Adrian Popescu and Maritza Paulino (sponsor: Professor Mary-Ellen Boyle)

Train The Trainer Event. Alkis Theodhori, Laurel Holden and Bryan Medina (sponsor: Professor Mary-Ellen Boyle)

Media Campaign Materials. Sarah Maloney and Anuj Adhikary (sponsor: Professor Mary-Ellen Boyle)

Elementary School Curriculum Development. Shinikwa James and Brittany Flibotte (sponsor: Professor Mary-Ellen Boyle)


Rosenblatt Conference Room

1:00-2:00 History/Asian Studies Presentation: Panel on Political Dissent in Chinese History (sponsor: Professor Paul Ropp)

The Uses of Nature in Political Dissent in China. Frida Archibold '13

The Anti-footbinding Movement in China, 1890-1920. Gregory Houghton '10

Foreign Influence on Chinese Political Dissent. Kana Nakajima '10

Political Satire in the 16th Century Novel—"Journey to the West." Matthew Valko '11

2:00-3:40 History Department Honors Research

Locating Lemkin: Historiography and Methodology for Native American Genocide Mikal Brotnov '10 (sponsor: Professor Taner Akçam)

Remember for whom we play:? Baseball in American Jewish Culture after World War II. Stephen Segal '10 (sponsor: Professor Olga Litvak)

Self-control, Self-determination, and Self-defense:?The African-American Teachers Association and the Rise of Black Power. Matthew Goldflam '10 (sponsor: Professor Power-Greene)

Jubal Early, James Longstreet, and Honor in the Development of the Lost Cause Paradigm in the Post-Civil War South. Rachel Kopelman '10 (sponsor: Professor Drew McCoy)

The CIA in Vietnam. Stephen Edelstein '10 (sponsor: Professor Doug Little)

Traina Center for the Arts, Schiltkamp Gallery

9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Visual and Performing Arts: Studio Art: Senior Thesis Exhibition

Opening Reception: 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

This annual exhibition showcases the work by senior studio art majors who have undertaken senior thesis projects. This year the students are: Adrienne Adeyemi '10, Emmeline Brown '10, Siwen Chen '10, Jane Grover '10, Maeve Hogan '10, Lindsay Howland '10, Clara James '10, Maren Jensen '10, Julia McKinley '10, Rebecca Moses '10, Brittany Price '10, Julie Warchol '10 (sponsors: Professor Stephen DiRado and Professor Elli Crocker).