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Academic Spree Day 2009: April 22, 1:00 - 4:30 pm

a spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity


Tilton Hall | Asher Suite | The Bistro | Grace Conference Room | Lurie Conference Room | Persky Conference Room | Little Center for Experimental Theater | Abrahms Gallery | Schiltkamp Gallery


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Tilton Hall

Posters 12:30 - 4:30 pm


1. Does the increased taste sensitivity for glucose that results from experience with Nacyclamate generalize to other sweeteners? Alison Le '09, Bennett Collins '11, Lisa Kennedy '10, Michael Epstein '10, Julia Newmiller '10, Afzar Safeed '10, & Michael Zemel '09 (sponsor: Professor Linda M. Kennedy)

2. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy: Prion protein diseases. Dylan Bradford '09, Madeleine Henefield '09, Lisa Kennedy '10, & Anders Ohman '10 (sponsor: Professor Todd Livdahl)

3. HTLV-1 transmission dynamics and globalization. Joshua Cole '10, Ashley Crawford '10, Samantha Palace '10, & Jenelle Quill '10 (sponsor: Professor Todd Livdahl)

4. Lyme disease and biodiversity. Caren Collins '10, Lily Hoffman-Andrews '09, Amanda McLoughlin '09, & John Soghigian '09 (sponsor: Professor Todd Livdahl)

5. A mouse model for lung fibrosis. Papiya Sinha '10 & Christopher Auger '09 (sponsor: Professor Tim Lyerla)

6. Are there population differences in cortisol responses to a natural stressor in the threespine stickleback? Anna Mazzarella '09 (sponsor: Professor Susan Foster)

7. The role of ancestral plasticity in ecotypic divergence of Alaskan threespine stickleback populations. Sophie Valena '09 (sponsors: Dr. Matt Wund and Professor John Baker)

8. Development of a method to measure alpha-ketoglutarate in marine diatoms. Grant Goodrich '09 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

9. Regulation of nitrogen assimilation in marine diatoms: Is RNA stability important? Priyanka Kapur '11 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

10. Regulation of nitrate assimilation in cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora. Jacqueline Mitchell '09 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

11. Molecular evolution of GOGAT genes in marine algae. Dylan Scott '11 (in collaboration with Sohini Ghoshroy, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

12. The genomic identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi and their potential plant hosts at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation, MA. Katie Friedman '12 & Marc Benoit '12 (sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

13. Identification of the boletes of Wachusett Mountain State Park and the characterization of their ectomycorrhizal associations. Jenni Adams '12 (sponsor: Professor David Hibbett)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

14. Chimeric primase-helicases in mitochondrial DNA replication. Lisa Crislip '09 (in collaboration with Jamie Towle, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Donald Crampton)

15. Discovery of Bacteriophage specific for Streptococcus mutans. Mary Abdalla '09 & Yennhi Nguyen '09 (sponsor: Professor Donald Crampton)

16. Insight into protein purification. Chatura Jayakody '10 (sponsor: Professor David Thurlow)

17. Effects of neonatal tactile stimulation on social behavior. Molly Brennan '09 (sponsors: Dr. Jun Xu, Tufts Veterinary School of Medicine; Professor David Thurlow)


18. Mercury resistance and reduction by Shewanella algae BrY. Johanna Finn '09 (sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

19. Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of bis(S-pyrazine)dihalocopper(II) [S= Cl or CN; halogen = Cl or Br]. Susan Herringer '09 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

20. Mn(II) and Co(II) halide complexes with 2-amino-3-methylpyridinium and 2-amino- 5-methylpyridinium. David Carnevale '09 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

21. Hard templating of inorganic oxides in a silicon oxide mesopore. Melissa Loving '09 (sponsor: Professor Luis Smith)

22. Chemistry of the 2-pyridone copper halide system. Kelley Shortsleeves '09 (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

23. Biophysical studies of a prostatic acidic phosphatase peptide associated with enhanced HIV transmission. Kristine Meador '10 (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

24. Sol-gel supported proton shuttles as proton exchange membranes for water-free hydrogen fuel cells. Justin Conway '09 (in collaboration with Yan (Ricky) Meng, graduate student; sponsors: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil and Professor Luis Smith)


25. Food economics. Diana Ciechorska '09 (sponsor: Professor Jacqueline Geoghegan)

26. Forward capacity charges in the U.S. electricity market. Edward Ben Clark '09 (sponsor: Professor Sang Hoo Bae)

27. Carbon credits. Trevor McFarland '09 (sponsor: Professor Jacqueline Geoghegan)

28. Capstone Presentation. Christopher McKenna '09 (sponsor: Professor Jacqueline Geoghegan)

29. Determinants of soccer salaries in Europe. David Maldonado '09 (sponsor: Professor Sang Hoo Bae)

30. Foreign direct investment location choice in mainland China. Zhongkan Dong '09 (sponsor: Professor Sang Hoo Bae)

31. Is the NBA a simple popularity test? Michael Trobagis '09 (sponsors: Professor Wayne Gray and Professor Sang Hoo Bae)

32. EU's free pass: The case of labor mobility between Spain and Romania. Deotima Mukherjee '09 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

33. Employment and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Nana Frema Amankwah '09 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

34. Environmental regulations and restructuring in the paper industry. Reuben Kurs '09 (sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

35. More money for better education? Asian families' housing and schooling decisions. Long Lin '09 (sponsor: Professor Junfu Zhang)

36. Determinants of the US Saving Rate--Interest Rate Primacy? Ioana Ursachi '09 (sponsor: Professor Myles Callan)


37. You can't go home again: Disillusionment, displacement, and loss in Titus Andronicus, Hamlet, and Coriolanus. Nicholas Checchio'09 (sponsor: Professor Virginia Vaughan)

38. Novel: A Murder of Crows. Adam Kraus '09 (sponsor: Professor James P. Elliot)

39. The Wyman Textile Mill. Kayleigh Lagasse '09 (sponsor: Professor James P. Elliot)

40. Myths of the Monster, Mirrors of the Self: Visions of "Mongrel" Identity in Salman Rushdie and Octavia Butler. Amital Sachs '09 (sponsor: Professor Stephen Levin)

41. Is this Kosher? A collection of stories. Willa Deitch '09 (sponsor: Professor James P. Elliot)

42. Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest winners:
1st place: Ninety Six Feet of Zen, James Kobialka '10
2nd place: Beomoose, Naomi Cher '09
3rd place: How to Dodge Bullets, Rebecca Good '09

Betty '79 and Stanley Sultan Short Story Contest winners:
1st place: Genesis, Inc., Danielle Coles '09
2nd place: On the Wire, Janna King '09

Loring Holmes & Ruth Dodd Drama Contest winner:
1st place: You, Me, and the Cake, Sean Morrow '11

Leroy Allston Ames Essay Contest winner:
1st place: The Young Lead the Old: The Construction of the Ideal Citizen in Children's Abolitionist Literature, Fana Hickinson '09

Environmental Science and Policy

43. Environmental sciences hit historical black universities. Johanna Plunkett '09 (sponsor: Professor Samuel Ratick)

Foreign Languages and Literatures

44. The prevalence of Hispanics in baseball. Caleb Evanter '09 (sponsor: Professor Carol D'Lugo)

45. Promoting second language acquisition: Using natural acquisition sequences in Spanish foreign language education. Christine Gill '09 (sponsor: Professor Constance M. Montross)

46. Constructing the collective self: Dominican identity and rejection of blackness. Rachel Reizen'09 (sponsor: Professor Luisa-Maria Rojas-Rimachi)


47. Water demand analysis for greater Boston. Jonathan Penney '09 (sponsor: Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr.)

48. Using field work and remote sensing to assess lake drainage rates in the Eastern Siberian Arctic. Boyd Zapatka '10 (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

49. The viability of organic farming in Massachusetts. Marie Anselm '09 (sponsors: Professor James T. Murphy and Professor Yuko Aoyama)

50. Fuel poverty and energy inefficient housing: Impacts and alternative policy responses. David Hattis '09 (sponsor: Professor Samuel Ratick)

51. Call boxes and campus safety. Joshua Plisinski '09 (sponsor: Professor Henry Bulley)

52. Low income neighborhoods and geographic food accessibility in Worcester, MA. Christopher MacAlpine-Belton '09 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Martin)

53. The effect of suburban growth on fire regimes in California in the last 125 years. Molly Schremmer '09

Political Science

54. Russian military resurgence and the threat to U.S. interests. Omar Lamrani '09 (sponsor: Professor Michael Butler)

55. Clark Model United Nations: Harvard Model UN simulation. Abir Joshi '11, Sarkis Balkhian '09, Minh Mai '10, Katerina Antoniou '10, Sarah Richard '11, Ben Raynak '09, Ben Terrett '09, & Abhishek Raman '09 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

56. South Asian Union: Divided we stand. Abhishek Raman '09 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

57. Teaching Hindutva: National identity and the normalization of violence in Gujarat. Tanya D'Lima '11 (sponsor: Professor Michael Butler)

58. Interest group politics in central Massachusetts. Charlotte Bicking '11, Chad Curll '09, Matt Finley '10, Sonya Grabowski '11, Michael Pochettino '10, & David Wolfenson '09 (sponsor: Professor Robert Boatright)

Human-Environment Regional Observatory (HERO)

59. Suburbanization, zoning, and lawns: Preliminary insights from the Ipswich River Watershed. Kelsey Herrington '09 (sponsor: Professor Colin Polsky)

60. Mapping the American dream: Finding lawns in suburban Boston. Jenner Alpern '09 & Albert Decatur '09 (in collaboration with Rahul Rakshit and Nicholas Giner, graduate students; sponsors: Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr. and Professor Colin Polsky)

61. Species distribution modeling of Keystone Forest tree species in Massachusetts, USA. Valerie Locker '09 (in collaboration with Nick Bumbarger, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

62. Social learning in threespine stickleback. Valerie Locker '09 (sponsor: Professor Susan Foster)

63. Geomorphic change analysis using ASTER and SRTM digital elevation models in central Massachusetts, USA. Samuel Blanchard '09 (sponsors: Professor John Rogan & Professor Deborah Woodcock) (2008 ASD) Integrating remotely sensed data and environmental variables to map forest cover in Massachusetts. Nick Bumbarger, Samuel Blanchard, Alina Taus, & Joseph Fortier (sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

64. Determining potential habitat suitability for the Asian longhorn beetle in Worcester, MA. Rachel Shmookler '09 (in collaboration with Nick Bumbarger, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

65. Large area map updating and backdating using multitemporal Landsat and Aster data in Massachusetts, USA. Andrew Caiazzo '09 (in collaboration with Nick Bumbarger, graduate student; sponsor: Professor John Rogan)

International Development, Community & Environment (IDCE)

66. No land! No house! No vote!: South Africa's land policy and the transition to democracy. Amy Connery '09 (sponsor: Professor Liza Grandia, IDCE)

66A. Hypertension in the Dominican Republic. Emma Hyatt ’09 (sponsor: Professor Ellen Foley)

International Developmentand Social Change (IDSC)

67. Accountability as a prerequisite for public utilities reform in the Dominican Republic. Hannah Caruso '09 (sponsor: Professor Paul Posner)

68. "Do the RED thing": How the mass media hijacked the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Lillian Jacobs '09 (sponsor: Professor Ellen Foley)

69. The linkages between corn-ethanol production in the U.S. and the Mexican tortilla market. Thomas Rodriguez '09 (sponsor: John Rogan)

70. Linking reconciliation and development in post independence Namibia. Kari Mruz '09 (sponsor: Professor Richard Peet)

Math and Computer Science

71. LED cube powered by a microcontroller. Jeremy Kornwitz '09, Tim Beck '10, Brian Koopman '12, & Max Macrae '12 (sponsor: Professor Jerry Breecher)

72. Motion of a sparsely braced graph. Samuel Moody '12 & Michael Pietras '12 (sponsor: Professor Herman Servatius)

73. Rigidity algorithms. Nick Kellogg '12 & Jonathan Kramer '12 (sponsor: Professor Herman Servatius)


74. Authentic self-portraits. Julie Mitchell '11 (sponsor: Professor Charles De Marco)


75. Physics on a graphics chip: Simulating the Ising model in higher dimensions. Jake Ellowitz '09 (in collaboration with Kipton Barros, graduate student, Boston University; sponsor: Professor Harvey Gould)

76. Packing density of the platonic solids. Jessica Baker '09 (sponsor: Professor Arshad Kudrolli)

77. Flight of auto-rotating flexible wings. Michael Robitaille '09 (sponsor: Professor Arshad Kudrolli)

78. Experimental channelization. Joshua Meyer '09 (in collaboration with Michael Berhanu, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Arshad Kudrolli)

79. Superconducting phase diagram of an organic conductor. Laurel Winter '09 (in collaboration with Andy Coniglio, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Charles Agosta)


80. Attachment differences within lesbian adoptive couples. Brianna Welcome '09 (in collaboration with Jordan Downing, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

81. Gay and lesbian couples' experiences with adoption agencies. Elizabeth Lahart '09 (in collaboration with Hannah Richardson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

82. Gay men's preferences about child gender in the adoption process. Alison Emery '09 (in collaboration with Hannah Richardson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

83. Emotional support as it relates to friendship quality between urban boys. Allison Clancy '09 (in collaboration with Alisha R. Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Esteban V. Cardemil)

84. The relationship between emotional expressivity and emotional adjustment in immigrant adolescent males. Marissa Millman '09 (in collaboration with Alisha R. Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Esteban V. Cardemil)

85. Urban male friendships: The relationship between extracurricular activities and emotional expression. Rebecca Schulman '09 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

86. Why buy her a drink? Male and female interactions in an urban bar. Joanna Wu '09 & Stefanie Melendez '09 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

87. Distant, not conflicting: Family interdependence gap and cohesion in immigrant parent-adolescent relationships. Joanna Wu '09 (sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

88. The mother-daughter relationship during emerging adulthood. Alicia Sack '09 (sponsor: Professor Jeffrey Arnett)

89. Dominance, control, and intimate partner violence. Jessica Robie '09 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

90. It happens here too: Physical and sexual violence at Clark University. Jessica Robie '09 (sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm)

91. Posttraumatic stress symptoms among male victims of psychological abuse. Michelle Sepe '09 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

91A. Deconstructing number development in preschoolers. Deborah Edelman ’09 & Caterina Dal Col ’09 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

92. Links between child abuse and intimate partner violence. Sarah Beth Waxman '10 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

93. Violence and revictimization in male victims of childhood abuse. Danielle Goldman '09 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

94. Understanding urban norms: The development of the urban youth questionnaire. Danielle Goldman '09 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Esteban V. Cardemil)

95. The influences of shame and alcohol on male victims of domestic violence. Lindsay Danforth '09 (sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

96. Clark depression-reporting study. Victoria Clarke '10, Lindsay Danforth '09, Alan Jackson '10, and Katie Matcovich '10. (sponsor: Professor Michael Addis)

97. The association between paternal and peer relationship quality in urban adolescent boys. Allison Bowhers '09 (in collaboration with Alisha R. Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Esteban V. Cardemil)

98. Reflecting on student identity: A life story approach to becoming a psychology major. Emily Levesque-Gottlieb '09, Lukas Parkin '09, Gerry Boucher '10, Fabiana D'Este, & Erin McFadden '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

99. Ways of making sense: Seniors' academic experience with psychology. Emily Levesque-Gottlieb '09, Lukas Parkin '09, Gerry Boucher '10, Fabiana D'Este, & Erin McFadden '10 (sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

100. Veterans' perspective on purpose and function of war memorials. Emily Levesque-Gottlieb '09 & Julia Rizzo '09 (in collaboration with Zack Beckstead and Gabe Twose, graduate students; sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

101. The effects of music on the stress and mood of at-risk youth: A qualitative and quantitative study. Hayley Haywood '09 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

102. The 'coming-out process': How family and friends' reactions affect the acceptance of sexual identity among lesbians and bisexuals. Kate S. Dorsey '09 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

103. Relations between parents' perception of threat in neighborhoods and children's perceptions of parental control. Shelley Grover '09 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

104. Relations of parental autonomy support to children's anxiety. Abby Weiner '09 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

105. The path to remarriage. Hannah Ford '09 (sponsor: Professor James V. Cordova)

106. Before the 3 R's, the 3 C's: Conservation, cardinality, & counting. Victoria Fox '10, Mariana Pradas '10, & Ashley St. Jean '09 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

107. Assessing attachment with the prompt word procedure. Syeda Nissim Jan '09 (in collaboration with Dr. Meike Watzlawik, P.D.; sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

108. Comparing sets with and without notation mediation: Which comes first? Patrick Byers '09 & Billie Nachlis '09 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

109. Exploration of changes in gender identity among non-heterosexual college women across time and place. Jessica Pedrick '09 (in collaboration with Hannah Richardson, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

110. Bodily response to comedy. Preben Gietz '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

111. Music make you move? Anne Powers '12, Max Meglio '10, Preben Gietz '10, Sunewan Chunhasuwan '10, Kirtana Tanuku '10, & Katherine Cody '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

112. New findings on conflict and cohesion in immigrant parents and first generation children. Kirtana Tanuku '10 (in collaboration with Ayfer Dost, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Lene Jensen)

113. Crying at movies as embodiment of feelings. Katherine Cody '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

114. Embodied reactions to sporting events. Max Meglio '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

115. Body language and videogames. Sunewan Chunhasuwan '10 (sponsor: Professor James Laird)

116. Children's self-esteem as it relates to parental autonomy support and involvement. Danielle Phaneuf '10 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

117. Acculturation and depression among Hispanic/Latino adolescent immigrants. Micaela Gonzalez '10 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

118. The influences of social class and single parenthood on parental involvement. Katrina Black '10 (sponsor: Professor Wendy Grolnick)

119. Questionnaire validation studies: EAP & IPDQ. Katy Crow '10 (in collaboration with Melinda Ippolito Morrill, graduate student; sponsor: Professor James V. Cordova)

120. Symbol interpretation: Multiple means and multiple ends. Ann Rokosky '11 & Kenneth R. Cabell '11 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)

121. Emergence in oversaturated fields: A study of overdetermination and ornamentation. Ann Rokosky '11 & Kenneth R. Cabell '11 (sponsor: Professor Jaan Valsiner)


122. Religious nationalism as a tool for identity formation: An approach towards understanding the new wars of religion in India. Abhishek Raman '09 (sponsor: Professor Debra Osnowitz)

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

123. Bound by fashion: The corset in European paintings from the Worcester Art Museum. Sara Geller '10, Susan Herringer '09, Maeve Hogan '10, & Alex Richardson '10 (sponsor: Professor John Garton)

124. Requiem for God. David Rée '09 (sponsor: Professor John Aylward)

125. Using microcontrollers for music. Tim Beck '10 (sponsor: Professor John Aylward)

126. Twenty-Four Eyes, The Burmese Harp, and contemporary issues of 1950s Japan. Matthew Fellows '09 (sponsor: Professor Dana Benelli)

127-132. Graphic Design Studio. Liza Scardato '11, Nick Gregory-Bernstein '10, Meghan Ward '10, & Heather Larson '09 (sponsor: Professor Sarah Buie)


Asher Suite (3rd floor UC)

12:00-4:00 University Communications: Clark Voices

Students—Tell your story! Modeled after National Public Radio's Story Corps Project, Clark Voices is Clark University's oral history project about academic life at Clark. Tell a story about a favorite class, professor, teaching experience, study abroad experience, or any other academic experience and watch it become part of a podcast on the University's Web site.

The Bistro

12:00-1:00 Difficult Dialogues: "Where Do We Go From Here? Race in the Era of Obama"

1:00-2:00 Difficult Dialogues: "Where Do We Go From Here? Race in the Era of Obama"

(sponsors: Difficult Dialogues Fellows 2008-09, Abhishek Raman '09 and Hannah Caruso '09; Dean of the College, Walter Wright)


Grace Conference Room

12:00-4:30 Clark's IDSC majors explore the new frontiers of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is a critical issue of the 21st century. It involves many themes and debates. These presentations explore the conceptual, theoretical, policy issues, and best practices in sustainable development. They focus on water, energy, transportation, food security, conflict and terrorism, health and disease, and sustainable cities. These presentations are the final assignment of the Issues of Sustainability course offered by Professor Jude Fernando of the IDCE. Those who want to learn more about the IDSC major are most well come to attend these presentations.

Patille Nargozian '09 and Yonatan Melamed '11: Conflict and terrorism

Christian Luke Ludwell '10: Corporate social responsibility

Ryan Smith '09, Mark Robson '12, and Gabriela Ranzi '11: Health and disease

Rachel Banks '12 and Isabel Burgess '12: Water

Ariel Feingold-Shaw '11 and Emily Cross '10: Sustainable cities

Rachael Sonia '10 and Richard H. Spurgin '10: Climate change

Lee Gaines '11: Sustainable transport and energy year

Molly Burman '12: Food security

Grace Dana Commons (2nd floor)

1:00-4:00 "A Sense of Belonging: A Photographic Journey through Nigeria"

2008 Steinbrecker Fellow, Adrienne Adeyemi '10, will be in the gallery space to give light and informal presentations about her work and experiences. This photograph exhibition is the culmination of her journey to Nigeria in summer 2008. Everyone is welcome to come and look at the art on display and talk to the artist (sponsors: Professor Stephen DiRado and Professor Frank Armstrong)


Lurie Conference Room

12:00-1:30 Steinbrecher Fellowship Program

Program Director: Professor Sharon Krefetz

A sense of belonging: A photographic journey through Nigeria. Adrienne Adeyemi '09 (sponsor: Professor Marcia Butzel)

Experimental research on the role of an insulin receptor protein in the regulation of the Apelin Gene in Breast Cancer metastasis. Dushani Palliyaguru '09 (sponsor: Professor David Thurlow)

Through the ears of the pub: Ethnic expression and traditional Irish music. Amy Levine '09 (sponsor: Professor Sarah Michaels)

Non-profit link and technology obstacles in Vietnam. Duc Nguyen '09 (sponsor: Professor David Jordan)

1:30-2:30 Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship

Chair: Professor Sharon Krefetz

Judicial activism on the U.S. Supreme Court: An examination of the court's 'policy- making powers' through case study analysis. Iulia (Julia) Fradkin '09 (sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Starbucks and Lima: An exploration of how international franchises can influence public interactions in private spaces. Claudia Olcese Lira '11 (sponsor: Professor Paul Posner)

Lessons about Civil Rights and discrimination in housing gleaned from an internship at the Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts. Abhishek Raman '09 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)

2:30-4:30 International Organizations: Theory and Practice: Project Presentations

William Adams '11, Jamie Ahn '09, Deven Coleman '12, Kelley Crawford '11, Simona Dimitrova '10, Laura Faulkner '10, Matthew Finley '10, Katharine Higgins-Beer '11, Connor Joyce '11, Lisa Lesko '11, Amelia Najjar '12, Rachel Pass '09, Sarah Paxton '11, Kathleen Rivers '11, Richard Rizzo '11, Allen Salerno '12, & Siddiqui Zaeem '09 (sponsor: Professor Srini Sitaraman)


Persky Family Conference Room

Sociology Presentations

12:00-12:20 College students' plans to marry in the 21st Century and the future of marriage: Are we in a post-marriage culture? Katy Nowoswiat '12, Robin Gardiner '12, & Zach Schnitzer '12 (sponsor: Professor Deborah Merrill)

12:20-12:40 Defying the statistics: How has the University Park Campus School closed the achievement gap? Carolyn Spitz '09 (sponsor: Professor Shelly Tenenbaum)

12:40-1:00 Asian Americans and Asians in the media. Jenna Goodman '09 (sponsor: Professor Parminder Bhachu)

1:00-1:20 Japanese street fashion: From Harajuku to Hot Label. Amy Donin '11 (sponsor: Professor Parminder Bhachu)

1:20-1:40 The duality of American environmental nationalism. Colin Peacock '11 (sponsor: Professor Parminder Bhachu)

1:40-2:00 Skinhead subcultures: Fluid hybridization of political extremes. Christian Ludwell '10 (sponsor: Professor Parminder Bhachu)

International Departments Presentations

2:00-2:20 Sanky Pankys in the Dominican Republic. Kylie Kutney '10 (sponsor: Professor Richard Peet, ISS)

2:20-2:40 The crisis of migration in Zimbabwe. Siobhan Kelley '12 (sponsor: Professor Michael Butler, Political Science)

2:40-4:30 Foreign Language and Literature Presentations: The National Imagination

Bryanna Goldberg (Sociology/Spanish '09) Perceptions of the Woman in Argentina: La puta contra la santa (sponsor: Professor Marvin D'Lugo)

Elizabeth Hanwacker (Environmental Science/ French '09) (sponsor: Professor Marvin D'Lugo) Hacer Argentina en el Interior: Visualizing the Argentine Countryside

Karleen Porcena (Government/Spanish '09) Showing Our Colors: The Afro-German Tradition (sponsor: Professor Robert Tobin)

Eva Mozena Brandon (Spanish '09). German Identity in Comedy: No Laughing Matter (Sponsor: Professor Robert Tobin)

Richard Segal (Undeclared '12). Borrowed Anthem: The Construction of the Japanese National Anthem (sponsor: Professor Alice Valentine)

Jeremy Sander (History '10), Adam Linder (Music '10), & Margaret Kettles (Int'l Dev '10) German Music Video: From Pappa to Pop (sponsor: Professor Robert Tobin)

Victoria Krinsky (Undeclared '12) & Sahar Suleman (Communication and Culture '10) Soccer Nationalism in Germany (sponsor: Professor Robert Tobin)

Rosenblatt Conference Room

Psychology Presentation

12:00-12:20 Deconstructing number development in preschoolers. Deborah Edelman '09 & Caterina Dal Col '09 (sponsor: Professor Marianne Wiser)

Mathematics and Computer Science Presentations

12:20-12:40 Bending and kissing: Computing self-contact configurations of planar polygons in multiple coordinate charts. Jonathan Moran '10 & Dylan Glotzer '11 (sponsors: Professor Li Han and Professor Lee Rudolph)

12:40-1:00 Bending and kissing: Computing self-contact configurations of planar polygons in one coordinate chart. James Wilson '09 & Sam Dorsey-Gordon '09 (sponsors: Professor Li Han and Professor Lee Rudolph)

1:00-1:20 Collision free path planning of planar polygons. Charles Ha '09 (sponsors: Professor Li Han and Professor Lee Rudolph)

English Presentations

1:20-1:40 Translating the transcendent: The reconstruction and deconstruction of mythological systems in science fiction. Keen Hahn '09 (sponsor: Professor Betsy Huang)

1:40-2:00 Temporalities in William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury." Peter Murray '09 (sponsor: Professor SunHee Kim Gertz)

2:00-2:20 In search of authentic liberation: Recognizing veils in Assia Djebar's "Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade." Tara Hedayat-Zadeh '09 (sponsor: Professor Stephen Levin)

2:20-2:40 Overcoming the sickness: A study on the literariness of video games. Daniel Menard '09 (sponsor: Professor Betsy Huang)

2:40-3:00 Falling's children-The hunters: The computer game aspects. Daniel Menard '09 (sponsors: Professor Li Han and Professor Lee Rudolph, Math and Computer Science)

History Presentations

3:00-4:30 History Department Honors Research.

Kimberly Di Rodi '09, Sixteenth Century Italian women writers. (sponsor: Professor Wim Klooster)

Rebecca Dash '09, Breadwinners and cold warriors: Contradictions in the construction of post-war manhood. (sponsor: Professor Amy Richter)

Nora Newhard '09, The Unitarian Service Committee and Dr. Robert Dexter. (sponsor: Professor Deborah Dwork)

Harriet Smith '09, The veteran comes to Clark: A study of the impact of the GI Bill on Clark University. (sponsor: Professor Janette Greenwood)

Little Center for Experimental Theater

3:00-5:00 Theatre: Performance

Scenes from the advanced playwriting workshop. Curtis Baker '11, Katelyn Cox '09, Elizabeth Davidson '10, Catherine Gabis '11, Leah Henoch '09, Emily Holland '09, Maxie Kalish '11, Chelsea Long '11, Kevin McGerigle '11, Sean Morrow '11, Natasha Ochshorn '11, Alana Osborn-Life '12, Maeve Pfeifer '09, Kristine Resendes '09, Samuel Rubin '10, Hannah Salzman-Gubbay '09, Allison Schenkler '11, Camilla Smith '11, & Alexandra Young '09 (sponsor: Professor Gino DiIorio)

Student Lounge (near UC Entrance)

12:00-4:30 Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I & E) Presentations

(sponsor: Professor George Gendron)

Discussion on Starting and Growing a New Green Business While In School; Comfort Green LLC, Elisha Buhler
Starting a new company around innovative green technology. A discussion on the mishaps, successes, and potential growth of a business in a booming and ever growing market.

Clark, Search Marketing, and You, Duc Nguyen '09 & Arlen Bitsky '11
Research was conducted for Clark's Marketing and Communications department to learn how the internet can be used to create a brand for the university that will attract students who are fit for this school. Working with Paula David, the new VP of Marketing here, our research was to contribute to the creation of Clark's first comprehensive marketing plan. The project involved creating a specific piece of the growing plan, and at the conclusion of our research, we suggested Clark take one of the few opportunities we discovered. What everyone at Clark should take away from this is that every part of the university from the president to the students interested in applying are essentially marketers. All of these people ultimately decide the direction of a brand. Clark aims to be the best it can be and it needs everyone's help.

Clark Food Fest: Cook for Hunger event, Amanda Pearlstein '09 and her team.
My team and I are going to be involved in the Academic Spree Day this year and are going to be presenting a power point presentation on the Clark Food Fest: Cook for Hunger event. The Cook for Hunger event has taken place at Clark University for 2 consecutive years and has been a popular event among students. The first year of the event took place last year and was a test to see if the event could actually be implemented at Clark and if students would be interested in coming and supporting this type of event. As a result this event was successful the first year and created hype among the students and faculty so that is why we implemented the event again this year. Clark Food Fest: Cook for Hunger is an event where we invite local chefs from local restaurants in Worcester and other venues to come and cook "Iron Chef" style in the Clark University cafeteria. This is also a fundraising event so all the proceeds benefit the Worcester Food Bank, Inc. During Academic Spree Day my team of 3 people will be presenting a power point presentation highlighting the past events and also will be giving a preview of what the handbook looks like (which includes all the event details and documents so that other colleges can implement this type of event at their school) that we are currently working on in our Capstone class. Also this presentation will inform students about the actual details and the amount of work that goes into planning this type of event. We hope that by presenting our event during this event we will get students that will be interested in helping out with the event next year. As well, we hope to inspire students to go after something that they are passionate about like we are with planning the Cook for Hunger event.

Green Run 5k Road Race run/walk, Co-founders Maria Arabatzis '09, Bonnie Unger '09, and Sarah Holroyd '10.
Clark University¹s first 5k Road Race—run/walk held on April 5, 2009 12:00 noon. 117 entrants and 20 volunteers participated. Entry fee was $10, which went directly to the Regional Environmental Council, Inc. The Regional Environmental Council, Inc. (REC) is a grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to build strong, healthy, sustainable communities in Worcester, MA. After the race there was a celebration to honor the runners and their efforts in supporting the REC. The event was ³green-themed,² promoting awareness and education of environmental sustainability, both at the University and in Worcester with food, raffle, and information available. This was a US Track and field certified race with an official timer. The race results are on an official website for results. Permits and police were present from the City of Worcester.

SETV, Alex Atkins '10, Naomi Marcus '09, Shawna Marks '12, Zach Shaw '11, and Iliana Skroubelos '09.
The goal of SETV is to create an outlet in an attempt to spread the message of Social Entrepreneurship and social responsibility to the students of Clark University, and hopefully, one day, beyond to a much larger audience. The message of Social Entrepreneurship Television is a simple one of combining the familiar elements of a television talk show and a news program, with some dynamic aspects of a documentary. SETV will provide examples of successful individuals who have taken innovation into their own hands and created positive change. This will provide a link between those who are currently aware and those who are willing to gain knowledge and actively help in the improvement of our community. In order to do this, we will start at the grass-root with the help of the local Clark Cable Network (CCN). SETV will initially be broadcast on CCN and once becomes a functioning website, through podcasts as well. Our goal is ultimately to see our program on the schedules of network and cable broadcast outlets such as The Discovery Channel's Green Planet or MTV's university channel. Whether our program is broadcast daily or weekly, it will provide a regular source for updating the progress of today's Social Entrepreneur's. SETV will have a global reach even as it focuses on local SE businesses as well. Our primary target audience of viewers is made up of college students, with the aim of inspiring them to create awareness of the social change that needs to be addressed. Social Entrepreneurship promotes global change that inspires individuals to take action against poverty, environmental destruction, world hunger, and other issues plaguing our world. In order to capture the attention of our audience, this show will be relevant, timely and entertaining in the information it provides. Blending these key elements will set the stage for our viewers to want to become more socially responsible.

Academic Commons at Goddard Library

(Located in the plaza level (under the stairs) of the Academic Commons / Goddard Library)

12:00-4:30 O.C.T.I.Art - Divers' Haven Exhibition

Brittany Price '10. O.C.T.I.Art (Oceanic Causes Topics Information and Artwork) is a project that combines my interests in art and the ocean. This project is made up of a series of ocean-themed artwork incorporating a variety of different media. This particular piece, "Divers' Haven," serves as a dedication to Michael Norwood and other ocean explorers who have lost their lives doing what they love. (sponsor: Professor Timothy Murdoch)

Abrahms Gallery

12:00-4:30 "Drawing the Body" Exhibition

Students from the class, "Drawing the Body" will present work from this semester: Jennifer Aballo '11, Siwen Chen '10, Sunewan Chunhasuwan '10, Rebecca Dash '09, Samuel Doran '09, Nina Eichner '12, Alison Freeman '11, Jennifer Greene '09, Kristina Haglund '10, Olivia James '11, Abigail Johnson '12, Jared Packard-Winkler '12, Marie Sirois '11, Joseph Warren '12 (sponsor: Professor Stephen DiRado)

12:00-4:30 "Movable Landscapes" Exhibition

2008 Strassler Scholar, Sara Lawler '09.
The idea of capturing a particular moment forever from the streaming consciousness of time has always been one of the aspects of photography that most excites and inspires me. However telling or concealing each photograph is, however real or fabricated, it ultimately withstands the test of time with a staying power markedly different from regular memory. I strive to capture a moment, which however transient, is true to itself. With the summer stipend awarded as a part of my Strassler Scholarship, I traveled to San Francisco, CA for two weeks in June 2008. I'd been using an in-camera multiple-exposure technique with a Holga camera for over a year prior to my trip, but developed a distinct style with my new work. While the street scenes I'd been shooting previously were a document of my experience in a particular place, with this work I attempted to capture a sense of the personality of the place as it revealed itself to me. Lee Friedlander, whose retrospective show I saw at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art during my trip, hugely influenced this body of work. I was impressed by Friedlander's visual wit and the elegance he used to compose the juxtaposition of imagery in his photographs, as if he were assembling a clever puzzle with the world around him. I referenced Friedlander's wit of sight with juxtaposition of my own, through multiple exposures to document the bustling movement of my visual experience of the city. Sara Lawler is a senior at Clark University where she studies Studio Art with a concentration in photography. All work is for sale, please contact the artist for pricing and availability at You can view more work by this artist on her webpage at

Schiltkamp Gallery

5:00-7:00 Visual & Performing Arts: Studio Art: Senior thesis exhibition

An exhibition of work by senior studio art majors who have undertaken thesis projects. Melissa Bickley '09, Cory Bratton '09, Jenny Greene '09, Eliza Jones '09, Scott Lalison '09, Sophie Kirchner '09, Heather Larson '09, Sara Lawler '09, Marissa Mackey '09, Emily Mele '09, Nicole Rejwan '09, Rachel Slater '09, Casey Whalen '09, & Jessica Wolf '09 (sponsor: Professor Stephen DiRado)