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Academic Spree Day 2008: April 23, 12:30 - 4:30 pm

a spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity


Tilton Hall | Asher Suite | The Bistro | Grace Conference Room | The Grind | Lurie Conference Room | Persky Conference Room | Little Center for Experimental Theater | Abrahms Gallery | Schiltkamp Gallery


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Tilton Hall

Posters 12:30 - 4:30 pm

1. A test of a role for the sweet receptor T1R3 subunit in experience induced changes in sugar taste sensitivity. Benjamin Torch '08, Jessalyn Wheaton '08, & Alison Le '09 (in collaboration with Kristina M. Gonzalez, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. L. M. Kennedy)

2. Development of drug resistance in a cancer cell model. Tim Hanley '09 (sponsor: Prof. T. Lyerla)

3. Activated alveolar macrophages: Lung cells that can cause disease? Ashley Faden '08 (sponsor: Prof. T. Lyerla)

4. Parasitism and competition of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Bermuda: Did it cause the disappearance of Ae. Aegypti? Katharyn Baca '09 (sponsor: Prof. T. Livdahl)

5. Restoring RUNX1 function in deficient B cell progenitors through the use of EBF-expressing retroviral complementation. Madeleine Henefield '09 (sponsors: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & Rachel Gerstein, UMass Medical School)

6. Adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV positive individuals: Biological and ethical considerations. Sara Koehring '08 (sponsors: Prof. P. Derr, Philosophy & Prof. S. Foster, Biology)

7. Molecular evolution and characterization of glutamine synthetase in the marine Haptophyte Emiliania huxleyi. Kevin Brown '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Robertson)

8. Rapid amplification of cDNA ends in two red algae Rhodella violacea and Stylonema aslidii. Jenna Nguyen '08 (in collaboration with Sohini Ghoshroy, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. D. Robertson)

9. Function of BACH 1 in cancer cells. Jenna Nguyen '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Robertson, Clark U. & Sharon Cantor, UMass Medical School)

10. Internal nitrate pools and nitrate reductase transcript levels in the marine diatom Skeletonema costatum: Variability due to light and nitrogen source. Bryce Winant '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Robertson)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
11. Characterizing the structure/function of Glut1 using Factor Xa Proteolysis. Laura Andersh '08 (in collaboration with Julie De Zutter, graduate student; sponsors: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & Anthony Carruthers, UMass Medical School)

12. Cloning, expression, and purification of LMA glycoprotein. Laura Andersh '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Thurlow)

13. Metastasis in liver cancer. Annette Nelkenbaum '09 (sponsors: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & Brian Lewis, UMass Medical School)

14. Role of insulin receptor protein-2 (IRS-2) in regulation of apelin in breast cancer metastasis. Dushani Palliyaguru '09 (sponsors: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & Leslie Shaw, UMass Medical School)

15. Is N-terminal dimerization of Hsp90 necessary for its function? Shyamal Asher '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & Dan Bolon, UMass Medical School)

16. Oligosaccharide assay precision on mAb1 and evaluation of CEM microwave technology. Lincoln Muhoro '08 (sponsors: Prof. D. Thurlow, Clark U. & David Ouellette, Abbott Bioresearch Center)

17. Biophysical studies of Collagen VII. Lincoln Muhoro '08 (sponsor: Prof. N. Lazo)

18. Biophysical studies of keratin peptides associated with Epidermolysis bullosa. Stacy Lawrence '08 & Lincoln Muhoro '08 (sponsor: Prof. N. Lazo)

19. Deuteration: Preparation for neutron scattering studies. Susan Herringer '09 (sponsor: Prof. M. Turnbull)

20. Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic pyradinedicarboxylate complexes. Alexander Parent '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Turnbull & Prof. C. Landee)

21. Transition metal complexes of dihaloaminopyridines: syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of [Cu(3,5-diCAP)2X2] and [Cu(3,5-diBAP)2X2]. Kelley Shortsleeves '09 (sponsor: Prof. M. Turnbull)

22. On the effects of the S20G mutation on the folding and aggregation of the Islet amyloid polypeptide. Miranda Simon '08 (sponsor: Prof. N. Lazo)

23. Effects of a beta-glycine substitution in the folding nucleus of the Amyloid-beta protein. Salvatore Pezzella '09 (sponsor: Prof. N. Lazo)

24. Synthesis and analysis of 2,2'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridine coordination complexes. David Carnevale '09 (sponsor: Prof. M. Turnbull)

25. Characterization of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial helicase. Dmitry Merzon '09 (sponsor: Prof. D. Crampton)

26. Falling popularity: A study of TV rating and professional sports. Michael Melville '08 (sponsor: Prof. S. H. Bae)

27. The impact of Brownfields on housing values in Worcester. Ashley Harris '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Geoghegan)

28. A roll call analysis of agricultural protection. Naomi Parker '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Brown)

29. The hedge fund industry: Movement of assets and funds. George Keppler '08 (sponsor: Prof. W. Gray)

30. Hartford's neighborhood decline and revival: 1960-2008. Conor Sweeney '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Brown)

31. Hamlet's soliloquies: An analysis of text and performance. Kate Rafey '08 (sponsor: Prof. V. Vaughan)

32. "Twelfth Night" on stage: Performance as interpretation. Samantha Keefe '08 (sponsor: Prof. V. Vaughan)

33. Angels and aliens: Postmodernism's return to myth. Ayaan Agane '08 (sponsor: Prof. V. Vaughan)

34. Quetzalli, a novel. Lana Petersson '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Elliot)

35. Living within borders: Multiracial identity in the American coming of age novel. Magdalena Rabidou '08 (sponsor: Prof. W. Napier)

36. Gendered economies: Marriagability, society, and financial independence in the life and works of Edith Wharton. Matt Pettengill '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Neuman)

37. Biological writing. Nicole Dewberry '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Elliott)

38. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Beyond the wall-paper. Christine Zimmerman '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Elliott)

39. A balancing act: Thoreau's interdisciplinary progression. Jennifer Sateriale '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Neuman)

40. Stories and a novella. Sam Mattern-Schain '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Elliott)

Poetry contest winners:

41. 1st place: America runs on Dunkin'. Mary R. O' Sullivan '08; 2nd place: Stranger. Charity L. Forrester '08; 3rd place: Adios, Machiavelli. Robin Barron '09

Short story contest winners:

42. 1st place: Arcadia Run. Amital C. Sachs '09; 2nd place: Sweet Potato. Charity L. Forrester '08; 3rd place: Earth. Danielle E. Coles '09

Foreign Languages and Literatures
43. Women as French national icon. Jennifer Stege '08 (sponsor: Prof. B. Gale)

44. Sustainable farms and food in the urban context. Joanna Plunkett '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Rocheleau)

45. The hierarchical geography of contemporary Native American art work. Daniel DeSantis '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Johnson)

46. The risks and reasons of lawn management. Laura DeVeber '08 (sponsor: Prof. C. Polsky)

47. Agricultural land fragmentation/A case study in Romania. Alina Taus '08 (sponsor: Prof. Y. Ogneva-Himmelberger)

48. Planning for the future: Defining and applying sustainability in planning and development. Sara Nelson '08 (sponsor: Prof. C. Polsky)

Political Science
49. Nationalism and religion: A match made in heaven. Sean Closs '08 (sponsor: Prof. S. Sitaraman)

50. Simulating European integration: Lessons learned from a Model EU simulation. Katerina Antoniou '10, James Conway '08, Alec Donoso '10, Ben Raynak '10, & Ben Terrett '09 (sponsor: Prof. M. Butler)

51. Model United Nations and poster presentations. Ben Terrett '09, Ben Raynak '10, Abhishek Raman '09, Anna Sophia Moran '10, Tara T. Lewis '10, & Tanya D'Lima

Human-Environment Regional Observatory (HERO)
52. Suburbanization and residual water demand: A case study of Ipswich, MA. Nagraj Rao '08 (in collaboration with Kaushik Ghosh, graduate student; sponsors: Prof. C. Polsky, HERO and Prof. J. Geoghegan, Economics)

53. A sub-1 meter land-cover classification focusing on residential lawns: The case of Ipswich, Massachusetts. James Wilson '09 & Nagraj Rao '08 (in collaboration with Rahul Rakshit, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. C. Polsky)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
54. EcoVision-A green consulting company. Allison MacHaffie '08 & Shaina Mackie '08 (sponsor: Prof. G. Gendron)

55. ThinkCause. Victoria Mariano '08, Nayapal Pande '08, Emmy Negrin '08, & Nicoleta Diaconu '08 (sponsor: Prof. G. Gendron)

International Development, Community Planning & Environment (IDCE)
56. Perspectives on out-mitigation of Romanians. Alex Lefter '08 (sponsor: Prof. I. Alvarez)

57. Development of an environmental management system (EMS) for Clark University. Dominic Pascarelli '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Stephens)

58. Blinders: Plunging through the complexities of international women's organizing. Erica Richmond '08 (sponsor: Prof. K. Asher)

59. Using straw bales to create energy efficient homes. Evan Boyd '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Stephens)

60. What are the ecological impacts of bio-fuel agriculture? Trevor Attenberg '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. C. Stephens)

61. Marketing green, the selling of sustainability. Nicholas Kerwin '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. C. Stephens)

International Developmentand Social Change (IDSC)
62. Illegal existence, ultimate exclusion. Sarah Abrams '08 (sponsor: Prof. E. Foley)

63. Post-genocide reconciliation: An analysis of Gacaca courts in Rwanda. Naomi Sully '08 (sponsor: Prof. B. Grier)

64. Structural causes and HIV/AIDS prevention. Kesem Rozenblat '08 (sponsor: Prof. E. Foley)

Math and Computer Science
65. Communication through plasma. John Burke '08 (sponsor: Prof. N. Sternberg)

66. Modeling plasma and sheath. Jessica Baker '09, Jake Ellowitz '09, & Emily Reynolds '09 (sponsor: Prof. N. Sternberg)

67. A Study of the bounded plasma problem. Dylan Glotzer '11, Adam Hobel '11, Emilie Lafontaine '11, Emily Mickelson '11, & Declan Oller '11 (sponsor: Prof. N. Sternberg)

Peace Studies
68. Working toward a culture of peace: A comparison between the United Kingdom and the United States. Emily Terrana '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. de Rivera)

69. Personal perceptions of peace at Clark. Mary Brigid Palcic '11, Suzie Wise '11, Tim Hutchinson '10, Michelle Gebele '11, & Justin Akiyama '11 (in collaboration with Kelly Sinko, undergraduate student; sponsor: Prof. J. de Rivera)

70. The insanity defense. Carleen Copper ’09 & Justin Villet ’09 (sponsor: Prof. J. DeCew)

71. Paternalism and “John F. Kennedy Hospital v. Heston.” Fasha Onorato ’08 & Angela Romeo ’08 (sponsor: Prof. J. DeCew)

72. “Grutter v Bolinger” and Affirmative Action: What does it mean for us students today? Tara Hewitson ’09 (sponsor: Prof. J. DeCew)

73. Random exchange spin ladders: Cu(quinoxaline)(Br_x)(Cl_1-x)_2. Igor Partola '08 (sponsor: Prof. C. Landee)

74. Barriers for gay men in the transition to parenthood. Jessica Pedrick '09 (sponsor: Prof. A. Goldberg)

75. Heterosexual and same-sex couples' coping experiences during the adoption process. Lauren Schiappa '08 & Lauren Sidman '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Goldberg)

76. Gay couples' experiences in navigating sexism and heterosexism in the adoption process. Maayan Carmi '08 & Amy McPheeters '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Goldberg)

77. Power and authority. Victoria Verlezza '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

78. Adolescent risk of engagement in risky behavior and parental control. Allison Metz '08 (in collaboration with Carrie (Price) Mauras, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. W. Grolnick)

79. Emotional climate and political participation in Lebanon. Fouad Bouzeineddine '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. de Rivera)

80. True life: Men talk about help-seeking. Emily Zoback '08, Malini Sakhrani '09, Jason Berkowitz '08, & Andrew Ninnemann '10 (in collaboration with Matthew Syzdek, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. M. Addis)

81. Affect matching in mothers and daughters and its relationship with their quality of communication. Jennifer Rabin '09 (in collaboration with Carrie (Price) Mauras, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. W. Grolnick)

82. Choosing a type of adoption: Lesbian, heterosexual, and gay couples' decision-making process. Kelly Nugent '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Goldberg)

83. The effects of intrinsic need fulfillment in personal life and in the emotional dynamic of the classroom on teacher's job satisfaction. Aimee Folger '09 (in collaboration with Valerie Bellas, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. W. Grolnick)

84. You and your child I: Parents' feeling about temporarily leaving the child in others' care. Stephanie Convicer '08, Jessica Connie '10, Rachel Goldin '10, & Elsa Scheie '10 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

85. You and your child II: Parents' rituals at temporary departure. Stephanie Convicer '08, Jessica Connie '10, Rachel Goldin '10, & Elsa Scheie '10 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

86. The development of epistemic agency in adolescents. Sehar Mahmood '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Joffe Falmagne)

87. Social affiliation as moderating ethnic identity's influence on mental health. Sehar Mahmood '08 (in collaboration with Sandra Torres, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E.Cardemil)

88. Majoring in Psychology: Sorting out differences between academic and professional identities. Lukas Parkin '09, Vera Lier '08, & Sehar Mahmood '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Bamberg)

89. Construction and protection of Chemyon (the Korean social face) as dialogical self. Soo Hyun Seong Kim '08 (sponsors: Prof. A. J. Jung and Prof. J. Valsiner)

90. Chinese-American women attraction: Traditional and Western value influences. Soo Seong '08 & Joanna Wu '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

91. Immigrant adolescent-parent disagreements: A qualitative study. Joanna Wu '09 (sponsor: Prof. L. Jensen)

92. The microgenetic interpretations of art analysis. Ann Rokosky '11 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

93. Psychogenesis. Kenneth Cabell '11 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

94. Microgenetic organization of free associative thought. Kenneth Cabell '11 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

95. The microgenesis of creating distinctions within an undifferentiated field. Christopher Cesarini '11 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

96. Horizontal and vertical interpretations of emotions: Comparison of Eastern and Western countries usage of emoticons. Yoon-Keang Joo '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

97. Myself in the mirror: Comparison of Korean and Saudi Arabian young women's self construction while trying on lipstick. Yoon-Keang Joo '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

98. The researcher is also a stimulus. Yoon-Keang Joo '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Bibace)

99. Gender and emotion socialization in the classroom. Emma Smith '08 (in collaboration with Valerie Bellas, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. W. Grolnick)

100. Children's understanding of weight as associated with material kind. Kimberly Citrin '08, Victoria Fox '10, Sarah Hosek '08, & Athena Drosos '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Wiser)

101. Depression in adolescent girls: The effect of negative life events in an urban, multiethnic sample. Danielle Goldman '09 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

102. An investigation of acculturation and mental health among Latino adolescents. Elena Sicairos '09 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

103. Sports and mental health: The moderating role of adherence to gender roles. Jenna Glazer '08 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

104. Fatalism and adolescent mental health: The effects of gender and ethnicity. Chawisa Chartsuwan '08 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

105. Depression and self-esteem in Latino adolescents: The effect of within-group peer discrimination. Maylene Collado '08 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

106. Effect of masculine gender norms on emotion suppression. Lindsay Danforth '09 (in collaboration with Sandra Torres, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

107. Teaching tolerance or perpetuating stereotypes: A study of adolescent perceived adult discrimination in an urban high school. Amanda Hay '09 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

108. Sex differences in emotion regulation: The mediating role of parental emotion socialization. Genevieve Ballinger '08 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

109. Effects of feminine gender norms and display rules on depression and anxiety. Ashley Rustigian '08 (in collaboration with Sandra Torres, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

110. The bidirectional relationship between television and the family. David Resnick '11, Caitlin Grelotti '11, & Jamie Wood '11 (sponsor: Prof. L. Comparini)

111. Silent victims: Male targets of female sexual aggression. Jessica Robie '09 (sponsor: Prof. D. Hines)

112. Conformity to gender norms and self-esteem among urban adolescent males. David Schuberth '09 (in collaboration with Tatiana Pinedo, graduate student; sponsor: Prof. E. Cardemil)

113. Preschooler's understanding of cardinality, counting, and conservation. Melanie Cabral '08, Laurill Spinazola '08, Brandy Oliver '08, Caterina Del Col '09, & Kate Dorsey '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Wiser)

114. Correlations between parental autonomy support and student self-regulation. Christopher Bidorini '09 (sponsor: Prof. W. Grolnick)

115. Physiological responses to decaffeinated coffee: Situational cuers vs. personal cuers. John Borghi '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Laird)

116. Chinese children's concept of illness. Dan Dan Wang '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Bibace)

120. Picking up a nice cup: Aesthetics of everyday life in Russia and USA. Alena Katsnelson '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. Valsiner)

117. Study of pollution and academic performance. Kristen Domurad '08, Anuli Iloabachie '08, Alex Harris '08, & Courtney Seidler '08 (in collaboration with Jennifer Hanlon, Jennifer Griffith, and Kaoru Kawashima; sponsor: Prof. B. London)

Steinbrecher and Anton Fellows
118. Stigma and discrimination in HIV/AIDS: The health smart card in India. Ishanti Gangopadhyay '08 (Steinbrecher Fellow; sponsor: Prof. B. Grier)

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)
119. Physiological responses to music. Mary (Rosie) O'Sullivan '08 (sponsor: Prof. B. Korstvedt)

University Communications: Clark Voices
1:00-4:00 President's Dining Room
Students—Tell your story! Modeled after National Public Radio's Story Corps Project, Clark Voices is Clark University's oral history project about academic life at Clark. Tell a story about a favorite class, professor, teaching experience, study abroad experience or any other academic experience and watch it become part of a podcast on the University's Web site.


Asher Suite

12:30-1:00 V&PA: Music Presentation
Nate Fowle's Capstone Extravaganza!! Nathan Fowle '09 (sponsor: Prof. J. McGinn)

1:00-2:00 IDCE/Communications and Culture: Presentation
The change makers: Grassroots women in informal human settlements. Ashley Emerson Gilbert '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. I. Bell)

2:00-3:30 Government and IR: Panel Presentation
New directions in terrorism research: Women, children, diasporas. Leah Coleman '08, Kevin Hunter '08, & Eileen Sullivan '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Butler)

The Bistro

12:30-1:30 Difficult Dialog Project: "Climate change: A conversation café"

2:30-3:30 Difficult Dialog Project: "Climate change: A conversation café"

Christian Bowman '09, Colin Oldenburg '11, Tim Hutchinson '10, Joelle Rosen-Buell '10, Shawnasia Black '08, Katelyn Cox '09, Nathan Fowle'09 , Amanda Lemmon '09 , Jaquelyn Popeo '09 , & Candace Steenbeke '11 (sponsor: Dean of the College, Walter Wright)


Grace Conference Room

12:30-2:00 Anton and Steinbrecher Fellowship Program
Program Director: Prof. S. Krefetz. Steinbrecher and Anton Fellows Question: What do China, Iceland, Finland, and Worcester have in common? Answer: They're all sites for research projects by Steinbrecher and Anton Fellows.

Environmental performance of gold mines in Central Lapland, Finland. Steinbrecher Fellow Paula Zimmerman '08 (sponsor: Prof. D. Johnson)

To find a place where nothingness reigns: A photographic exploration of Iceland. Steinbrecher Fellow Cade Overton '08 (sponsor: Prof. F. Armstrong)

Corporate social responsibility in China. Steinbrecher Fellow Hang Zhang '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. E. Boyle)

Community perception: Ex-inmates, NIMBY, and the need for housing and services in Worcester County. Steinbrecher Fellow Jeff Saginor '08 (sponsor: Prof. P. Ewick)

All kinds of girls: Using the Clark experience to expand the program to other colleges. Anton Fellow Lauren Miller '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Richter)

2:00-3:00 Ancient Civilization: Presentation
The ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry. George Charles Allen '08 (sponsor: Prof. P. Burke)

3:00-4:00 IDSC: Presentation
The role of faith-based humanitarian organizations in Guatemala. Sharon Olander '08 (sponsor: Prof. J. Fernando)

4:00-4:30 Mathematics and Computer Science: Presentation
Applications of computer animation to motion visualization. John Burke '08 (sponsor: Profs. L. Han and L. Rudolph)


The Grind

Foreign Languages and Literatures: Presentations
War as a video game: What better way to raise the ultimate scholar? Peter Kadden '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Valentine)

1:00-1:30 Japanese women's liberation in the works of Kono Taeko and Yamada Amy. Alex Lefter '08 (sponsor: Prof. A. Valentine)

1:30-2:00 Gender and patriarchy in Mexican telenovelas: An analysis of "Te sigo Amando." Alex Lefter '08 (sponsor: Prof. M. Acosta Cruz)

2:00-2:30 Geography: Presentation
Assessing drivers of bald-cypress mortality in forested wetlands of Louisiana. Laura Merner '08 (sponsor: Prof. B. L. Turner)

Lurie Conference Room

Sociology: Panel Presentations

12:30-1:30 Gender and society panel.
Ideological differences in the struggle for reproductive rights: A comparison of black and white activism. Ashley Clement '08

Invisible men: Traditional gender roles and older men's vulnerability. Kiri Cook '08

Representations of elderly women in magazine advertisements. Krissi D'Elia '08 (sponsor: Prof. S. Tenenbaum)

1:45-3:00 Race and education
Anuli Iloabachie '08, Alexis Millett '08, Georgiana Mora '08, & Magdalena Rabidou '08 (sponsor: Prof. S. Tenenbaum)

3:00-3:30 Psychology: Presentation

Personal epistemology: Synthesizing knowledge in the presence of contradictory accounts. Laura Sherman '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Joffe Falmagne)

3:30-4:30 V&PA: Presentation

Visual culture of the Americas: Pre-contact to present. Ryen Welker '08, Molly Bullock '08, & Adam Parison '10 (sponsor: Prof. A. Lepage)


Persky Family Conference Room

Government Presentations: Panel Presentations

12:30-2:00 American presidency research. Jeffrey Chang '08, Kerry Dolan '08, Nathan Eagan '11, David Farrell '09, Nora Feely '09, Katharine Flynn '08, Jonathan Hack '09, Matthew Lefrancois '08, Sylvie Lepeltier '11, Michele Merritt '09, Ashley Reven '09, Arianna Schudrich '09, Chelsea Sweeney '11, & David Wolfenson '11 (sponsor: Prof. B. Cook)

2:00-2:30 Honors thesis: The no child left behind act. Mary Joyal '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Boatright)

2:30-3:00 Campaign finance in municipal elections: The 2007 Worcester City Council candidates. Mishal Aslam '08, Alexander Abels '08, Julie Cariglia '08, Kenyon Hayes '08, Mary Joyal '08, Kathryn O'Leary '08, &Angela Romeo '08 (sponsor: Prof. R. Boatright)

3:00-3:30 The role of hegemonic masculinity in the perpetuation of sexual violence against women: A comparative analysis of South Africa and Mexico. Karyn Miller '08

Growing hope: A new initiative to combat AIDS in Ghana. Chelsea Ellingsen '10 (sponsor: Prof. B. Grier)

3:30-4:30 Clark Mock Trial: Student discussion and presentation. The Mock Trial team that ranked #8 at the National Tournament will discuss the mock trial program and give actual demonstrations using witnesses and exhibits. John Alsup '08, A. J. Bhadelia '08, Alexis Correia '09, Nora Feely '09, Lindsay Gemmell '10, Sydney Kennedy '09, Sylvie Lepeltier '11, & Kathryn O'Leary '08 (sponsor: Prof. S. C. Kennedy, Esq.)

Little Center for Experimental Theater

3:30-5:30 Theater: Performance

Scenes from the advanced playwriting workshop. Danny Balel '08, Mary Lane Townsend '08, Blake Boris-Schacter '09, Katelyn Cox '09, Becca Leighton '08, Christine Dunant '09, Maria Anderson '08, Melanie F. Hardy '08, Laura Berger '08, Dan Derks '09, Maeve Pfeifer '09, Marc Hartman '08, Natasha Ochshorn '11, Chelsea Long '11, Meagan Munch '11, & Amanda Kidd Schall '11 (sponsor: Prof. G. DiIorio)

Abrahms Gallery

12:30-4:30 Visual & Performing Arts: Photograph Exhibition

To find the place where nothingness reigns. Steinbrecher Fellow Cade Overton ’08 (sponsor: Prof. E. Crocker). I traveled to Iceland on the Steinbrecher Fellowship in Summer 2007 for ten days to establish a photographic dialogue with the landscape and the country. The resulting prints are my personal reaction to the unique landscape; a landscape as awe-inspiring as it is lonely. They are a document of the landscape I traveled through and the emotions they are capable of stirring in a visitor.

12:30 -4:30        Studio Art Exhibition: "Images From Guatemala"

Strassler Scholar Sarah Brooks ’08 (sponsor: Prof. E. Crocker)
In the summer of 2007 I was able to travel to the Lake Atitlan region in Guatemala on the Strassler Summer Research Grant. Over the period of a month I worked with local Mayan schoolchildren to produce murals in different villages which reflected the traditional life of the indigenous Mayan people.

Schiltkamp Gallery

5:00pm-7:00pm Visual & Performing Arts: Studio Art: Senior thesis exhibition

An exhibition of work by senior studio art majors who have undertaken thesis projects. Jennifer Bauman '08, Sarah Brooks '08, Seah Chickering-Burchesky '08, Rachel Israel '08, Jeremy Katz '08, Qiao-Juan (Jeseca) Lin '08, Michael Moore '08, Cade Overton '08, Monica Piedrahita '08, Michael Seidman '08, Whitney Tranchemontagne '08, Peter Wise '08, & Nicole Yee Litt '08 (sponsor: Prof. E. Crocker)