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Academic Spree Day 2006: April 26, 12:30 - 4:30 pm

a spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity


Tilton Hall | Bemis Conference Room | Grace Conference Room | Lurie Conference Room | Persky Family Conference Room | Rosenblatt Conference Room | Razzo Hall in the Traina Center for the Arts | Schiltcamp Gallery at the Traina Center for the Arts | Little Center for Experimental Theater


Tilton Hall: Posters 12:30 - 4:30 pm


1. Experience with Na-cyclamate, but not Acesulfame-K, Induces Increased Taste Discrimination Ability for Glucose. Adiba Hassan '06 & Patrick McNamara '08 (in collaboration with Kristina M. Gonzalez, graduate student; sponsor: Professor L. M. Kennedy)

2. The Behavioral and Brain fMRI Effects of MDMA (Ecstasy). Jessica Shields '07 (Self-Designed Neuroscience Major, sponsor: Professor L. M. Kennedy) POSTER (PDF)

3. Somatic Cell Genetics of Frog and Fish Cells. Sarah Beaudry '06, Chrissy Ryan '06, Catherine Foley '06, Elma Kadic '06, Elda Myzyri '08, Jessica Nadeau '06, Camilla Peach '06, Nilufer Rahmioglu '06, & Anxhela Kole '06 (in collaboration with Lingyan Wang, graduate student; sponsor: Professor T. Lyerla)

4. Molecular Biology of Uncontrolled Growths in the Fungus Schizophyllum commune. Jerrica Breindel '06 (Anton Fellow) (in collaboration with Goutami Banerjee, graduate student; sponsor: Professor T. Leonard) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

5. Developmental Genetics of an Abnormal Growth Form in the Fungus Schizophyllum commune. Entela Nako '06 (Anton Fellow) (in collaboration with Goutami Banerjee & Aaron Wilson, graduate students; sponsor: Professor T. Leonard) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

6. The Role of Recombination on Coadaptation. Entela Nako '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor T. Livdahl) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

7. Exploration of Dictyostelium as a Model System for the Development of Anti-Amoebic Drugs. Catherine Foley '06 (in collaboration with Richard Sucgang, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine; sponsor: Professor D. Larochelle)  POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

8. BACH1 Expression and its Potential Role as a Tumor Suppressor. Peter Abdalla '07 (Department of Cancer Biology, sponsor: Professor D. Thurlow) POSTER (PowerPoint)

9. Real Time PCR Analysis of Nitrogen Metabolism Gene Regulation in the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana. Sarah Assefa '07, Larissa Chiulli '06, Lauren Jorgensen '07, Katherine Stein '07, & Katrina Twing'07 (sponsor: Professor D. Robertson) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

10. Does Carbon Availability Limit the Growth of the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana? Sarah Assefa '07, Larissa Chiulli '06, Lauren Jorgensen '07, Katherine Stein '07, & Katrina Twing'07 (sponsor: Professor D. Robertson) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

11. Hsc70 Interacts with the Myotubularin-Related Domain of the Dictyostelium Pats1 Protein. Jesse Davis '06 & Dan Adams '07 (sponsor: Professor D. Larochelle) POSTER (PDF)


12. Investigation of the Secondary Metabolites of Dictyostelium discoideum. Jesse Davis '06 (sponsor: Professor K. Erickson)

13. Nitrogen Dynamics in Flow-Through Microcosms of NITREX(R) Reactive Media. Jennifer Reimer '06 (sponsor: Professor F. Greenaway) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

14. Biosynthetic Studies in Artemisia annua. Valerie Pivorunas '06 (sponsor: Professor K. Erickson)

15. Synthesis of Low-Dimensional Antiferromagnet Ladders and Cu4Br6(O)(2-AP)4. Matthew Phillips '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull)POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

16. Structural and Magnetic Studies of Copper(II)Bromide 2-Pyridone Complexes. Emilia Tripodakis '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

17. Magnetic Properties of Pyridinedicarboxilate Copper(II) Complexes. Alexander Parent '08 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

18. Tetrabromocuprate Salts of Substituted Pyridines. Tamis Dudo '07 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)


19. Microfinance: Is Outreach an Impediment to Financial Self-Sustainability? Alex Leibowitz '06 (sponsor: Professor A. Ickowitz) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

20. Speculative Currency Attacks. Sattha Prasitwarakul '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Callan) POSTER (PowerPoint)

21. The Effects of Fiscal Policy on the Current Account: Evidence from a Vector Autoregression Approach. Rebecca Batza '06 (sponsors: Professors M. Callan & M. Bokil) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

22. The Solow Model's Missing Link: Gender Equality. Rebecca Fox '06 (sponsor: Professor W. Gray) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

23. The Effect of Smart Growth Policies on Sprawl. David Kramer '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Brown) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

24. Enough Already? Optimal Family Size in America. Uyen Le '06 (sponsor: Professor W. Gray)

25. From Export-Led Growth to Import-Substitution Decline: Policy and Productivity in the Uruguayan Beef Industry. Larissa Price '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor J. Brown) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)


26. "A Hopeless One-Sided Institution": Marriage and the Feminist Politics of Oscar Wilde. Liz Valenti '06 (sponsor: Professor L. Kasmer)

27. William Faulkner: Masks, Roles, and Reception. Michael LaFrancis '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor B. Huang) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

28. Winners of the Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest: "Longing" Courtney Denison '06; "A Fish in Action" Genna Sarnak '09; "Sea Crow" Mariah Hamilton '06 (sponsor: Professor V. Vaughan)

29. Winner of the Betty '79 and Stanley Sultan Short Story Contest: "To Be Left Alone" Fardeen Chowdhury '06; Honorable Mention: "The Yacht Club at the End of the World" Sean Connell '06 (sponsor: Professor V. Vaughan) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

30. Winner of the Leroy Allston Ames Essay Contest: "Transformational Verse: Spirituality & Society in William Blake's 'The Chimney Sweeper' and Gerard Manley Hopkins' 'God's Grandeur'" Michael LaFrancis '06 (Anton Fellow). Winner of the Loring Holmes and Ruth Dodd Drama Prize: "It's Not Me It's You" Danny Balel '08 (sponsor: Professor V. Vaughan) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Environmental Science & Policy

31. Gardening and Sustainable Living as an Empowerment Strategy for the Urban Northeast. Anna Jolley '06 (sponsor: Professor R. Goble) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

32. Too Much of Not Enough: A Comparative Study on Packaging Waste Legislation in the United States and the European Union. Cassandra Steele '06 (sponsor: Professor R. Goble) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

33. Using Export Coefficient-Based Models to Calculate Phosphorus Loadings for a Pond in MA. Alejandra Jaramillo '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor R. Goble)

34. Is it Getting Hot in Here? A Mixed Methods Approach to Explaining Suburban Drought in Humid Eastern Massachusetts. Troy Hill '06 (sponsor: Professor C. Polsky) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Foreign Languages and Literatures

35. Pre- and Post-World War I Conceptions of Modernity as Embodied by the New Woman in Fitzgerald and Colette. Hannah Knafo '06 (sponsor: Professors B. Gale of Foreign Languages and Literatures & J. Elliott of English)

36. A Comparison of Novels by Marguerite Duras and Amelie Nothomb. Barbara Rodrigues '06 (sponsor: Professor B. Gale) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)


37. College Students and the City: How First and Fourth Year Students Perceive Place in Worcester, MA. Robert Keeley '06 & Jessa Loomis '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Hanson)

38. Assessing Vulnerability to Drought in the Ipswich River Watershed in MA. Sarah Assefa '07, Kate DelVecchio '07, Laura Merner '08, & Isaac Payano '07 (sponsor: Professor C. Polsky)

39. Creating a Historical Database for Land Cover Change Detection. Ryan Frazier '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Rogan)

40. Comparisons of Light Rail in Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity. Rebecca Alper '06 & Kara Younkin '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Hanson)

41. Catching the Wind: Understanding the Wind Energy Development Process. Josh Hilsdon '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

42. Corporate Social Responsibility, Fiscal Linkages, and Development: A Case Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Gold Mining in Tanzania. Allan Breed '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

43. Quantifying Categorical Associations Using Sub-Pixel Mapping. John Connors '06 (sponsor: Professor R. G. Pontius)

44. Forest Monitoring and Land Cover Mapping Using Satellite Images. Joe Fortier '07 & Ryan Frazier '06 (in collaboration with Trevor G. Jones, graduate student; sponsor: Professor J. Rogan) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

45. Why are Teens Motivated to Drive? A Case Study of Worcester, Massachusetts. Jessica Aker '07 (sponsor: Professor S. Hanson) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

46. Worcester's Urban Gardens: Many Hands, Many Histories. Carolyn Kriso '08 (sponsor: Professor D. Rocheleau) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

47. The Case for African-American Reparations. Sarah Goldstein '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

48. Is There Latent Demand for Student Mobility in Worcester? John Carroll '06 & David Schwartz '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Hanson) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Political Science

49. Women in Pakistan: The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism. Sehar Mahmood '08 (sponsor: Professor B. Grier)

50. Modeling the United Nations: A Simulating Experience. Nahid Ahmed '07, Niluka Gunawardena '07, Eduardo Arboleda '07, Ben Raynak '09, Oguz Alyanak '06, & Abhishek Raman '09 (sponsor: Professor S. Sitaraman)

51. Globalizing China and its Impact on Human Rights and the Environment. Rahima Bensaid '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Sitaraman)

52. Neither with US or Against US: Popular Responses to American Culture and Anti-Americanism in India. Edita Mirkovic '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Sitaraman)


53. Jack Kerouac's America: The Road Revisited. Adam Tomczik '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor P. Ropp)

International Development, Community Planning & Environment

54. Bosnia and Herzegovina's Higher Educational System. Brigitta Jozan '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Bell)

55. Politics of Inclusion: The Afro-Colombian Experience in Formal Politics. Ana Toro Ocho '06 (sponsor: Professor K. Asher)

56. ALERT SANSTHAN: A Case Study of Non-Governmental Programs Working with Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Women in the Decentralized Government of Rural India. Magnolia Turbidy '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Fernando)

Math and Computer Science

57. Sampling the Configuration Space of A Closed Chain with Fully Rotatable Joints. Jonathon Blumenthal '06 & Ihar Valodzin '07 (sponsors: Professors L. Han & L. Rudolph) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

58. Stratified Configuration Space and Path Planning for a Planar Closed Chain with Revolute Joints. Jonathon Blumenthal '06 & Ihar Valodzin '07 (sponsors: Professors L. Han and L. Rudolph)

59. Motion Planning of Closed Chains with Fully Rotatable Joints and its Applications. Jonathon Blumenthal '06 & Ihar Valodzin '07 (sponsors: Professors L. Han & L. Rudolph) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

60. Mathematics and Computation for Sudoku. Monty Kaplan '09, George Keppler '08, Mikhail Lipovsky '09, Theo Love '06, & Samantha Meyer '08 (sponsors: Professors J. Breecher & J. Kennison) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

61. Interactive Sculpture. Ryan Schenk '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher) POSTER (PDF)


62. Victim Impact Statements and Capital Punishment: Payne v. Tennessee. Bridget Millman '08 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

63. Paternalism and Religious Belief: Kennedy Hospital v. Heston. Irena Kaci '06 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew)

64. The Problem of Consent in Rape Cases: State v. Rusk . Emma Gabriele '08 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew)


65. Modeling and Analyzing a Tunneling Diode Oscillator Circuit with SPICE. Chris Rea '06 (sponsor: Professor C. Agosta) POSTER (PDF)

66. Dynamics of a Granular Polymer. Micah Veilleux '06 (sponsor: Professor A. Kudrolli) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

67. Cu(Phenazine)Cl2 and (Phenazinium)2CuCl4oH2O: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Data. Ryan Schneider '06 (sponsors: Professors C. Landee & M. Turnbull) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)


68. Sociometric Ratings and Adherence to Femininity Norms in Adolescent Girls. Jennifer Williamson '07 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

69. Family Structure, Gender, and Aggression: A Study of Low Income Eighth Graders. Joanna Brinton '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

70. Women Talking About Women: An Exploration of the Gendered Self. Genie Giaimo '06 (sponsors: Professors J. Valsiner, Psychology & J. Elliot, English)

71. From Past to Present: The Voices of Patients. Christine Bascetta '07 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

72. Child Life Programs as Child Centered Care. Larissa Chiulli '06 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

73. The Relationship Between Exposure to Violence and Physical and Relational Aggression in Urban Adolescents. Emily Baskin '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

74. Depressive Symptoms in Children of Immigrants. Barbara Zerillo '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

75. Mating Strategies: Comparing High School Students' Mating Strategies and College Students' Mating Strategies. Alexandra Fedotowsky '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Cordova)

76. Understanding Clients and Helping them Grow Using the Partnership Approach. Alexandra Conrad '07 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

77. Helpful Habits: Links Between Emotional Skills, Physical Health and Social Satisfaction Among Elderly Men. Danya Fortess '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Cordova)

78. From Index to Symbol? Young Children's Understanding of Trails in a Landscape. Carissa Ekholm '06 & Sara Goldthwaite '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Wiser) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

79. The Quality of Electrical Taste. Beth Cutroni '07 & Alex Frey '07 (in collaboration with Rebecca Louzan '07; sponsor: Professor D. Stevens)

80. The Stages of Change of Forgiveness in Clark Undergrads and Refugees Living in Worcester. Corrina Simon '06 (sponsors: Professors J. Cordova, Psychology & D. Bell, International Development)

81. To Kill or Not to Kill: A Study Through Cultural Psychology. Alessandra Zimmerman '07 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

82. Values and Evaluations: A Comparison of Ratings on and Evaluation Forms Taken in Class. Jaime Hickey '07, Samantha Trickey '07, & Larissa Christensen '07 & Michael Bamberg

83. Recipient Designs of Open-Ended Comments in Course Evaluation Forms. Jaime Hickey '07, Samantha Trickey '07, & Larissa Christensen '07 & Michael Bamberg

84. The Relation Between Preschoolers' Familiar Verb Usage and the Ability to Generalize Novel Verbs. Hang Zhang '08 (in collaboration with Juan Hu & Kaya Ono, graduate students; sponsor: Professor N. Budwig) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

85. Physiological and Self-Reported Responses to Whines. Emily Lescak '07, Jonathan Green '07, Joshua Cohen '08, Brian Eaton '07, & Matthew Simonson '07 (in collaboration with Rose Sokol, graduate student; sponsor: Professor N. Thompson)

86. Semiotics of Water Experiences. Jen Bartko '06 & Anna Kupik '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

87. The Role of Depression in the Relationship Between Pessimistic Attributional Styles and Social Conflict. Michelle Miller '07 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

88. Gender as Related to Parents' Attributions for Their Children and Children's Attributional Styles. Julianne Siegfriedt '07 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

89. Discrepancies Between Parents' and Childrens' Ratings of Child Depression: Effects of Parent Depression. Cyndi Greenstein '07 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

90. Relationships Between Children's Perceptions of Parental Autonomy Support and Discrepancies in Parent and Child Reports of Involvement. Esther Hockett '07 (sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

91. Perceived Parental Efficacy: Influences on Involvement and Adolescent Depression. Patricia Fonseca '07 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

92. When it Comes to Assessing Marital Satisfaction, are Women and Men Really Different? Allison Kiely '06, Daniel Be '07, Grace Ramazani '06, & Jeneve Nunez '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Cordova)

93. Aggression in Urban Girls: How it Relates to Perceived Popularity vs. Sociometric Popularity. Megan Benoit '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

94. Memory: Reliable and Faulty. Hayley Balsam '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

95. Doing Dr. Laura: Undressing a Culture of Radio Advice-Giving. Alexandra Kelley '06 & Charley Cunningham '07(sponsor: Professor M. Bamberg)

96. Modeling Altruism: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Leaving a Dyad. Shawn Barr '07 (sponsor: Professor N. Thompson) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

97. Attributing Emotion to Two-Dimensional, Schematic Displays: Speed Counts. Ashley Buia '07, Narreh Ghazarian '06, Ann Kimball '06, Amanda Vinsant '06, & David Yoselevsky '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PowerPoint)

98. Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in Sports. Emily Zoback '08, Andrea Comen '06, & Nikola Milinkovic '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

99. Explicit and Implicit Measures of Prejudice. Naomi Tyler '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

100. Sex Differences in Emotion Language. Aran Benishay '07, Michael Cruz '07, Wesley Long '07, & Lauren Page '08 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

101. World Hypotheses and Romantic Compatibility. Sylvie Cancellier '08, Benjamin Pannell '07, Erin Pavane '06, Deborah Reyes '07, & Mary Romprey '07 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

102. Individual Differences in Autonomic Response to Emotional Stimuli. Jonathan Baker '06, Corrie Bamberg '07, Jaclyn Barton '07, Alexandra Conrad '07, & Paul Grocki '07 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird) POSTER (PDF)

103. The Effect of Urban Adolescent's Perceptions of Parental Messages on Aggressive Behaviors. Meredith James '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

104. Psychology Theme House Presents: Three Signatures of Clark in Relation to the Partnership Model. Shamsil Hazarika '08, Stephanie Convicer '08, Jessica Moise '08, & Kristen Domurad '08 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

105. Pluralistic Ignorance as an Impediment to Peace. Shalen Chauvin '07 (sponsor: Professor J. de Rivera)


106. Globalization and Middle Eastern Fashion. Leah Coleman '08 (sponsor: Professor P. Bhachu)

107. Different Measurements of Corporate Thinking: The Case of Wal-Mart. Christopher Franklin '06 (sponsor: Professor R. Ross)

Visual and Performing Arts

108-111. Designing for Difficult Dialogues. Nathan Chin '07, Thomas Jankiewicz '06, Kara Scimeca '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Buie)

112-115. A Design Identity for Economic Geography. Stephen Albano '07, David Howland '06, Anthony Chromey '06, Lindsay Sylvester '07, Xiang Xiao '06, & Andy Wall '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Buie)

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Bemis Conference Room

12:30-1:00 Screen Studies: Video Presentation
Amehlo Ami: An African Adventure.
David Beare '06 (sponsor: Professor T. Shary)

1:00-1:30 Screen Studies: Video Presentation
Clark University: Beyond the Tour.
Scott Silver '06 (sponsor: Professor T. Shary)

1:30-2:30 Education/Communications & Culture: Multimedia Presentation Extending and Enhancing the Main South Community.
Stephanie Sperber '06, Rachel Carey '06, Lou Mahmood '06, Ian Hoffman-Terry '06, Emily Negrin '08, Kristen Domurad '08, Rebecca Pollack '09, Eric Miller '06, Tim Dzurilla '05/'06 & Sarah Fealhaber '08 (sponsor: Professor S. Michaels)

2:30-3:00 History: Demonstration & Display
Learning Women's Work: A Demonstration.
Stephanie Sperber '06 (sponsor: Professor A. G. Richter)

3:00-3:30 Foreign Languages & Literatures: Presentation
Who's Got Class? Gabriel Garcia Marquez and los McOndistas.
Laurel Polumbaum '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Acosta Cruz)

3:30-4:00 English, Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry Presentations
Meticulous Hearts: Poems of Place & Being.
Claire Adams '06, Torrie Blodgett '06, Alexis Close '06, Nick Delaini '06, Terry Deletetsky '06, Courtney Denison '06, Mariah Hamilton '06, Celia Hoffman '06, Irena Kaci '06, Rebecca Karlinsky '07, Jason LaMountain '06, Peter Legasey '06, Christopher Mackowiak '06, Leeba Morse '07, & Ksenia Varylguina '06 (sponsor: Prof. Lea Graham)

Grace Conference Room

12:00-2:00 Anton Fellowship Program: Presentations
Question: What do the Hammer Dulcimer, Implementation of the New Code of Ethics in South Africa, Jack Kerouac's America, "Green" Market, Livestock Industry in Uruguay, and Foundry in Worcester Have in Common?: All Are Projects Done by 2005-2006 Anton Fellows.
Adam Tomczik '06, Larissa Price '06, Elizabeth Waste '07, Sean Hurley '06, Christopher Miller '06, & Gwladys Ngo Tegda '06, (sponsor: Professor S. Krefetz)

2:00-3:30 History: Honors Thesis Presentations
Will the Real John Brown Please Stand Up? Boston's Response to the Harpers Ferry Raid.
Chris Babits '06 (Professor D. McCoy)

Outside the American Military Melting Pot: The American Military Service of German Jewish Refugees in World War II.
Joshua Franklin '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Dwork)

Gay China.
Sian Gaetano '06 (sponsor: Professor P. Ropp)

Play, Playgrounds, and Progressive Reform: The Transformation of Children's Play.
Rebecca Dezan '06 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor A. Richter)

Lurie Conference Room

12:30-2:30 Government & International Relations: Oral Presentations
Research and Policy Action: Warrantless Domestic Surveillance.
Daniel Braganca '06, Kimberly Butler '08, Lindsay Einhorn '06, Katherine Flynn '08, Caitlin Hanson '08 Kenyon Hayes '08, Rebecca Mayer '07, Kevin Ready '06, Luken Weaver '06, Brian Werbeloff '08, & Shayna Woodard '08 (sponsor: Professor B. Cook)

Research and Policy Action: Sex Education and STD Policy.
Ashley Faden '07, Chandra Jawalaprasad '07, Lily King '09, Nora Newhard '09, Kathryn O'Leary '08, Jill Reitzell '08, Ryan Sarazin '08, Kelly Sinko '08, & September Weinberger '08 (sponsor: Professor B. Cook)

Research and Policy Action: No Child Left Behind and Education Reform.
Jonah Beukman '08, AJ Bhadelia '08, Robert Cosgrove '09, Kerry Dolan '08, Charlene Hasib '09, Kevin Hunter '07, Kevin McCullough '07, & Rachel Ross '09 (sponsor: Professor B. Cook)

2:30-3:30 Government Honors Theses: Panel Presentations
Senior Honors Theses.
Helen Williams '06 (sponsor: Professor B. Cook)
David Fialkov '06 (Professor M. Miller)
Maria Andrea Lopez Duarte '06 (sponsor: Professor P. Posner)
Wendy Middlebrook '06 (sponsor: Professor P. Posner)
Nivedita Mehra '06 (sponsor: Professor: S. Sitaraman)

3:30-4:30 Management & ISS: Multimedia Presentation
F.A Premier League Academies Structure: A Model to Follow in Colombia.
Juan Becerra '06 (sponsor: Professor M.-E. Boyle)

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Persky Family Conference Room

12:30-2:30 Communication & Culture: Panel Presentation: Global Terrains
"Third Culture Kids: Emerging Youth Categories in Global Worlds"
Sameed Quasem '09

"Mainstream Hip Hop and the Development of Social and Political Consciousness"
William Cobb '08

"Google Goes Global: Communicating for Freedom"
Nicholas Kerwin '08

"The Rise of Urban Culture and Music Videos: Mali Women's Identities and Success"
Shira Burnstein '07

"M.I.A: From Sri to Acton:Singer and Performer of the Diaspora"
Brock Terwilleger '09

(sponsor: Professor P. Bhachu)

2:30-4:30 Sociology: Panel Presentation On Roots & Routes: Diasporic and Immigrant Worlds.
"The Mohammad Cartoon Scandal: The Danish Controversy Spreads in Transnational Worlds"
Mayssa El Khazan '06

"The New Face of Middle Classes in India:Consumerism and Choice"
Nivedita Mehra '06

"Second Generation Turkish German Literature: The Life and Politics of Feridun Zaimoglu"
Katja Kurtz (graduate student, English Dept.)

"'Unwelcome' Jamaicans Do Not Cross Borders: Immigration and Boundaries in Borderless Terrains"
Davia Davidson (graduate student, IDCE Dept.)

"Reconnecting the Jamaican Diaspora: Home Town Associations"
Kameika Murphy (graduate student, History Dept.)

"Better Luck Tomorrow: Creating Space for Asian American Identity Through Film"
Ing Phansavath (graduate student, IDCE Dept.)

"Home and Abroad for Dominicans in the US: Remittance Economies and Transnational Migration"
Johanna Walczak '06

(sponsor: Professor P. Bhachu)

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Rosenblatt Conference Room

12:30-2:30 Mathematics & Computer Science: Multimedia Presentations
Voice Over IP.
Jason White '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher) POSTER (Powerpoint)

Automated Computer Network Topology Detection.
Ryan Twomey '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher) POSTER (PDF)

Interactive Sculpture.
Ryan Schenk '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher) POSTER (PDF)

Bluefish: Principle and Practice of a Modern Encryption System.
Matthew Ghantous '06 (sponsor: Professor F. Green)

2:30-3:30 Sociology: Panel Presentation
Doing Gender: Theory and Praxis.
Kristen Ethier '07, Danya Fortess '06, Amanda Graizel '06, Jenna Kidrin '06, Anna Lantz '06, Rachael Petramale '07, & Nicole Quallen '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

3:30-4:00 IDCE: Presentation
The Impact of Secondary Education in Rural Tanzania: The Case of the Mashingia Secondary School.
Maud Mabika '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Earle) POSTER (PowerPoint) (PDF)

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Traina Center for the Arts, Razzo Hall

2:00-3:00 Visual & Performing Arts: Student Compositions & Performances
Casey Tobin '06, Nicolas Hoffman '06, Erica Rubinsky '06, Adam Liebowitz '07, Vanessa Lee '06, Henry Trimbach '07, Gregory Ledovsky '06, Trevor Pearson '07, & Elizabeth Waste '07 (Anton Fellow) (sponsor: Professor J. McGinn)

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Traina Center for the Arts, Schiltcamp Gallery

12:30-4:30 Visual & Performing Arts: Studio Art Senior Theses Exhibition
(Reception 4:30-6:30).
Michael Berninger '06, Nathan Chin '06, Madelyn Feldman '06, Rebecca Herskovitz '06, David Howland '06, Thomas Jankiewicz '06, Timothy Johnson '06, Christina Lafontaine '06, Patricia MacDonald '06, Matthew Mayer '06, Christopher Miller '06 (Anton Fellow), Greer Muldowney '06, Morgan Peirce '06, Stephanie Sheridan '06, & Daniel Sullivan '06 (sponsor: Professor E. Crocker)

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Little Center for Experimental Theater

12:30-2:00 Theatre: Performance
Original Works Written and Performed by Students from the Advanced Playwriting Workshop.
Daniel Balel '08, David Haffner '06, Rachel Jackowitz '06, Joshua Kohler '07, Jonina Lutwick '06, Samuel Musen '06, Lee Tetreault '07, Danielle Tifft '07, & Alyssa Young '06 (sponsor: Professor G. DiIorio)

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