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2005 Academic Spree Day Program

Tilton Hall | Abrahms Gallery in the University Center | Bemis Conference Room | Grace Conference Room | Grind Central | Lurie Conference Room | Persky Family Conference Room | Rosenblatt Conference Room | Traina Center for the Arts | University Gallery at Goddard Library and Schiltcamp Gallery at the Traina Center for the Arts

a spring celebration
of undergraduate research and creative activity

When: April 27, 2005 from 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Where: Higgins University Center


Tilton Hall: Posters 12:30-4:30


1. Human Taste Plasticity for Sugars. Debra Anderson '08, David Critchlow '08, Danielle Dufresne '08, Ellen Durand '08, Jessica Friedman '08, Ishanti Gangopadhyay '08, Anna Maione '08, Kathleen Mazza '08, Patrick McNamara '08, Mary O'Sullivan '08, Chelsea Spoerl '08, Benjamin Torch '08, & Lior Zvi '08 (in collaboration with Kristina M. Gonzalez, graduate student; sponsor: Professor L. M. Kennedy)

2. Nitrate Reductase Expression in the Marine Diatom, Thalassiosira Pseudonana. Samuel Liciardo '05, David Siegel '05, Matthew Chmielewski '04/'05, & Eva Zadykowicz '04/'05 (sponsor: Professor D. Robertson)

3. Nitrate Reductase Expression in the Marine Diatom, Skeletonema Costatum. Angelica Angiulli '05, Kathryn Brown '05, Kevin Brown '08, & Brigham Whitman '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Robertson)

4. Search for Centrosomal Genes in Dictyostelium discoideum. Viktor Karetsky '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Larochelle)

5. Recombinant TRAIL and Apoptosis Induction. Kathryn Brown '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Thurlow)

6. Making Transgenic Fruit Flies with a Mutant PLC-Gamma Gene. Nicole Mills '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Thackeray)

7. A Course Project: Development of an ICR-2A Neo Resistant Cell Line. Lauren Coppola '06, Elliot Kim '05, Denis Kole '05, Fawzi Kronfol '05, Erika LeClair '05, Rabia Malick '05, Kemjika Nwokogba '06, & Brian Pietrantonio '05 (in collaboration with Mark Joubert, graduate student; sponsor: Professor T. Lyerla)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

8. Prediction and Analysis of Complexes Formed Between the Anthrax Protective Antigen Heptameric 'Pre-Pore' and the Anthrax Lethal Factor and Between the Anthrax Lethal Factor and MAPKK-2 Peptide Substrate Models. Elysia Alvarez '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Nelson)

9. Assessing Polyribosome Association of the Yeast Protein Lsm12. Adam D. McPherson '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Thurlow)

10. The Investigation and Characterization of the Myotubularin-Related Domain of Pats1. Jesse Davis '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Larochelle)

11. Identification of Spirochetal Surface Proteins that Function in Adhesion to Mammalian Cells. Kimberly LeBlanc '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Thurlow)


12. Translational and Rotational Motion of Dichloromethane in AF 1600. Darryl Aucoin '07 (in collaboration with Junyang Zhong, graduate student; sponsor: Professor A. Jones)

13. Synthesis of Low-Dimensional Antiferromagnet Ladders. Matthew Phillips '06 (sponsors: Professors M. Turnbull & C. Landee)

14. Biosynthetic Studies in Artemisia annua. Valerie Pivorunas '06 (sponsor: Professor K. Erickson)

15. The Growth of Neutral (II) Bromide/Quinoxaline Crystals [Cu (qnx) Br2]. Emilia N. Tripodakis '06 & Blaine Lewis '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull)

16. Magnetic Properties of N-Methylmorpholinium Metal Chlorides. Alexander Parent '08 (sponsor: Professor M. Turnbull)

17. Forensic Laboratory Experiments. Amanda M. Schroder '06 & Chrissy Dranginis '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Thurlow)

18. Initial Conformational Changes of Transthyretin Triggering Amyloid Formation. Boyan Yordanov '05 (in collaboration with Mingfeng Yang, graduate student; sponsor: Professor S. Huo)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

19. Analysis of Complexes Formed Between Anthrax Protective Antigen Monomers and Between Anthrax Protective Antigen and Models for the Human Anthrax Toxin Receptor. Linsey Stiles '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Nelson)

20. Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations of the Ricin Toxin from the Castor Bean in the Absence and Presence of Substrate Molecules. Katherine Hynes '05 & Andrew Wilz '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Nelson)

Communication & Culture

21. Main South Community Website. Tim Dzurilla '05 (sponsor: Professor S. Michaels)

22. The Sweeties and the Paisans: Modes of Address as Power in Sex and the City and The Sopranos. Alita Mitchell '05 (sponsor: Professor F. Johnson)

23. The Color Purple from Book to Movie: An Analysis of Steven Spielberg's Sanitizing of Alice Walker's Text. Kimberly Dunbar '05 (sponsor: Professor F. Johnson)

24. Cultural Context and Language in Three Versions of Cosmopolitan: A Comparison of the U.S. Edition in English, the U.S. Edition in Spanish, and the Spain Edition in Spanish. Kelly Bixby '05 (sponsor: Professor F. Johnson)

25. Bali Blasts: How Newspapers Frame Terrorism After 9-11. Cara Wood '05 (sponsors: Professors F. Johnson & J. Dempsey)


26. Public Transportation: 'Cause Riding Alone is Boring. Michael R. Agnelli '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Brown)

27. The Effects of Concentration in the Media Industry: A Study of Mid-Size Radio Markets. R. Larson Bullock '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Brown)

28. Attainment and Employment: The Impact of the Clean Air Act on Employment in the Manufacturing Sector. Alex Krofta '05 (sponsor: Professor W. Gray)

29. Does Accession to WTO Stimulate Faster Growth? Tsz Wai So '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Bernhofen)

30. Business Strategy and Financial Performance During Recession. Daniela D. Valle '05 (sponsor: Professor W. Gray)

31. Keys to Countries' Success in the Olympic Games. Xiang Xiao '06 (sponsor: Professor W. Gray)

32. From the Imperialism of Free Trade to the WTO: A Debate and Discussion. Caitlin Cannon '05, Troy Hill '06, & Allan Breed '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Brown)


33. A: Winner of the Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest: "Relative" Claudia McQuistion '07 (sponsor: Professor J. Elliott);
B: Winners in the Short Story Contest: "Idol Crime: A Dixon Trent Mystery" Gregory Dufresne '06; "Starbucks" Karen C. Smith '07; "Peanut Butter Sandwich" Peter Legasey '06 (sponsors: Professors F. Johnson & W. Napier)

34. A: Winner of the Leroy Allston Ames Essay Contest: "Radical Visions" Jonathan Corke '06 (sponsor: Professor L. Kasmer);
B: Winners of the Loring Holmes and Ruth Dodd Drama Prize: "Big, Bad and Desperate" Samuel Musen '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Sultan); "Downstream" Danielle M. Tifft '07 (sponsor: Professor G. DiIorio)

Environmental Science & Policy

35. Sustainable Urban Development: Evaluating New Urbanism as a Method for Sustainability. Yasmin Bowers '05 (sponsor: Professor R. Goble)

36. Water Resource Management: Perception vs. Reality of Water Supply and Demand in the Language of Sustainability. Maatsi N. Angwafo '05 (sponsor: Professor R. Goble)


37. A Survey of Technology Use by Clark Faculty, Staff, and Students. Matt Diamond '06 (sponsor: Professor Y. Aoyama)

38. AIMing for the Future. Margaret Clark '05 (sponsor: Professor Y. Aoyama)

39. Subtle Change Detection: A Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers. Christopher D. Lippitt '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Rogan)

40. Mapping Ten Years of Land Cover Change in Massachusetts: A Comparison Between Pixel-Based and Object-Based Classification. Trevor G. Jones '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Rogan)

41. Coming Soon: A Brief History of Growth in Downtown Stockton, CA in the Wake of Urban Revitalization in the City's Center. Joey Willhite '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Johnson)

42. Supplying Demand: Drought and Adaptive Capacity in Central Massachusetts. Troy Hill '06, Zo Tobi '07, & Rebecca Alper '06 (sponsor: Professor C. Polsky)

43. Forest Fragmentation Hazards. Chester Fox '05 (sponsor: Professor C. Polsky)

44. Frankenfood: A Comparative Study of Genetically Modified Food. Laura Stephen '05, Sepideh Hakimzadeh '05, & Allan Breed '04 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

45. Historic Land Use Database Creation. Matthew Holden '05 & Ryan Frazier '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Rogan)

46. The United States' Intervention in Colombia. Seth McClaskey '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Rocheleau)

47. A Risk Analysis on Japanese Earthquakes: Cases of 1995 Kobe and Anticipated Tokai. Yae Sahashi '05 (sponsor: Professor C. Polsky)

International Development, Community Planning & Environment

48. Integrating Pastoralists' Representation into Wildlife Conservation in Tanzania: The Case Study of Maasai Community in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Yae Sahashi '05 (sponsor: Professor D. Rocheleau)

49. The Palestinian Right of Return: The Essential Provision for Peace. Courtney Jaser '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

50. Lingering Effects of Apartheid: Race, Gender, Class, and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in South Africa. Midori Morikawa '05 (sponsor: Professor B. Grier)

51. Abandoned Children: A Tragic Result of HIV/AIDS in Namibia. Kiran Khandwala '05 (sponsor: Professor B. Grier)

52. Women on the Move: Developmental Impacts of Southeast Asian Women's International Labor Migration. Mikhalia B. Gonzales '05 (sponsor: Professor P. Posner)

Math and Computer Science

53. The Next Internet Protocol: Optimizing Optical Networks. Jule Slootbeek '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher)

54. Protein Flexibility Prediction Using Graph Theory Methods: A Pebble Game Implementation. Boyan Yordanov '05 (sponsor: Professor L. Han)

55. Assembler. Matthew B. Magliocca '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher)


56. The Insanity Defense: Should It be Abolished? Danya Fortess '06 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew)

57. Euthanasia: Is It Morally Justified? Matthew Colpitts '06 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew)

58. Should the Death Penalty be Retained? Shawn Goodspeed '06 (sponsor: Professor J. DeCew)


59. Single Crystal Magnetic Studies of NENB. Brian Landry '05 (sponsor: Professor C. Landee)

60. Magnetic Studies of ([L]H)2CuX4 Compounds. Alex Shapiro '05 (sponsor: Professor C. Landee)


61. Laypersons' Labeling Mental Illness: A Cross-Cultural Study. Jocelyn Wurts '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

62. Attachments Among Adolescents. Anna Agranov '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

63. Volunteering: What Does It Mean? Lydia B. Bennett '05 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

64. Student-Faculty Partnership. Maylene Collado '08 & Lydia B. Bennett '05 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

65. Clothing and Its Effect on Confidence. Sam Bonacci '05, Allie Bulliman '05, Lydia B. Bennett '05, & Richard Abplanalp '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

66. Names as Indicative of Power in Doctor/Patient Relationships. Maylene Collado '08 & Ashley Auclair '07 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

67. The Effects of Eye Glasses (vs. Contact Lenses) on Feelings of Confidence and Attractiveness. Ashley Auclair '07 & Ian Damm- Luhr '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

68. The Changing Identity of Portuguese-Americans in the Face of Globalization. Vanessa Almeida Lopes '05 (in collaboration with Rose Sokol, graduate student; sponsors: Professors J. Valsiner, Psychology & D. Bell, International Development)

69. The Role of Socioeconomic Status on the Effects of Stress on Parenting Style. Shannon Lewis '05 (in collaboration with Ellen O'Donnell, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

70. Reactions to Hurt Feelings: Effects on Relationship Satisfaction. Leann Rousso '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Cordova)

71. Karen Horney: Women as Psychoanalysts? Karen Hochheiser '08 (in collaboration with Rainer Diriwaechter, graduate student; sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

72. Whine not? Gender Differences in Perceptions of Children's Whines. Emily Lescak '06 & Jonathan Green '07 (in collaboration with Rose Sokol, graduate student; sponsor: Professor N. Thompson)

73. Verb Development in Two- and Three-Year-Old Children: An Analysis of Frequency and Usage. Shawn Goodspeed '06 (in collaboration with Melissa Leonard-Smith, graduate student; sponsor: Professor N. Budwig)

74. Physiological Origin of Emotions - Within Subject Analysis. Oliver Hartman '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

75. The Use of Multidimensional Scaling in Exploring Metallic Taste. Rebecca Smith '06 (sponsors: Professors D. Stevens, Psychology & H. Lawless, Cornell University)

76. Social Support, Self-Esteem, and Depression in Urban Youth. Sara Larkin '05 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

77. Paternal Absence and Depression in Low-Income Urban Children. Nathan Upton '05 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

78. Males and Relationships: An Evolutionary Approach. Nathan Upton '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Cordova)

79. Self-Esteem and Bullying in Urban Children. Cara Wood '05 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

80. The Effects of Bullying and Peer Victimization on Depression in Children. Jacquellina Stanley '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

81. Factors in Adolescent Depression: The Roles of Self-Esteem and Self-Perception of One's Appearance. Emily Baskin '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

82. The Effects of Anxiety and Perceived Competence on Children's Achievement. Christina Mammone '05 (sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

83. Body Image, Self-Perception Theory, and Eating Disorders. Vickie Irovando '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

84. Cookies and Cockroaches: Do Children Respond Differently to Naturalistic and Experimental Tasks? Sara Cannon '06, Vickie Irovando '05, & Naomi Tyler '06 (sponsor: Professor P. Vinden)

85. Child Compliance to Maternal Requests: Does it Matter How You Ask? Rosslyn Apt '06 & Shannon West '06 (in collaboration with Ana Carmiol, graduate student; sponsor: Professor P. Vinden)

86. The Effects of Family Size and Birth Order on Parental Involvement and Control. Nora Sullivan '05 (sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

87. Meaningful Objects: Reifying Perspectives. Ben Zabinksi '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Valsiner)

88. Gender Differences in Family Rules and Expectations. Laura Langill '06 (in collaboration with Melanie Farkas, graduate student; sponsor: Professor W. Grolnick)

89. Can Social Support Combat Depression in Children? Elaine R. Klein '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

90. The Relationships Among Chores, Extracurricular Activities, Peer Support, and Depression in Urban Children. Melissa Holzbauer '05 & Christopher Chianese '05 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

91. Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Its Implications for Depression in Black and Latino Children. Cynthia I. Williams '06 (in collaboration with Alisha Pollastri, graduate student; sponsor: Professor E. Cardemil)

92. Constructing Poker Identities in Adolescent Males. Megan Harwood '06, Anthony Davis '07, & Jordan Hirschhaut '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Bamberg)

93. Attractiveness and Developing Masculinities Among Japanese Male Adolescents. Midori Morikawa '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Bamberg)

94. Long-Term and Short-Term Mating Strategies vs. Gender in Determining Jealousy. Naomi Tyler '06 & Sarah Bush '06 (in collaboration with Sarah Strout, graduate student; sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

95. The Effects of Make-Up on Self-Perception and Confidence. Mazia Balia '06 & Elisabeth Gega '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

96. Memory Changes and What We Can Do About It: Cognitive Slippage is Not Limited to the Elderly. Krystle Cassino '05 & Lori Chesla '07 (sponsor: Professor R. Bibace)

97. How Children Learn Letters. Molly Bullock '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Wiser)

98. Does Fostering Mapping Skills in Preschoolers Help Them Use 3-D Models to Find a Toy? Rebecca Marcin '05, Carissa Ekholm '06, & Richard Abplanalp '06 (sponsor: Professor M. Wiser)

99. From Index to Symbol: Symbolic Development in a Unique Population of Preschoolers. Lindsay Demers '05 & Sehar Mahmood '07 (sponsor: Professor M. Wiser)

100. Teaching the Symbolic Relationship Between Sounds and Symbols: A Study on Literacy Development. Mitch Guerette '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Wiser)

101. Individual Differences in Responsiveness to Cues Influencing Perception of Emotion and Perception of Color. Carolyn Roman '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)

102. The Relationship Between Anxiety and Perceptions of Well-Being. Adam Langehough '05 & Calvin Kwong '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Laird)


103. Zeta Beta Tau: The Transformation of a Jewish Fraternity. Amanda Graizel '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

104. Kitchen Judaism: A Comparative Study of Jewish Cookbooks. Farryl Scher '05 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

105. Sabbath Observance and Reform Judaism: A Century of Change. Daniel Shibley '08 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

106. JAPS and JAMS (Jewish American Mothers) on TV Sitcoms. Rebecca Sanders '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

Visual and Performing Arts

107-111. Designing an Identity. Lorinda Constant '05, David Howland '06, Bhavya Kapoor '05, Paulina Klosinska '05, Matt Meyer '06, Jasmin Mujkanovic '05, Kierstin Morse '05, Lauren Udelhoven '05, & Elena-Matina Vidalis '05 (sponsor: Professor S. Buie)

Women's Studies

112. Lessons Learned: Building Self-Esteem Through Positive Role Modeling. Sehar Mahmood '08, Lauren Miller '08, Jenna Hatter '08, Priyanka Advani '08, & Samantha Keefe '08 (in collaboration with Jessica Willis, graduate student; sponsor: Professor D. Rocheleau)

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Abrahms Gallery in the University Center

12:30-4:30 Visual & Performing Arts: Exhibition

Painting II: Beyond the Surface. Anowara Aana '05, Naomi Barak '07, Jennifer Bauman '08, Sarah Brooks '08, Timothy Johnson '06, Deborah Lewis '08, Trish MacDonald '06, Michael Moore '08, Lauren Nasella '06, Morgan Peirce '06, Rebecca Posner '07, Michael Seidman '08, Torpong Suemanotham '07, Lili von Baeyer '07, Xiang Xiao '06, & Anna Zabierek '08 (sponsor: Professor E. Crocker)

Figure Studies in Paint. Rebecca Herskovitz '06 (sponsor: Professor E. Crocker)

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Bemis Conference Room

12:30-1:30 History: Honors Theses Presentations

"In Support of a Common Cause": Lexington on the Eve of the American Revolution. Stefanie Bator '05 (sponsor: Professor A. Richter)

Warring Ideals: African Americans and the Question of Imperialism. Nathan Pierce '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Greenwood)

The Butman Riot: A Microcosm of Northern Sentiments in Antebellum America. Monica Cox '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Greenwood)

Professional Baseball During World War II. Danielle Morgan '05 (sponsor: Professor D. McCoy)

1:30-2:00 English and Women's Studies: Presentation

Constructionist Feminist Literary Criticism: An Activist Approach to Gender. Genie Giaimo '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Elliott)

2:00-2:30 Foreign Languages & Literatures: Performances

Hispanic Dramatic Expression: Life Struggles. Ishara Casellas-Katz '06, Sarah Estes-Smith '07, Stephen Karger '07, Kevin Kennedy '07, Joseph Page '07, Laurel Polumbaum '06, & Melissa Starr '07 (sponsor: Professor M. D'Lugo)

2:00-2:30 Government: Panel Presentation

Legal and Government Internships. Catherine Acuna '05, Danya Fortess '06, Gwladys Ngo Tedga '06, Farrah Rosado '05, & Kayur Shah '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Miller)

Grace Conference Room

12:30-1:00 Geography: Presentation

"Religious Tension in Western France. Akosua A. Ampofo '05 (sponsor: Professor Y. Aoyama)

1:00-1:30 Geography/IDCE: Presentation

Impetus For Change-Where Does it Come From? How Do Aspects of Sociocultural, Political, Environmental, and Economic Factors Affect the Decision YHH Makes to Improve Their Standard of Life? Akosua A. Ampofo '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Emel)

1:30-3:00 Anton Fellowship Program: Presentation

Question: "What do the Jazz Scene and Philosophy in Berlin, the Rain Forest in Costa Rica, Child-headed Households in Rwanda, Delegates to the 18th Century Constitutional Convention in Boston, a Contemporary Road Trip Through the South, and Research in a Biology Lab at Clark Have in Common?"
Answer: "They're All Projects Done by 2004-2005 Anton Fellows." Akosua Ampofo '05, David Dubois '05, Timothy Dzurilla '05, Zachary Galen '05, Susan Munroe '05, & Entela Nako '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Krefetz)

3:00-3:30 Visual & Performing Arts: Honors Thesis Presentation

Honors Thesis: Producer Roger Corman. Ian Peters '05 (sponsor: Professor T. Shary)

3:30-4:00 Communication and Culture: Presentation

Leadership Training for College Students. Megan Sunderland '05 (sponsor: Professor T. Shary)

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Grind Central

1:00-2:00 English and Theater: Performance

Writing Out Loud (Part 1). Cara Powers '05, Tara Cioletti '07, Aaron Joslow '05, Chris Ancona '06, Zo Tobi '07, Zach Rudes '06, Eamonn McDonough '05, Rebecca Karlinsky '05, Rebecca Dezan '06, Irena Kaci '06, Lee Tetreault '07, Erica Silber '06, & Melanie Brubaker '05 (sponsors: Professors G. DiIorio & A. Geller)

2:00-3:00 Theater: Performance

Original Works Written and Performed by Students from the Advanced Playwriting Workshop. Krisha Hoyt '06, Dianne Crooker '05, Carolyn Waldron '06, Lee Tetreault '07, Nina Lutwick '05, Andrew Janey '05, Erin Merrill '05, Ian Byrd '05, Grace Brown '05, Zach Rudes '05, Scott Ritner '06, Hilary Ackerman '05, Terri Deletetsky '07, Danny Balel '08, Josh Bourbeau '05, Elizabeth Cutler '06, Christa Nordstrand '08, Dani Tifft '06, Hillary Cohen '07, Greer Cunningham '07, Schyler Babcock-Bowditch '06, Charles Gould '06, & Jordon Corsen '06 (sponsor: Professor G. DiIorio)

3:00-4:00 English and Theater: Performance

Writing Out Loud (Part 2)

Lurie Conference Room

12:30-1:30 Political Science: Panel Presentation

Harvard Model UN Conference-By Clark MUN Group. Oguz Alyanak '06, Job Barth '07, Edita Mirkovic '06, & Rahima Bensaid '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Sitaraman)

1:30-2:00 Music: Presentation/Performance

Joseph Haydn's Use of the Timpani in His Late Symphonic Works. Forrest Wright '07 (sponsor: Professor B. Korstvedt)

2:00-2:30 Biology: Presentation

Using Bioinformatics to Determine the Rate That New Species of Fungi Have Been Identified Over Time. Janine Costanzo '06 (sponsor: Professor D. Hibbett)

2:30-3:00 Economics: Debate and Discussion

From the Imperialism of Free Trade to the WTO: A Debate and Discussion. Caitlin Cannon '05, Troy Hill '06, & Allan Breed '06 (sponsor: Professor J. Brown)

3:00-4:30 Computer Science: Presentations

Assembler. Matthew B. Magliocca '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher)

Protein Flexibility Prediction Using Graph Theory Methods: A Pebble Game Implementation. Boyan Yordanov '05 (sponsor: Professor L. Han)

The Next Internet Protocol: Optimizing Optical Networks. Jule Slootbeek '05 (sponsor: Professor J. Breecher)

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Persky Family Conference Room

12:30-1:00 Mathematics and Computer Science: Presentation

Morse Theory. Robert C. King '05 (sponsor: Professor L. Rudolph)

1:00-2:00 Foreign Languages and Literatures: Panel Presentation

Questions of Gender in Modern Argentina Fiction.
"Reading Film, Seeing Literature in the Writings of Manuel Puig," Andrea Priest '05
"Body, Politics, and Identity in Luisa Valenzuela's Cambio de armas," Gloria Nunes Tavares '05
"Argentine Discourse, Feminine Discourse in Luisa Valenzuela's Black Novel with Argentines," Allison Trulli '05
(sponsor: Professor M. D'Lugo)

1:00-2:00 Sociology: Presentation

Business Class Representation in the Cabinet and Executive Economic Priorities: Two Cases. Ian Hoffman-Terry '06 (sponsor: Professor R. Ross)

Deceptive Descriptions: The Clinton and Bush Administrations' Portrayal of Cabinet Members. Deirdre Connor '05 (sponsor: Professor R. Ross)

Who Rules American Universities? Danya Fortess '06, Christopher Mackowiak '06, & Timothy Newman '06 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

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Rosenblatt Conference Room

12:30-1:00 Sociology: Presentation

Educators' Attitudes Towards MCAS: A Survey of Superintendents and Principals in the Boston and Worcester Metropolitan Areas. Anna Lawless '05, Sally Stark-Dreifus '05, & Emily Stein '05 (sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

1:00-2:30 Sociology: Presentations

The Globalization of Language: Deterritorialized Communication. Erica Ciporen '05
Lebanon's Fight for Independence: The Free Patriotic Movement. Mayssa Elkhazen '06
Japanese Fashion and Nationalism. Runko Yaguchi '05
The "Harajuku Girls" of Japan: Subversive Fashion at Its Best. Kirtley Young '07
Leet Speek: An Emerging Internet Culture. Brian LaFlamme '07
(sponsor: Professor P. Bhachu)

2:30-3:30 30 American Jewish Life: Presentations

The Impact of Feminism on Jewish Wedding Ceremonies. Ashley Borell '06
From the Goldbergs to The Survivor: Images of Jewish Men on Television. Samantha Keefe '08 & Gregory Tomao '06
The Multiple Identities of the Bagel. Lea Kixmiller '06
The Architecture of Reform Synagogues, 1840-Present. Ryan Sarazin '08
(sponsor: Professor S. Tenenbaum)

3:30-4:30 30 Government: Honors Theses Panel Presentation

Government Department Honors Theses. Ashley Blake '05, Josie Clark '05, & Olta Xhacka '05 (sponsor: Professor M. Miller)

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Traina Center for the Arts, Room 107

1:00-4:00 Visual & Performing Arts: Honors Thesis Film Presentation

"Four Years." Jason Simpkins '05 (sponsor: Professor T. Shary)

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University Gallery at Goddard Library and Schiltcamp Gallery at the Traina Center

4:00 -5:30 pm Studio Art Senior Honors Thesis Exhibition

Senior Honors Theses Exhibition in Studio Art. Lauren Udelhoven '05, Jasmin Mujkanovic '05, Christine Yee '05, Lydia Hawkins '05, Jamie Wrubel '05, Victoria Mata '05, Anita Seika Hayashi '05, Matt Altieri '05, Lydia Bennett '05, Mike Fullerton '05, Rachel Loischild '05, Sarah Reardon '05, Eleni-Matina Vidalis '05, & Daisy Hoyt '05 (sponsor: Professor S. Walker)

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