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Active Learning and Research
Active Learning and Research
Psychologist James Cordova and his students are studying what makes marriage and other close family relationships healthy and satisfying, and what techniques that people can use to keep those relationships strong.

The Marriage Checkup: An Indicated Preventive Intervention for Treatment-Avoidant Couples at Risk for Marital Deterioration

Córdova, J. V., Scott, R. L., Dorian, M., Mirgain, S., Yaeger, D., & Groot, A. (2005) The marriage checkup: A motivational interviewing approach to the promotion of marital health with couples at-risk for relationship deterioration. Behavior Therapy, 36, 301–309.

Posted by permission of ABCT Publications.


Prior to dissolution, it is likely that couples that become severely distressed first pass through an at-risk stage in which they experience early symptoms of marital deterioration but have not yet suffered irreversible damage to their marriage. It is during this “at-risk” stage when couples might benefit most from early intervention. In response to this need we have developed an indicated intervention program called the Marriage Checkup (MC) based on the principles of motivational interviewing. The current randomized study provides preliminary evidence for the attractiveness, tolerability, efficacy, and mechanisms of change of the MC.

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