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Active Learning and Research
Active Learning and Research
Management professor Laura Graves and student Danielle Sohn are both interested in how the insights gained through the study of psychology can be applied to the field of management.

Demographic diversity in decision-making groups

Elsass, Priscilla M. and Laura M. Graves, "Demographic diversity in decision-making groups: the experiences of women and people of color," Academy of Management Review, Vol. 22, No. 4 (1997), 946-973.


In this article we propose a theoretical model of the dynamics underlying the experiences of women and people of color in demographically diverse decision-making groups. Based upon the framework provided by the model, we then describe the different roles women and people of color may experience in these groups, and we examine the dynamics by which their roles may change over time. Finally, we discuss implications for future research and management practice.



Theoretical background
  • Cognitive processes
  • Behavioral processes
  • Focal individual outcomes
Patterns of exchanges in decision-making groups
  • Exclusion
  • Contributing
  • Complementing
  • Engagement
  • Likelihood of pattern occurrence
Changing patterns: the dynamics of diversity-related exchanges
  • Change triggers
    • Interpersonal challenges
    • Group outcome gaps
  • Attention to individuating information
    • Task structure
    • Organizational context
    • Group processes and leadership
    • Group resources
  • Role redefinition
Implications for research and practice



Those with access to JSTOR can read this article online.


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