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Active Learning and Research
Geographer Ron Eastman develops geographic information software that helps urban and rural planners make informed decisions about how to allocate land for different purposes.

Application of fuzzy measures in multi-criteria evaluation in GIS

Jiang, Hong and J. Ronald Eastman, "Application of fuzzy measures in multi-criteria evaluation in GIS," International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2002, Vol. 14, No. 2, 173-184.


Multi-criteria evaluation (MCE) is perhaps the most fundamental of decision support operations in geographical information systems (GIS). This paper reviews two main MCE approaches employed in GIS, namely Boolean and Weighted Linear Combination (WLC), and discusses issues and problems associated with both. To resolve the conceptual differences between the two approaches, this paper proposes the application of fuzzy measures, a concept that is broader but that includes fuzzy set membership, and argues that the standardized factors of MCE belong to a general class of fuzzy measures and the more specific instance of fuzzy set membership. This perspective provides a strong theoretical basis for the standardization of factors and their subsequent aggregation. In this context, a new aggregation operator that accommodates and extends the Boolean and WLC approaches is discussed: the Ordered Weighted Average. A case study of industrial allocation in Nakuru, Kenya is employed to illustrate the different approaches.


1. Introduction
2. Decision making and fuzzy measures
3. Properties of fuzzy measures
4. Weighted linear combination as a fuzzy operator
5. The Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA)
6. Case study: industrial allocaton in Nakuru, Kenya
7. Conclusion

Those with institutional access can read the full text here.

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