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Meet the Steinbrecher Fellows: Studying the Native American flute

Vesela Morova's project, summer 2007
"Flute music connects the two worlds of the physical and the non-physical, of the masculine and of the feminine energies. Through the flute, the invisible lover courts the visible lover."—anonymous

poster for Vesela's Fall Fest presentationVesela Morova '09 of Gabrovo, Bulgaria has been researching how the characteristics of the Native American flute reflect the traditions, mythology, and perspectives on life and nature of the people who make and play it. In her fellowship proposal, she describes how she "has been exploring the colorful world of music for more than ten years, gaining valuable singing and piano skills, both in the classical and jazz realms. A strong sense of belonging and regard to my own Bulgarian culture and folk music triggered an ever-growing admiration for foreign cultures and passion to explore music traditions around the world...My recent and promising endeavor in playing the traditional Bulgarian flute naturally led me to the desire to experience the Native American flute in all its splendor."

Thanks to funding from an Steinbrecher Fellowship, Vesela has an opportunity to devote time to the study of the Native American flute. This summer, in addition to taking flute lessons from local native players, she will attend concerts and tribal powwows throughout New England and participate in a week-long Renaissance of the Native American Flute Workshop in Montana. The workshop, co-sponsored by Native American flute legend Carlos Naki, takes place from June 22-29.

This upcoming fall, Vesela plans to give a concert and talk where she will share what she has learned about Native American music and culture with the Clark and Worcester community.

Vesela has agreed to share with us, via email, news of her experiences and reflections on her work this summer. Click on the entries in the gray box to the right to see what she's up to!

Update: Watch a video of Vesela's Steinbrecher Fellow presentation in Fall 2007, in which she demonstrates the Native American flute.

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Vesela's Emails
May 28, 2007
June 5, 2007
July 7, 2007

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